Has Ea Accidentally Revealed A Major Characters Return In Mass Effect 4

Has EA accidentally revealed a major character’due south return in Mass Effect 4?

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A at present-deleted description for a new Mass Upshot 4 lithograph originally stated that the game volition feature a returning Commander Shepard.

The lithograph is of an image of four figures coming out of a transport to a Geth-shaped crater. The affiche was released on N7 Day last yr, however, while it’s an older image, new details about Mass Consequence 4 were seemingly revealed through the product description for the printed version.

The details were spotted by YouTuber MrHulthen
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(via GamingBolt
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), where the listing
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teased the return of Commander Shepard. It originally read: “Shepard’s terminal quest may have ended the threat of the Reapers but at great cost, including Earth itself. While Shepard and the survivors are left to pick up the pieces, fans are left wondering what’due south adjacent.”

While Mass Consequence 3’s ending has multiple outcomes, virtually of them cease with Shepard no longer alive. Except in the ‘perfect ending’ where Shepard is seen taking a breath. However, if this description is to be believed, information technology seems like Shepard will be back.

Interestingly, the description does mention that defeating the Reapers was also at the cost of Globe. This could suggest that the game is going down the ‘Destroy’ ending route, which sees all synthetic life in the Milky way killed as well as portions of Earth. It’s not articulate if World is entirely destroyed, merely if it is, and the ‘Destroy’ ending becomes canon, the universe is going to exist in a crude place at the offset of Mass Result iv.

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However, take this all with a compression of salt. The description was changed very chop-chop to remove any mention of Shepard. It’s hard to know what this could mean. It could suggest that whoever posted this was mistaken when posting the description, or, information technology could propose that this was information that wasn’t meant to be revealed yet and has since been deleted to try and cover information technology up.

Or, if you are especially suspicious, maybe it was written and then taken out on purpose to get the community and press speculating.

Any the example, information technology’s an interesting tidbit, peculiarly when details almost the game and its story have been very scarce. A return of Shepard would exist a huge footstep for a lot of Mass Effect fans, and a real commitment from Bioware to render to what made the series piece of work in its initial trilogy, and away from the likes of Mass Effect Andromeda.

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Has Ea Accidentally Revealed A Major Characters Return In Mass Effect 4

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