Multiverse Of Madness Trailer Billy Tommy

The events of
come back into play with the latest teaser spot for
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It seems the Cherry Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) will officially exist reunited — at least in some form — with Billy (Julian Hilliard) and Tommy (Jett Klyne), the twin boys she had with Vision (Paul Bettany) during their time spent in Westview. Once the entire fantasy barbarous apart at the end of the prove, the two kids disappeared from existence, simply Wanda vowed to bring them back via the forbidden magic contained within the Darkhold.

Both Hilliard and Klyne confirmed their involvement with the Sam Raimi-directed sequel (in theaters everywhere adjacent month) on their respective social media accounts. “New movie, who dis? Billy and Tommy return!” Klyne exclaimed on Instagram. “Well this looks amazing! Wonder if we’ll recognize anyone in it.”

Hilliard, meanwhile, got the ball rolling on Twitter with a unmarried winking emoji. He after followed that up with the new footage and wrote: “Annihilation new happen today?”

The movie’south screenwriter, Michael Waldron (also head writer/executive producer onLoki), caught upward with SYFY WIRE last summer and explained how he made sure the Wanda in
Multiverse of Madness felt true to the character audiences last saw in the Disney+ series.

“I had conversations with [WandaVisioncaput writer/EP] Jac Schaeffer and actually collaborated with her on this adjacent affiliate so working with Lizzie Olsen likewise to make sure we were doing justice to the character,” he told us. “So, you’ve gotta honor what came earlier and besides be bold in your own choices and just trust that you’re doing something absurd.”

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In another teaser that debuted over the weekend, Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) comes to Wanda, asking for help in his and Wong’southward (Benedict Cumberbatch) quest to protect the sanctity of the multiverse. Maximoff initially refuses, stating that there are other Avengers he can turn to. Alluding to how much she dropped the brawl in New Bailiwick of jersey, Strange promises to go her out of the dog house and “back on the lunchbox” if she agrees to lend a hand. Sure, there are other heroes not wanted by the government, simply how many can reshape the very textile of reality on a whim? That listing is very, very small.

While information technology does look similar Reddish Witch does end upwardly joining the dimension-hopping fight, there’s withal a run a risk of Wanda turning into a bona fide villain. After all, we know she’due south rather salty over the double standard practical to those who abuse magic for their own ends. On that front end, however, she and Foreign share a common enemy — Karl Mordo (Chiewetel Ejiofor) — a disillusioned acolyte of the Ancient 1 who took information technology upon himself to rid the world of mystics.

Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

will begin to mess with our minds Fri, May 6. Early tickets are now on sale. To celebrate, Curiosity unveiled 5 new posters, which you can check out in the tweets below…

Multiverse Of Madness Trailer Billy Tommy