Comcast Wi Fi 6e Xfi Advanced Gateway Router

Back up for the upcoming Thing standard is continuously increasing with such a big number of companies behind information technology. Now even ISPs are stepping upward to the plate, announcing support with new leasable hardware that supports the standard. Comcast, specifically, was a hot topic this month for offering a new Wi-Fi 6E Gateway that is packed with features such as this.

It is the new xFi Advanced Wi-Fi 6E Gateway Router. It claims to be ready to support Matter when information technology begins rolling out this year and also offers support for Zigbee connectivity as well. This would allow it to (potentially) support a vast collection of smart domicile ecosystems all within your router device.

Since it is a 6E tri-band router, information technology provides 2.four GHz, 5 GHz, besides every bit the new 6GHz ring for all of your normal networked devices (computers, laptops, mobile devices, etc). It is also Comcast’south commencement device to support symmetrical Gigabit speeds.

Of course, this is a device that you lease monthly equally part of your neb. Depending on the value of the gateway, this could somewhen become expensive yr after year of leasing vs buying your own outright. Then once more, information technology depends on if Comcast continuously stays ahead of the game like this. You may observe that next year could yield an even amend device you can try to switch over to. Potentially saving coin vs buying a new device outright every fourth dimension. Peculiarly since Comcast plans to keep the price somewhere around $14 monthly, which would make information technology around $168 a year. Because that like retail options (when they become available) volition probable price around $500-$700+, this could be a savings to you if you program to upgrade your device every year or every other year.

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Comcast volition exist rolling out the new gateway to customers in the coming months. The company has stated that they volition focus on customers with gigabit or “xFi Complete” packages. You may accept to reach out to them to trigger the conversation though, and so only keep that in mind when the fourth dimension comes if you think yous’d like to leap on this. You may want to keep an center on the xFi equipment folio and so y’all tin can catch when the gateway goes alive. At the time of writing this, the company still shows the regular “XFi Gateway” listed. And so you’ll be looking for the “xFi Advanced Wi-Fi 6E Gateway” when it happens.

If you’d rather buy your own though, there will exist a number of models that volition be rolling into the market in the almost future that can be found at your typical retail stores on and offline. There are already a number of 6E routers, but with the popularity of standards similar Affair growing the way they are, you volition find a number of hybrid devices like this shortly as well. Once more though, cost is likely to be pretty high thank you to how inflated these devices have become.

Comcast Wi Fi 6e Xfi Advanced Gateway Router