Delorean Electric Concept Reveal Pebble Beach Date

Gas? Where nosotros’re going, we don’t need gas. DeLorean Motor Company, the short-lived 1980s automaker behind the DMC DeLorean sports automobile turned pop civilisation staple cheers to the
Back to the Future
franchise, is returning with an EV model. The DeLorean EV concept has just recently been teased, merely its official reveal has now been moved upward iii days aslope an enticing teaser paradigm.

Apr vii Update:
Following buzz around the internet regarding the possibility of an all-electric DeLorean, DMC’s CEO Joost de Vries revealed some tasty new tidbits of information during a contempo interview on the
Electrify News Podcast. Hither are some new details nosotros take learned from the thirty-minute interview:

  • The new DeLorean EV concept volition in fact feature gull-wing doors, but it will not feature a stainless steel body like the original DMC-12.
  • In that location are no plans for the new DeLorean to announced in any sort of
    Back to the Future
    moving-picture show, but according to de Vries, at that place are enough of film opportunities for the EV and it will exist seen in at least one moving picture in the future, if not more than.
  • In that location are plenty of concept images floating around in the cyberspace ether, just according to DMC’s CEO, none of those images are the actual vehicle that will be revealed at Pebble Embankment.
  • With its new pattern, the DeLorean EV stays true to the original in that the front volition resemble the rear and remain symmetrical throughout. According to de Vries, whether it’s in forepart of you or behind you, you’re going to be able to recognize that it’s a DeLorean.
  • The “V” teased on the automaker’s website is present in the center of the new DMC logo and represents the “heartbeat” of the make. It will be featured in multiple spots throughout the DeLorean EV and in time to come models (more on that beneath).
  • The company debated on whether to make the DeLorean EV a hypercar, but it ultimately chose non to. The vehicle will not be a 0-threescore mph in 1.ix second vehicle, but information technology will be competitive in the market as a driver car – more specifically in the acme five.
    • Contrary to many other automakers, DeLorean plans to put assisted driving features second, putting the homo chemical element back into the electric vehicle. “This volition not be an iPad on wheels.”
    • de Vries said the DeLorean will be competitive to the Porsche Taycan and AMG GT. Those are the types of vehicles DMC is benchmarking.
  • The buying experience will vary by region – Centre East and South America will be importer based, Europe will be a mix of D2C and franchises, North America is all the same TBD.
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After about twenty minutes or and so, the Podcast really starts to get interesting, as de Vries explains that DeLorean is not just building an electric sports car but an entire EV brand:

We need a sports car to relaunch the brand, just the ambition of the make is to be a full line manufacturer. We cannot survive on a coupe. I don’t care how absurd information technology is, just the volumes don’t justify the investment, or the long-term perspective of what the investment requires. You are going to see other products from usa. I’thousand not going to say if information technology’south an SUV, or a sedan or whatever, simply there will be more volume oriented products.

The DMC CEO then explained that when the team was beginning this rebirth, information technology dug deep in its athenaeum throughout Europe and the US and discovered the company had previously designed other DeLorean vehicles similar a four-door sedan and even a metropolis bus. Furthermore, designers for DeLorean never stopped dreaming upwards new DMC vehicles, despite the company’s halt to manufacturing decades agone.

In fact, de Vries divulged that there were designs for a 1990 DeLorean, a 2000 DeLorean, and even a 2010 DeLorean – a heritage of vehicles DeLorean plans to share with the world:

And so information technology’s up to us now to educate and to tell our story what happened the terminal forty years and it’southward super heady to run across what we will launch. We’re launching 4 cars in i go. Nosotros’re launching iv generations of vehicles to make sure that everyone understands that DeLorean wasn’t merely a single car.

So when volition we meet these heritage vehicles? Over the next ninety days, apparently. Looking at the calendar, that timeline matches up with the scheduled reveal of the DeLorean EV this Baronial in Pebble Beach. And then instead of one new DeLorean, there’southward a take chances the public will actually go a glimpse of four.

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A lot still remains unclear as to what is a concept and what will exist a prototype planned for production, only DeLorean Motor Company appears poised to make a 2nd run at manufacturing unique vehicles… and apparently non just one like last time. Plenty more tidbits and insight from the full
Electrify News Podcast, check it out for yourself here.

DeLorean Motor Company is an American automaker founded in 1975 by John DeLorean. Long before the Cybertruck, the company’southward alone vehicle, the DMC DeLorean arrived with stainless steel panels and gull-fly doors.

Though the original iteration’southward production was brusk lived, the brand lives on as a vital part of ’80s pop culture, thanks to iii appearances as a customized DeLorean time motorcar in the
Back to the Future

While many of the remaining vehicles have been restored and celebrated for their role in the beloved film franchise, that’south most all history has to say about DMC… oh, and that whole drug trafficking sting on John DeLorean by the FBI.

Earlier this year, a new DMC website emerged, touting a silhouette of those all likewise familiar dupe wing doors… but not much else. With a redesigned logo and a new slogan, “The futurity was never promised,” DeLorean has seemingly reemerged from the bowels of nostalgia and obscurity and volition be reborn every bit an EV brand.

Teaser images of the DeLorean EV – left, the silhouette from the DeLorean website, right, the latest teaser image / Source: DMC

DeLorean EV set to debut Baronial 18 in Pebble Beach

The resurrected automaker shared news of its EV debut via this Tweet from DeLorean Motor Company that is accompanied by a full press release:

In addition to the first genuine sneak peek of the (name TBD) image, we learned that this new EV will first exist unveiled on August 18, on the Awards Ramp at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Additionally, the DeLorean EV volition exist on display on the Concept Lawn at Pebble Beach on August 21, as originally planned. Troy Beetz, CMO at DMC elaborated:

Excitement is ascension similar the doors of our iconic sports car, and we are revealing the next generation image three days earlier than planned on the most prestigious stage at Pebble Beach.

DeLorean didn’t elaborate on why the debut had been moved upward and why it volition be on the Awards ramp, but getting to see this EV paradigm three days sooner is welcomed news still. DeLorean Motor Company also stated that it will share the official name of the EV during the reveal.

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The press release refers to the DeLorean EV as both a prototype and a concept, and so if a production version does somewhen arrive, it is sure to change. However, the prospect of an all-electric DeLorean is exciting, and even a three-quarter shot of the left shoulder and taillight might be enough to lure us to Pebble Beach this summertime.

If merely those original DMC DeLoreans actually worked as time machines.

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Delorean Electric Concept Reveal Pebble Beach Date