Samsung The Frame 2022 Preview Matte Display Artwork

Did Samsung just make the most beautiful Television set e’er?

(Prototype credit: Samsung)

Nosotros love art, and we love TV (and no, we’re not trying to first a debate over whether TV is art). But now, thank you to Samsung’s latest version of its ingenious The Frame TV, nosotros might finally exist able to enjoy the all-time of both worlds.

TVs have been able to display fine art for a long time, simply it’due south ever looked a little, techy – like someone left a screensaver on. Simply Samsung has only revealed a new matte display for the TV, in order to make the fine art look a lot more, well, arty. Yep, the world’due south most stylish Idiot box
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just got even more stylish.

Samsung The Frame

(Image credit: Samsung)

For the uninitiated, The Frame is a brandish that transforms into art when you’re not watching TV. Users can cull fine art from the Samsung Collection or upload their ain. And the 2022 model’s
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matte brandish uses Anti-Reflection engineering science to limit light lark on the screen by reducing the effects of glare.

Available in sizes ranging from 43 to a whopping 85 inches, the 2022 version was announced back in January, and is finally available to society. Be warned, though – it ain’t cheap. The price starts at $999 and shoots all the way upwards to $4299 for the largest.

But it sounds similar information technology’s worth the extra cost. The Verge
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recently spent some fourth dimension with the 2022 version of the frame, and announced that it’southward “hard to believe it’s really a Idiot box,” adding, “the artwork looks more real and disarming than ever before.”

And information technology seems social media is excited at the prospect of an even more realistic TV/fine art hybrid. “I want this for the sole purpose of having people over to my house and not telling them information technology’s a television and so occasionally blinking some incredibly disturbing art on top of a stock impressionist print,” i user offers
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Of grade, cypher will always compare to seeing an artwork in the flesh, merely nosotros’ll always be here for a piece of tech designed to disappear into the furniture when not in utilise. If yous’re looking for a brandish that’s just a brandish, accept a look at the best 4K monitors available now.

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Samsung The Frame 2022 Preview Matte Display Artwork