Leaked Canon Eos R7 Specs Suggest It Could Be The Go To Speedster For Hobbyists

Leaked Canon EOS R7 specs advise it could be the get-to speedster for hobbyists

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A recent report suggested that the rumored Canon EOS R7 could come up with a maximum continuous shooting speed of 20fps, putting it in on par with the likes of Catechism’southward current EOS R5 and R6 flagships. At the time, though, the rumor was “unconfirmed”.

A new leak from the same reliable source via Canon Rumors
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now says that the upcoming APS-C format shooter will avowal a burst speed of upwards to 30fps… and this number is supposedly “confirmed”. The leaker doesn’t reveal the source, of course, just if this turns out to be true, it will put the EOS R7 in line with pro-level cameras like the Catechism EOS R3 and the Sony A1!

Other “confirmed” specs include in-body image stabilization (IBIS) and nosotros’ve already seen how well Catechism has adopted that tech in its latest R-series bodies. Handheld shooting at 1-ii seconds, anyone?

If this comes to pass, the EOS R7 will put some serious pro-level specs in the easily of amateurs and hobbyists at (probably) a great price.

Opinion: I’m truly excited to get my hands on the EOS R7

Even though the latest leak from Catechism Rumors claims that the EOS R7 won’t accept a CFexpress bill of fare slot, but will instead come with 2 SD slots with UHS-II speed support – which does seem counterintuitive for a camera with large burst speeds – the residue of the leaked specs has me champing at the bit to get my hands on the upcoming camera.

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The Canon EOS 7D Mark II was my primary camera for years until I went full frame with the EOS 6D Mark Ii. Since then, I’ve actually been drooling over the EOS R5 but take resisted the buy because of it’south loftier price.

If, however, the leaked EOS R7 specs of a 32.5MP APS-C sensor, up to 30fps burst, 4K/60p video and IBIS cease up being truthful, I might seriously consider getting the new RF-mountain photographic camera instead of a full frame because I call back the price tag would adjust my budget. Admittedly it won’t exist as affordable as, say, the EOS RP, but it’s highly likely that it will exist cheaper than the R5, perhaps even the R6.

Even the sensor resolution is perfect for me. I was disappointed with the R6’s 20MP resolution and 45MP was overkill for my personal needs. A 32.5MP sensor hits just the right spot for me – I’ve tested the 32.5MP APS-C sensor in the EOS 90D and loved what information technology could do.

The rumored 30fps burst for the R7 has me excited to effort my paw at more than sports photography (I’ve only just recently developed a taste for it) and I’g great to run into where it takes me with my wildlife photography journeying. All it needs now is the aforementioned autofocus functioning from the higher-end R-series cameras, and I will admit to beingness a touch worried about how well UHS-2 speed cards will handle massive bursts.

As exciting as it may be, these specs are nonetheless non official, so don’t accept them equally gospel. Catechism Rumors suggests we tin expect an announcement in June or July this year, and then we shouldn’t accept to wait too long to find out if Canon’s got its side by side bestseller.

  • Videographers might desire to consider getting their easily on the Canon EOS R5 C
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Leaked Canon Eos R7 Specs Suggest It Could Be The Go To Speedster For Hobbyists

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