Roku Update Finally Delivers Apple Music But Whats The Point Without Its Best Feature

Roku update finally delivers Apple tree Music – but it’s pointless without its best feature

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Fans of Apple tree Music with Roku devices would accept been delighted to observe out that they tin now admission the music streaming platform every bit an app on the Roku Channel Store. However, that excitement will take speedily turned to thwarting when they learned that Apple Music on Roku is missing the platform’s best feature, Spatial Sound.

While the Roku update brings over 90 1000000 songs and 30,000 curated playlists to owners of the brand’s TV streaming devices (or those who own a Roku TV), the omission of Spatial Audio is a huge shame.

It ways anyone who wants to stream from Apple Music via their Roku device is missing out on the unique three-dimensional audio delivered by Apple’s Spatial Sound technology, and with the amount of content bachelor in this format growing all the time, preventing users from accessing these tracks seems like a strange decision.

A transformative effect

apple music

Spatial Audio is one of Apple Music’southward all-time features.

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When Spatial Audio is done right, it can have a transformative effect on the way we perceive music – even albums nosotros may have heard hundreds of times. Placing the different instruments inside a virtual sphere – which are and so accurately spatialized thank you to the clever head-tracking engineering science inside the AirPods Max, AirPods 3, and AirPods Pro headphones – gives every chemical element of a runway the room information technology needs to shine.

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Information technology ways you can hear things you may take never noticed earlier, making your favorite songs audio brand new again. Sometimes, the effect is so convincing, that it feels as though you’re sat right there in the studio with the bands you love.

Sure, Spatial Audio doesn’t work for every piece of music, merely it’due south a huge selling signal of Apple tree Music, and something that differentiates it from other streaming services, such as Spotify – and that’southward not all Roku device owners will exist missing out on.

In that location won’t be whatsoever support for Lossless Audio either, so yous won’t get the highest quality streams (even if yous have a pair of high-cease stereo speakers wired to your Tv set). Once more, that means you may not hear every chemical element of the music y’all dear, which is a large bargain for all audiophiles.

apple music on the ps5

Apple tree Music on the PS5 also doesn’t support Spatial Sound.

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These omissions aren’t unique to Roku. In 2021, the PS5 finally gained support for Apple Music, with users having been previously limited to Spotify if they wanted to cull their ain music to soundtrack their gaming sessions.

Again, the Apple Music app on PS5 doesn’t support Spatial Audio. While Sony hasn’t given us a reason for this, nosotros speculated at the time that it may have felt at that place were besides many technological hurdles to jump in lodge to deliver spatialized audio to Apple Music subscribers.

After all, you need to use a pair of compatible Apple tree or Beats headphones to relish the format, which would necessitate hooking up a Bluetooth adaptor to the PS5 – y’all can’t simply connect a pair of wireless headphones to the console natively.

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It’s a little easier to do this with Roku devices cheers to a feature called Private Listening, which enables you to hear your content through your wireless headphones using the Roku smartphone app – yous just need to pair your headphones with your smartphone over Bluetooth.

There is a fairly elementary workaround for anyone that wants to use a pair of wireless headphones with their Roku device – which makes information technology all the more baffling that the company wouldn’t make Spatial Audio available for its new Apple Music app.

Perhaps Roku felt it unnecessary – subsequently all, if you’re pairing your headphones with your smartphone anyway, why wouldn’t you simply use the Apple tree Music app on your telephone to access Spatial Audio tracks? Why get to the bother of doing so on your TV?

The respond lies in Dolby Atmos soundbars and speakers. You lot might take one hooked up to your Roku TV or streaming device, which means you should be able to play Spatial Audio tracks from Apple tree Music out loud for room-filling sound.

Well, you would have been able to if Apple tree Music on Roku actually fabricated this possible. For now, you’ll have to stick to the smartphone app – which again, makes the new Roku update experience a little pointless at this moment in fourth dimension.

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Roku Update Finally Delivers Apple Music But Whats The Point Without Its Best Feature