Smart Devices Climate Change Report

How Smart Devices Can Help Solve the Challenge of Climate Alter

They can assistance consumers be much more aware of—and aid them in reducing or changing—their energy employ

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Technology companies must continue to bear witness corporate leadership

Large amounts of energy are required to ability the systems and infrastructure that keep our connected lives running smoothly, and customers take e’er-higher expectations of technology companies and product manufacturers when it comes to climate activity. Fortunately, our industry is stepping up to the plate, and as of 2022 tech companies were contracting more renewable energy than whatever other sector of the global economy. At Google, we recently announced that we had purchased plenty renewable energy to power our global operations for the second twelvemonth running. Facebook is on rails to attain a similar goal past next yr, and Apple is greening its value chain,
with an increasing number of suppliers committing to the target of 100 pct renewable energy.

The importance of these climate actions is highlighted in the Global Climate Activity Summit’south Exponential Climate Activity Roadmap, a comprehensive resources that outlines strategies for reaching emissions-reduction targets set in the Paris Climate Agreement. Beyond stating the value of corporate emissions reductions, the Roadmap reiterates a request already being fabricated past consumers—for the tech industry to simplify customers’ eco-conscious decisions.

Smart devices and connected homes help consumers salve energy

At Google Nest, we are working to aid consumers achieve widespread adoption of energy-saving devices considering we know smart technology resources tin play a critical role in addressing these broad challenges. For example, in 2022 Nest thermostats helped our customers salvage 10 terawatt-hours of energy, equivalent to the corporeality of renewable energy that Google purchased for all operations that twelvemonth. As we make smart technology more accessible to more people, our bear upon will only continue to grow.

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Connected homes (including, just non limited to, those with smart thermostats) assistance streamline consumers’ daily decisions well-nigh resource consumption in a holistic way. Continued devices can make sustainability an easier pick past saving energy automatically, with permission, on behalf of decorated households. These savings benefit customers, every bit well as the utilities generating and delivering the energy, while as well reducing free energy apply and greenhouse gas emissions.

Tackling the many causes of climatic change means reducing emissions wherever possible, and tech companies in particular must continue to introduce and prove leadership in this attempt, both in their business operations and in the products they develop for consumers. There is no single easy change that can finish the climate crisis, but reducing our greenhouse gas emissions while increasing admission to smart tech can and should be in our climate-activeness arsenal.

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Smart Devices Climate Change Report