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Substack pitches your podcasts

Happy Tuesday everyone. I had to stop working on today’s Wordle to finish this newsletter. My stats are completely undecided when it comes to iii, 4, and 5 guess solutions, so I’yard taking these seriously in hopes of pushing things in the right management. I’ve got three yellows and 1 green and I have three more than to judge, so wish me luck.

At present for the news.

The Substack of Podcasts

Substack wants you all to know that it’southward not just a newsletter platform, it’southward also a podcasting platform. Or at least that̵

7;s how it wants to be thought of.

The company announced this forenoon that three successful podcasts are jumping off Patreon to join Substack:
The 5th pillarwhich has more than 4,100 subscribers paying at to the lowest degree $five per calendar month;

American prestige, which has more than 2,200 subscribers for at least $3 per month; and
spoken tangentially, which has around 300 subscribers for at least $1 a month. Those beginning two are a sizeable audience to switch platforms on, and I suppose Substack offered the creators an upfront deal to brand the risk worth it, like many writers and comic artists do. (Substack declined to tell me if they’re getting a deal.) The company also released a couple of web log posts today explaining why you should consider it equally your adjacent podcasting platform.

At the moment, nevertheless, I still don’t see a good reason why a podcaster would choose Substack over Patreon as a platform to build a community. Both platforms allow roughly the same thing — for creators to put written updates, podcasts, videos, and more behind a paywall — just Patreon lets creators do this with more flexibility. Patreon takes a lower fee cut (8 pct on its standard plan, versus Substack’s x percentage), and Patreon allows developers to offer different subscription tiers, while Substack simply allows for a single flat price.

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There’s some other big do good to Substack: if yous become tired of the platform, you tin take your subscribers’ email addresses and payment info and get. Just if you’re an aspiring podcaster, you’re really going to cull your platform based on… your future desire
information technology?

Spotify CEO has to sit for dismissal thanks to Eminem

Daniel Ek must make time to speak to lawyers about Spotify’south music licensing practices, a judge ordered last week. Every bit reported by
billboardSpotify is being sued by Eminem’s Eight Mile Manner over allegations that it failed to properly pay out mechanical licenses – mandatory fees paid to songwriters to reproduce their piece of work – on some of its songs.

Spotify argued that Ek was not needed for the lawsuit because he was “not directly involved in Spotify’s day-to-day licensing practices” and the filing “[cause] trouble him [upshot] to inconvenience for him and Spotify and [subject] disproportionately burden him and the company.” The judge said, well, also bad.

“No dubiousness Mr. Ek has a decorated schedule,” the approximate wrote. But added: “Notwithstanding, the upshot of proper licensing relationships with the artists, whose work encompasses Spotify’south entire business and its sole product, is certainly likewise relevant to Spotify and deserves some of Mr. Ek’s time and attending.”

The trial is scheduled for September 2023. There is no time for Ek’south testimony nonetheless.

Explained today

Hits Radio, yesterday’s flagship podcast,
Explained today, expanding to radio. As of Monday, the show began airing on xiii public networks beyond dozens of stations through a partnership with WNYC Studios.
writes that it’southward expanding its show to the airwaves because “not everyone is a podcast listener (yet) and we want to reach equally wide an audience as possible.” (Large disclosure on this topic: Vox is function of Vox Media, the owner
The edge
hot pod.)

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Rooster Teeth launches mentoring program

Rooster Teeth and WarnerMedia Access are partnering to launch a Digital Creators programme focused on supporting “historically underrepresented digital talent.” The program, which volition host eight creatives, runs for iii months and includes a stipend and one month of lodging for a residency in Austin.

The plan isn’t just for podcasters, simply includes a focus on podcast development and production, too as hosting and media training. Applications are possible from at present until May 8th.

Parcast threatens to strike

Members of the Parcast Union told Spotify on Monday they are fix to strike if they tin can’t reach an agreement in the “terminal days” of negotiations. The spousal relationship says 96 percent of its members do signed a pledge to support a strike if necessary. The two sides argue loudly
Bloomberg. (Another revelation here: Parcast Wedlock organizes with Writers Guild of America, East; the Vox Media Union, to which I belong, is also organized at the WGAE.)

Spotify reached three-year agreements with the Gimlet Matrimony and the Ringer Union back in April 2021. Gimlet employees appear plans to unionize in March 2022, just a month later Spotify caused the company, and Ringer employees were already in the process of unionizing when the company acquired it. Parcast’s negotiations haven’t dragged on very long by these standards, only some of the virtually sensitive and important issues are often discussed in the concluding days of negotiations. That threat doesn’t necessarily mean Parcast will strike, simply it’s one of many pressure level tactics a marriage can utilize when working towards a ameliorate bargain for members in these tardily discussions.

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Substack Podcasts Daniel Ek Spotify Parcast Union Negotiations