Call Of Duty Warzone 2s Map Has Seemingly Leaked

p>This year’s
Phone call of Duty, now officially revealed to be
Modern Warfare 2, has been 1 of the most discussed games of the final year or and then, with constant leaks about information technology springing upward seemingly every other week. Though
Modern Warfare 2
hasn’t even had an official trailer yet, fans already reckon they know just about everything the game volition accept to offering, from returning fan-favorite characters to classic maps to fifty-fifty a new survival mode. And right aslope all of these
Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Warzone 2

has also received its off-white share of industry insider reports.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2
is even so to exist unveiled in any official capacity, if the countless leaks over the last yr are to be believed, then it’ll be a next-gen exclusive sequel designed to build the
experience from the ground-up, providing a much more than streamlined, counterbalanced game. As
Modernistic Warfare 2
Warzone 2
inch closer to their October release engagement, the leaks go on, with the latest 1 supposedly revealing all xviii points of interest for
Warzone 2′southward new map.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2’s Leaked Points of Interest

As has been the case with the vast majority of the info surrounding
Phone call of Duty: Warzone 2
Modernistic Warfare 2, this leak once once more comes from the fairly reputable manufacture insider Tom Henderson. Henderson, along with some YouTube creators such every bit NerosCinema, accept been responsible for leaking substantially everything fans know about
Warzone ii
Modern Warfare ii
so far, and though leaks should always been taken with a compression of salt, their data has been correct in the by.

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The latest leak, unveiled by NerosCinema first and so confirmed by Henderson, suggests that
Warzone ii‘south map will retain the large-scale of maps like Verdansk and Caldera, and will also include a handful of iconic multiplayer maps, this time coming from the original
Modern Warfare ii. Much like Verdansk’south Quarry and Farmland,
Warzone 2‘s map will accept a selection of returning
Modern Warfare 2
maps littered around as points of involvement, integrated into the map’s geometry.

Both NerosCinema and Henderson confirmed that at to the lowest degree iv classic maps were returning in
Warzone ii. The beginning of which is Highrise, one of the most memorable maps in
Phone call of Duty
history. Henderson claims that Highrise will be present at the top-right of
Warzone 2‘due south map, integrated into a series of skyscrapers and an industrial cityscape. This would line up with previous leaks that have claimed a Republic of colombia-inspired urban center will be one of the master points of interest in
Warzone 2.

Modern Warfare 2‘s Quarry map is likewise making a comeback, though with the original being a smaller map, it’s likely that it’s been expanded and tweaked a piddling to fit
Warzone two‘s larger map size. Quarry was infamous for its sniping and camping spots back in the day, so it’ll be interesting to see how its gameplay translates to a bigger arena.

Towards the centre of
Warzone 2‘due south map, Afghan volition plain make its render. Some other instantly-recognizable arena, Afghan’s downed cargo plane, surrounded by cliffsides, should fit in pretty well with
Warzone 2‘s Battle Royale gameplay. Henderson has reported that this point of interest volition be named “Caves,” which might suggest that more of an emphasis will be placed on the interior elements of this archetype map than the outside area.

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Call of Duty: Warzone‘s Verdansk had a massive airport section, it missed a trick past not including one of the most dear
Call of Duty
multiplayer maps, Last. Patently,
Warzone ii
is seeking to prepare its predecessor’s oversight, including Final as 1 of its key points of interest. Henderson has claimed that this area of
Warzone 2‘s map will also feature one of the brand-new Stronghold objectives, which seeks to switch up the archetype
formula a little.

While these are the only maps that these sources have confirmed so far, Henderson has mentioned that more than classic
Modern Warfare
maps will brand a return in
Warzone 2‘s map, but he couldn’t confirm them in time for his report. He does mention, all the same, that the “Mount Town” betoken of involvement may feature the old Favela map.

Along with the confirmed returning maps, Tom Henderson provided a listing of the other 14 points of interest on
Warzone 2‘south new map. These ranged from a new Harbor, Shipwreck, and Dam area to an Oasis, Observatory, and Graveyard. A few points of interest take some more than cryptic names, such as Wartorn. If these names are annihilation to go by, it seems as though
Call of Duty:

Warzone 2
will have plenty of variety.

What Warzone two’due south Strongholds Are

Forth with leaking the 18 points of interest of
Warzone two‘s map, Tom Henderson as well revealed some information nigh a brand new objective heading to the sequel. Called “Strongholds,” these objectives will obviously be scattered across
Warzone 2‘southward map in a similar style to the game’s Buy Stations.

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Apparently, in that location’ll be around 30 of these Strongholds, each 1 tasking the player with infiltrating a specific location and retrieving the high-tier loot within. These Strongholds will be guarded by some pretty aggressive AI, so players will need to think tactically and gauge whether the boodle inside is worth the risk, especially if they’re in a heavily populated surface area.

Henderson reports that in that location will be different difficulty tiers of Strongholds, with the college tiers offering the best loot but also putting upwardly the biggest claiming, with multiple objectives needed to exist completed earlier the boodle can exist extracted and the Stronghold tin can be claimed. Simply three of the highest difficulty Strongholds will exist present in
Warzone 2‘s map, so players volition need to make the decision early on on in the friction match whether they’re going to effort to capture one.

These Strongholds seem like a pretty neat way to alter up the standard
formula while too not fundamentally irresolute the general gameplay loop that fans have come to love. Hopefully, with this gameplay improver and the reintroduction of classic maps,
Warzone two
might exist able to bring dorsum some of the fans that have left
in the final few months.

Telephone call of Duty: Warzone two

is in evolution for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series 10.

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Call Of Duty Warzone 2s Map Has Seemingly Leaked