Microsoft Windows 11 File Explorer Tabs Favorites Features

One of the big highlights for most Microsoft fans out of Microsoft’s “Windows Powers The Future of Hybrid Work” outcome was the news most a redesigned File Explorer in Windows 11. Panos Panay mentioned in a blog postal service that information technology is intended to aid make it easier to notice what you lot’re looking for in Windows. He didn’t get into when this to be available for anybody to try out. Yet, if you missed it, here’due south a recap of what you tin await once Microsoft decides to bring out the big redesign in either a featured update or in a monthly Windows eleven feature drop.

File Explorer Tabs

The biggest change in the redesigned File Explorer in Windows 11 is the add-on of tabs. This was previously “leaked” and discovered by Windows Insiders, so it’s not exactly a “new” experience, but the April 5 result was the beginning time that Microsoft best-selling it. From what we tin can tell, not much has changed from the leaked version to the final appear version, but there are a couple things you lot can expect.

Starting time of all, these new tabs alive in a new expanse at the top of the title bar in File Explorer. At that place, yous’ll see a “plus” button that lets y’all create a new tab. Opening a new tab brings you to a redesigned home page, which nosotros become into next. Merely you tin open whatsoever of your core folders from this new tab, like Documents, Pictures, Videos, Downloads. You lot tin can even drag the tabs effectually if you see fit. It’south pretty uncomplicated and straight forward, to say the to the lowest degree.

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New dwelling page

Another big change in the File Explorer app is a new abode page section, as seen at the ane:22 mark in the higher up video. This is what shows up when you first open the File Explorer. The new Home page has three sections. Upward height is the traditional Quick Access area with your key folders, the 2nd is the favorites area, where y’all can find your favorite files (we get into that side by side,) and the third is the recent department. Annotation that these two final sections take new activity areas in three columns, showing you lot when the file was terminal modified, where the file is located, and what was the last collaboration activity on the file. These collaborative suggestions are powered by the cloud, and Microsoft’south Context IQ technology, which is based on Dynamics 365.

Contextual suggestions

Also new in File Explorer are contextual suggestions. As the name of the feature suggests, when you click the share push for a specific file or item in the File Explorer, you get a cleaner share menu. There will be better suggestions in the menu to share with a contact, nearby people, or share with an app. All of this with the goal of reducing the number of clicks you accept to make to get that important file to the right person.

File Explorer Favorites

The final change in the File Explorer is the “Favorites” choice. Favorites lets you right-click a file and mark is as a favorite item. This lets you lot see it in the “Favorites” section of the new home page department nosotros mentioned above. It can relieve you a few clicks if you really demand to access this specific file often, say a presentation, or an invoice. This builds on the ability to “pin” files in File Explorer sidebar, which was previously tested in the Windows Insider Program.

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Other Windows 11 Features

These are all the features coming to the File Explorer in Windows xi, just there are additional features coming to the operating system, too which were previously tested with Windows Insiders. These include Live Captions, the ability to put apps into folders on the Starting time Menu, likewise as Focus and Do Not Disturb options in the Notification Center. Non to forget, the improvements to Snap Layouts so information technology works better with touch screen devices. We talked about these in our hands-on when the feature first hit the Windows Insider plan, so go back and cheque it out!

Unannounced Windows xi features

We’ve saved the best for last, and based on some of the breakout sessions from the April 5 outcome, there were some additional Windows xi features that Microsoft didn’t announce, but showed up in videos. Spotted by Windows Central, those include App folders on the desktop, as well every bit an improved Widgets panel.

With app folders on the desktop, we tin spot a foursquare grey-colored box in the desktop, with 4 apps inside, with the box being titled “social media.” This suggests that in improver to creating app folders on the First Menu, you lot might too soon be able to create app folders on the desktop, as well. Of course, that is if information technology’s not merely a concept.

Finally, at that place’southward a full-screen widgets panel. This has been teased past Microsoft many times, just it never made the final version of Windows eleven. A screen catch from the breakout session shows the full-screen Widgets console in action, beyond the left side of the screen like it currently is. In addition, Microsoft too talked near signing into Widgets with a work business relationship. At that place’s a chance that these unannounced features can be talked about more at Build, merely for now, in that location’s still enough to look forward to if you’re a Windows fan!

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Microsoft Windows 11 File Explorer Tabs Favorites Features