Hertz Polestar Ev Purchase Car Rental Deal

On Apr 4th, Hertz rental cars and Polestar luxury electric vehicles appear an understanding for upward to 65,000 electric cars. The news came simply months after a Hertz Tesla rental announcement that included up to 100,000 Model 3s and subsequently Model Ys as well.

The history of the Hertz Tesla rental agreement

Tesla Model 3 rental cars | Eric R. Davidson/Getty Images for HERTZ

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The Hertz company struggled throughout the pandemic. When information technology inverse easily, a new group of investors sought to rebrand it equally an electric car rental company. To this finish, Hertz signed a bargain with Tesla for 100,000 Model 3s in November 2021.

According to Electrek, Tesla and Hertz disagreed on the timing of the commitment. Hertz wanted special treatment forth with such a huge gild. Elon Musk insisted Hertz would pay sticker cost and get their Model 3 cars just as fast or boring as regular customers.

Possibly this is why Hertz later announced they would branch out to Model Y SUVs as well. Now, it seems Hertz was shopping around, and has signed a bargain with a major Tesla competitor.

Partnering with Polestar signals a new affiliate for Hertz

Cellphone displaying the Hertz logo in front of a stock price graph.
Hertz logo | Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

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Polestar is a Swedish luxury electric vehicle company jointly owned by Volvo and China’s Geely (which also owns Volvo).

The company’s first fully electrical vehicle is named the Polestar two. Ths FWD/AWD 5-door crossover was unveiled in 2022. It makes 400 horsepower and 487 lb-ft of torque and has a 233 mile targeted range.

Hertz is offering its Tesla Model 3 EVs to both Uber drivers and regular consumers. It announced the Polestar 2 would be joining both its retail and rideshare fleets as well:

“Nosotros are excited to partner with Polestar and await forrad to introducing their premium EV products into our retail and rideshare fleets…Today’s partnership with Polestar further builds on our appetite to become a leading participant in the modern mobility ecosystem and doing so as an environmentally-forward company.”

Stephen Scherr, Hertz CEO

Polestar is excited to introduce EVs to a wide audience

White Polestar 2 electric vehicle parked in front of a tan Hertz building.
Hertz rental Polestar ii | Polestar

Many motorcar manufacturers are wary of selling cars to rideshare fleets. The industry seems to suspect that if people can borrow an exciting new vehicle whenever they want, they won’t buy information technology outright.

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But electric vehicle manufacturers such every bit Polestar and Tesla must convince drivers to convert to EVs before they tin increment sales. Electric rental cars might be a great manner to allow drivers to try out EVs, helping them make the hard decision to catechumen. Polestar certainly believes this:

“The partnership with a global pioneer like Hertz will bring the amazing feel of driving an electric car to a wider audition, satisfying a wide multifariousness of our mutual customers’ short- and longer-term mobility requirements. For many of them information technology may be the offset time they have driven an EV, and it volition be a Polestar.”

Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO

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Hertz Polestar Ev Purchase Car Rental Deal

Source: https://www.motorbiscuit.com/polestar-signs-65000-electric-vehicle-deal-with-hertz-rental-cars/