Youtube Vevo Hack Lil Nas X Taylor Swift Michael Jackson

Vevo announces investigation later on YouTube accounts for Rihanna, Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift, Kanye and more hacked

Multinational video hosting service Vevo said information technology will exist investigating a recent incident where someone took over the YouTube pages for several high-profile artists and either uploaded music videos or changed the names of popular videos.

“Some videos were directly uploaded to a pocket-sized number of Vevo artist channels earlier today by an unauthorized source. All of those improperly uploaded videos have since been deleted by Vevo. No pre-existing content was accessible to the source,” a Vevo spokesperson told The Record.

“While the artist channels have been secured and the incident has been resolved, every bit a all-time practise Vevo will exist conducting a review of our security systems.”

Vevo did non respond to questions about how someone was able to have over multiple accounts from different artists. The visitor is best known for providing music videos to YouTube for some of the world’s biggest artists.

Simply earlier this calendar week, several YouTube users took to Twitter to say they were getting alerts from their favorite artists about new videos. When opened, the videos were of other artists, including a pop gamer and musician going by the proper noun IShowSpeed.

Some of the videos’ titles fifty-fifty included “hacked by @LOSPELAOSBRO.”

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The pages hacked included those owned by Kanye Westward, Justin Bieber, Drake, Eminem, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, Travis Scott, The Weeknd and Lil Nas 10.

The affected channels have hundreds of millions of subscribers. Representatives for all of the artists did non answer to requests for comment. A spokesperson for Universal Music Grouping, which represents several of the artists affected, directed The Record to Vevo for comment.

YouTube parent company Google and IShowSpeed, the artist who had some of his music posted to the hacked YouTube pages, also did not respond to requests for annotate.

‘Free Paco Sanz’

The Twitter handle “@LOSPELAOSBRO” has tweeted profusely since the attacks began on April five. The handle’s biography department says, “Official account of the criminal group Los Pelaos.”

The group’due south showtime tweet says they “hacked Travis Scott” and several of their subsequent tweets reference Paco Sanz, a man from Kingdom of spain who is in prison house for pretending to have a final illness in 2017.

According to Business concern Insider, the security baby-sit became famous in Spain afterward several musicians donated to his treatment, and private investigators subsequently exposed him equally a fraud.

A screenshot showing ‘Free Paco Sanz’ videos beingness uploaded to artists’ channels.

He was sentenced to two years in prison after stealing more than €350,000, co-ordinate to El Mundo.

“We volition not stop until the political prisoner Paco Sanz is released,” the group said in one Tweet.

The videos uploaded to the pages of Justin Beiber, Travis Scott, Juice Wrld, Kanye W, Drake and others were titled “Justin bieber – Free Paco Sanz (ft. Volition Smith, Chris Stone, Skinny flex & Los Pelaos).”

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The group began to ask Twitter users for suggestions on who to hack next, somewhen taking over the pages for artists like Playboi Carti, Lil Nas 10, Daddy Yankee and others. The videos uploaded to those accounts included titles similar “HACKED BY @LOSPELAOSBRO” or “No Dubiety – no me retiro era broma @lospelaosbro.”

The group proceeded to tweet out its subsequent hacks, which ranged from Cardi B to Rihanna and J Balvin. From there, the grouping said it was “going big,” moving to targets like Ariana Grande, Migos and others.

Several other charged claims were tweeted out by the group. They threatened to attack more YouTube accounts but tweeted, “Nosotros do not attack governments, only individual companies.”

All of the videos have been deleted only the Twitter account currently has more xv,000 followers.

In Oct, Google’s Threat Assay Grouping said it disrupted several financially motivated phishing campaigns targeting YouTubers with Cookie Theft malware.

Vevo has become a pop service for artists but noted on its website that it does not provide admission directly to artists, instead giving control of pages to “Content Providers” or music labels.

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Youtube Vevo Hack Lil Nas X Taylor Swift Michael Jackson