Amazon Worker Social App Banned Words Union Living Wage

Amazon has a list of words banned for employees. (Listing Photo: @mannyfidel/Twitter)

Amazon has planned to ban words similar ‘restrooms’, ‘living wage’, ‘slave labour’ and others in its internal employee chat app to protect it from ‘the dark side of social media’.

Amazon is planning to ban phrases like ‘labour unions’ in its internal messaging app, says The Intercept. The new app volition automatically restrict a diverseness of terms that might suggest critique of working weather condition and employee dissatisfaction. Some of the words are ‘compensation’, ‘slave’, ‘slave labour’, ‘restrooms’ ‘living wage’ etc. Amazon spokesperson Barbara M. Agrait told The Intercept that the programme has not been approved yet and might not exist launched at all.
In Nov last yr, Amazon management decided to build a platform that would foster team spirit and increase employee engagement. Nonetheless, they wanted the platform to exist free from ‘dark side of social media’. That is why, they created an automatic ‘bad discussion monitor’ which would censor not only slurs and profanity, but also anything related to organised labour like ‘pay heighten’, ‘ideals’, ‘injustice’ and others. The due east-commerce giant has been accused before for dandy downwardly on employee unions, non providing security to warehouse employees and not assuasive staff to have bathroom breaks.

The news has faced criticism on social media. US senator Elizabeth Warren said:

“Here’s a radical idea: instead of spending millions trying to defeat spousal relationship organizing & banning workers from using words like “living wage”, “restroom” & “spousal relationship” to discuss piece of work conditions, @Amazon should end its anti-union & exploitative labor practices.”

“this is dumb” appears on the listing of banned words and phrases for Amazon’s employee conversation app, making it difficult for Amazon employees to describe the fact that Amazon has a listing of banned words and phrases for its employee chat app…”

“me trying to talk virtually Bring Information technology On on Amazon’s internal conversation app…”

“Banning words like “restrooms” and “ethics” tells us everything we need to know about Amazon’s working conditions and priorities. Every worker deserves the rights and protections of a union. Standing with Amazon workers in solidarity. ”

” mom, tin we take 1984?”

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– “we take 1984 at home”

– the 1984 at home:

Co-ordinate to an AP study, Amazon workers in Staten Island, New York, voted to unionize recently, mark the outset successful Us organizing effort in the retail behemothic’s history and handing an unexpected win to a nascent group that fueled the union drive. Warehouse workers cast 2,654 votes in favor of a union, giving the fledgling Amazon Labor Matrimony plenty support to pull off a victory.

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Amazon Worker Social App Banned Words Union Living Wage