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Tutorial to configure the privacy of the Google Chrome browser

The configuration of the
security and privacy of



or programs of

it tin can accept on a global maze of options and trust terms for multiple users.

To simplify it,
Google Chrome
will launch a tutorial,
that tin already be experienced in
Latin Americain which
people will have at their disposal a guide with different settings to ameliorate sympathize each choice what is sent, such as the use of cookies on the pages that are visited.

The technological behemothic take confirmed the arrival of this guide that focuses on the
detailed explanation nearly the security settings you lot provide in your



Upon reporting, users can etch options and exist registered immediately to simplify the procedure.

“When you browse the Privacy Guide, you will acquire about the “Why” behind each setting and
how information technology affects your browsing experienceso you can easily understand what’s going on,” he explains.
Audrey Ann,
product managing director at Chrome, on the official blog of

Instructions will go far in a few weeks on Chrome for computers and later for
mobile phones
although currently it can really be ready with Chrome’south ‘Flags’.

Privacy Guide

It is an explained document in which customers implement sections. Google shows in a very unproblematic way its principal security functions. Only with the reading options, which can be read and marked, in a short period of fourth dimension,
browser settings are completed,
a process that some users are careless about.

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The Privacy Guide provides a pace-past-step tour of Chrome’s privacy settings, which Google walks users through.
dissimilar windows to the almost important privacy options.

This future section is located in Chrome’south privacy and security settings, and at different stages will give
controls to improve search and navigation, synchronize history, secure browsing and cake third-party cookies.
In this way, the user will non have to search for each option in dissimilar sections of the configuration.

Each window will have
caption of what users go when they turn on each privacy command,
as well as what information will be shared with Google using certain features. For ‘Rubber Browsing’, Google Chrome offers
standard protection and enhanced protection,
explaining in detail the departure between each selection.

This besides allows you to choose
when to block 3rd-political party cookies,
either incognito or always, so that websites just meet the user’south browsing activity on their ain websites, and non on other pages that are visited.

Google Chrome Privacy Guide Coming Soon to Android

The Privacy Guide isn’t out yet, though you won’t waste matter much time getting to the desktop version of Chrome,
which will follow the version of this android mobile browser.

Although the company decides on this last pace, users who want to apply it can save identical trial features or
of the browser.

Google Chrome ‘Flags’ are trivial experiences that may be public features in the time to come, but not yet or in the examination version of the browser.
Anyone can enable them,

admitting unofficially
tin cause system failure.

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Google Chrome Privacy Security Settings Guide Walkthrough Chrome