Google Docs Can Be Crashed Just By Repeating This Word

A problems was found that caused a crash when typing ‘And. And. And. And. And.’ In Google Docs.

A bug was found in Google Docs, a document creation tool provided by Google, that ‘when I enter the string’ And. And. And. And. And. ‘, Information technology crashes.’ It has been reported that this problems occurs not only when the word ‘And.’ Is repeated, but also when other words are repeated.

Including ‘And. And. And. And. And.’ in a Google medico causes it to crash. –Google Docs Editors Community including-and-and-and-and-and-in-a-google-medico-causes-information technology-to-crash?hl=en

A unproblematic cord of ‘and’ southward seem to crash Google Docs pages | Engadget

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On May 6, 2022, Google user Pat Needham reported a bug that ‘entering a cord containing’ And. And. And. And. And. ‘In Google Docs causes a crash.’ Needham validated this bug by switching between multiple Google accounts in Google Chrome and said that all accounts had the same bug. Needham also points out that this issues seems to be case sensitive, and ‘and. And. And. And. And.’ Does non crusade the problems.

One user reported that he was able to reproduce this issues past opening Google Docs in Firefox 99.0.1, typing ‘And. And. And. And. And.’ And pressing Enter to reload the page.

In improver, some users reported that the same problems was reproduced in ‘But. But. Merely. But. Simply.’ …

1 user pointed out that the aforementioned trouble would occur if the words ‘Besides’, ‘Therefore’, ‘Anyway’, ‘But’, ‘Who’, ‘Why’, ‘Likewise’, and ‘Nevertheless’ were repeated five times in the same way.

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Also, there is a case that ‘I had no trouble typing’ And. And. And. And. And. ‘In Safari, but when I opened the same document in Google Chrome, an error message was displayed.’ The tech media Engadget was able to reproduce the issues when creating a Google Docs on Google Chrome 100.0.4896.127 using a
2022 16-inch MacBook Pro
running on Monteray 12.3.1, only it’southward older than running on Big Sur Information technology seems that the bug could not be reproduced on MacBook Pro.

In the forum, there is a study that ‘It can exist avoided by turning off the grammar checker of Google Docs’ …

It has been pointed out that information technology only works with the English version of Google Docs. When the editorial staff actually tried it with the Japanese version of Google Docs, this bug could not be confirmed.

A Google Docs employee responded to a series of bug reports past saying, ‘Google Docs users, we are aware of this issue and are currently working on a fix. Bring this consequence to light and share information technology with us. Give thanks you for your cooperation. ‘

This bug is too talked almost on the social news site Hacker News, and
such as ‘Bugs besides occur with words such equally’Dearness’,’Although’,’Besides’, and’Moreover” and ‘For some reason,’Or. Or. ‘Or. Or. Or.’
non cause any bugs. ‘ Needham, who reported the problems in the Google Docs Editors Customs, also appeared in the thread,
that the bug in question was discovered past his colleague and friend Eliza Callahan when he wrote a poem in the centre of the novel.

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Including “And. And. And. And. And.” in a Google doc causes it to crash | Hacker News

Google Docs Can Be Crashed Just By Repeating This Word