Valve Steam Deck Carrying Case Review

The Best Steam Deck Accessories for Your New Handheld

When we kickoff started covering Nintendo Switch news and games a while ago, information technology fit nicely within our focus and evolved into our daily SwitchArcade Round-Up. With Valve’south Steam Deck, we aren’t going to button it equally much so quickly, only we are keeping an eye on things to see how it evolves across games and Valve’s software. Our aim is to bring you lot cracking coverage around it if y’all’re a new Steam Deck owner or someone interested in getting one in the futurity. If you lot missed our review on the hardware, Jared reviewed information technology back in February.

I of the good things almost the Steam Deck is that it ships with a fantastic instance that volition be perfectly fine for virtually people, just both new and old (you know what I mean) Steam Deck owners can expand the experience and improve various aspects of it with a few accessories. You get everything you lot need with your purchase, but the items beneath will make things better. Some of these I consider essential, while others are optional, simply nice to accept.

What SD carte to buy for Steam Deck

Even if you take a 256GB Steam Deck, chances are you will want more storage considering how virtually AAA games are approaching well to a higher place 60-70GB these days if not even hit 100GB. It is very user-friendly to be able to bandy in and out micro SD cards on Steam Deck or just employ a single large capacity one. SanDisk’southward SD cards are great for both Switch and Steam Deck, and while you can buy lower chapters ones, I’d recommend grabbing the 512GB or 1TB ones if y’all don’t plan on using more i. If you are ok swapping betwixt SD cards, you can get the 256GB and 128GB ones. A lot of AAA PC games are huge, so 256GB should really be the minimum.

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The all-time Steam Deck case to use

The Steam Deck ships with an excellent case, only merely the 512GB Steam Deck case has as extra pouch and a cleaning textile. The case itself is not bad, simply if you’ve run across problems with the zippers or want a spare case, the JSAUX conveying case is very good for the Steam Deck and a few accessories.

Steam Deck and USB Hubs

While some people accept run into issues with USB hubs on the Steam Deck, Valve’south newer updates accept worked at improving compatibility with Blazon-C docks. When you lot’re looking at a USB Type-C hub, you should go 1 with support for regular USB slots, power, and perchance ethernet or HDMI. The best hubs I’ve used so far in full general are from Anker. Check out this one for Steam Deck to add together various useful ports to your Deck.

Best Steam Deck controller to buy – PS5 or Xbox

While most people volition probable non need to use an external controller, it will assistance if you utilise your Steam Deck in tabletop mode or connect it to an external display. You can buy a variety of controllers since the Steam Deck is a PC with bluetooth support, but you’re meliorate off getting a standard PS5 or Xbox controller depending on your preference. You tin can likewise get one of the fantabulous 8BitDo controllers here. For the PS5 controller, the white one is available more often than the colors while there are many Xbox Wireless Controller colors bachelor. This blue one is pretty neat.

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Steam Deck USB C Cable

If y’all desire to charge your Steam Deck on an external power bank, you likely want a skilful USB C cable. The Anker ones have been keen in my feel for charging iPad Pro, Nintendo Switch, and now with the Steam Deck. The 1 I’d recommend is here. Ideally, you can observe one with a correct angle connector like hither, merely I oasis’t been able to find a good 1 at a decent price so far. If y’all do notice one, let us know in the comments below.

Extending Steam Deck bombardment life with a power banking company

While you tin limit frame charge per unit, reduce brightness, and do more to eat less power on your Steam Deck during gameplay, information technology is ever worth having a portable manner to charge your handheld. If you own a Nintendo Switch, you probable already have a power depository financial institution, but this Anker ane is pretty swell for use with Steam Deck and other devices.

Wireless headphones for Steam Deck

With the likes of headphones, keyboards, and mice, there is a lot more than flexibility since the Steam Deck is essentially a PC, but the ready I’d recommend is either Apple’s AirPods or the AirPods Pro. The AirPods are probably my favorite Apple production since the original iPad, and it is swell to have a portable that works with them well now. They usually see discounts often every bit well.

Steam Deck screen protector

If you lot’re a fan of using screen protectors with tempered glass and the similar on displays, the all-time Steam Deck screen protector is this one on Amazon. You tin can get a set for a low asking cost and they are pretty piece of cake to apply. There might be better ones in the futurity, just for now, this is your best bet.

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If you’re interested in getting a few more accessories for your Steam Deck, the ones beneath aren’t essential, simply they are nice to have in unlike situations.

Steam Deck SD card carrying example

One interesting employ case I’ve seen online is buying a few lower chapters micro SD cards instead of 1 expensive big one. Some people have been treating these private ones as cartridges for game franchises or larger games. I like the idea and decided to get i for fighting games, one for Yakuza games, and and so on. If yous plan on doing that, you can grab this SD Carte carrying instance which volition come up in handy.

Steam Deck cleaning textile

The terminal optional accessory is a cleaning material. Yous probably take some of these lying at dwelling house with glasses or whatever, simply it is good to take i in your Steam Deck carry example for when you need to clean the screen. Just make sure yous aren’t using i that has some crumbs or any dirt trapped on information technology beforehand so you avert scratching your Steam Deck screen.

Hopefully these help you lot get the nearly out of your shiny new Steam Deck. If yous have any other Steam Deck accessory suggestions, let us know in the comments below. I’one thousand very interested to see how everyone is enjoying this handheld. If you practise buy any of the accessories listed above through our links on Amazon, it helps TouchArcade in a small way and you get some skilful deals on products that volition make your Steam Deck feel a lot improve in some mode or the other.

Valve Steam Deck Carrying Case Review