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This article will exist regularly updated with new information on the Google Pixel 4a (this is a preview article) — both official teasers and credible leaks, rumors, and insider claims — as it becomes bachelor in the run-upwards to the release of the upcoming Android smartphone. The final update was made on July 16.

The Google Pixel 4a is the side by side smartphone Google volition denote. This will be a new mid-range offer from the company, and a direct successor to the Pixel 3a. That is why we’re here to talk nearly the Pixel 4a, in the form of a preview. We’ll basically share everything (important) we know about the Pixel 4a thus far.

The Google Pixel 3a was announced dorsum on May 7 2022. Now, it was rumored that Google will denote the Pixel 4a during Google I/O this year, only Google I/O got canceled. Well, there volition still be a Google I/O but not the way we’re used to. Click here to know more.

In any example, the Google Pixel 4a launch date got moved because of it, allegedly, we’ll talk more than about that later. The Pixel 4a is expected to offer mid-range specs, and a flagship-course camera, simply like its predecessor. It’s also expected to bring an updated blueprint, and an affordable price tag. The device will be bachelor in both 4G and 5G variants, it seems.

A more modern blueprint, while retaining plastic build

The Google Pixel 4a surfaced several times thus far. The phone appeared in both renders and real-life images. Because that most of those images came from reputable sources, it’s rubber to say that we know the design of the phone at this betoken. As you can come across in CAD-based renders shown beneath, the Pixel 4a will be made out of polycarbonate (plastic). That is not surprising, as the aforementioned happened to its predecessor. It’s a good cost-cutting choice on Google’south office.

The device will not include thick bezels to a higher place and beneath the display this time around, though. It will take rather sparse bezels all around, and a display camera hole in the height-left corner. The telephone will also include a flat brandish, non a curved panel. That is not merely a more affordable option for Google, but the option that most consumers will prefer.

A capacitive fingerprint scanner will be placed on the back, the same every bit on its predecessor. Back there, Google will include a single camera, probably the same camera sensor as on the Pixel 4. Its power / lock, volume upwards, and volume down buttons will exist placed on the right. The power / lock push button will offer a dissimilar color variant, a complete contrast to the phone’s color. Google’s branding will also be placed on the dorsum, by the mode. Even the instance maker ‘ESR’ shared some images of the device.

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Existent-life images of the Pixel 4a also surfaced, as already mentioned. These images not only bear witness the forepart and back sides of the device, but ane of its cases as well. This seems to be one of Google’s fabric cases, as you can see beneath. Based on the images we’ve seen since then, these real-life images are probably spot on. Do note that an early epitome is shown hither, though, as not fifty-fifty the visitor’s logo is placed on the back notwithstanding. It’southward also worth noting that the Active Edge feature probably won’t be included.

Google officially confirmed its design… by accident

The newest leak of the phone came directly from Google. The company accidentally leaked the device on the Google Shop, and thus pretty much confirmed its design. It will look exactly as previous rumors suggested, it seems. You tin can check out the render Google leaked downward below.

Google Pixel 4a official render (pre-launch)

The ‘XL’ variant allegedly won’t be coming… or volition it

According to a study that surfaced in Apr, Google is not planning on releasing the Pixel 4a 40. This is quite an interesting choice by the visitor, as the Pixel 3a Forty was appear final year, in addition to the Pixel 3a. The Pixel 4a will include a larger display this time around, and then perhaps Google though that an XL variant is non necessary.

We are only guessing here, of course, as the report itself did not really share a reason for the omission of the XL variant. At that place are people out there that prefer huge smartphones, so they may be let downwards by this. Still, as already mentioned, the Pixel 4a will have a larger display, and then the vast bulk of people will probably exist happy with it.

Post-obit the rumor that nosotros’ve mentioned, a new one surfaced. Well, this is more of a leak than a rumor. The Pixel 4 Forty presence has been confirmed, in a manner. The device has been spotted on a Vietnamese website. Truth be said, we don’t know what to believe at this point, and so it’s 50:l.

Mid-range specifications, and a flagship-course camera

Now, in terms of specs, we don’t have the total motion picture just yet, but quite a bit of info surfaced. The Google Pixel 4a is expected to include a 5.81-inch fullHD+ OLED display. The resolution will be 2340 x 1080, and this won’t be your fancy high refresh rate brandish. Information technology volition be a 60Hz console, it seems, at to the lowest degree based on reports.

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The Snapdragon 730 64-bit octa-core processor is expected to fuel the device. That is one of Qualcomm’southward mid-range processors. Information technology’s not its best mid-ranger, only information technology’due south naught to scoff at either. The telephone will not include 5G support, by the way, in instance you were wondering. That’s another good call by the company, as that would unnecessarily drive the phone’s cost tag up.

The device volition include Google’southward Titan M security bit, while the Pixel Neural Cadre volition not be included. The device will include 6GB of RAM and pack in a three,080mAh bombardment on the within. Both 64GB and 128GB storage variants will exist available, and both volition include the aforementioned RAM count.

In terms of charging, y’all can expect information technology to back up 18W fast wired charging. Wireless charging likely won’t be included, which is a shame. The telephone is fabricated out of plastic, and can easily support wireless charging. This may change, of grade, simply Google probably did it every bit yet another toll-saving opportunity, as it’southward non an essential feature.

In terms of cameras, yous tin expect two overall. A 12.2-megapixel photographic camera will be placed on the back of the device. That camera will likely be the same equally the one on the Pixel 4. Information technology will back up both OIS and EIS, and will be capable of recording both fullHD and 4K video. It will send with an f/1.seven aperture lens, and 1.4um pixel size. PDAF will also exist supported. If yous’d like to bank check out some sample shots, two leaked out.

A front end-facing camera volition probably as well be copied from the Pixel 4. If that ends upwards existence the case, you can await an 8-megapixel unit with an f/2.0 discontinuity lens. That sensor comes with a 1.22um pixel size. It is worth noting that a secondary TOF camera will not exist included in this packet. Fifty-fifty the camera review surfaced ahead of fourth dimension, you can bank check out some samples past clicking here.

A three.5mm headphone jack volition as well exist included in the parcel, forth with Type-C USB port. Needless to say, Android 10 will come pre-installed on the device. Pigtou also shared the probable dimensions of the device, the Pixel 4a volition measure 144.18 x 69.46 x eight.2mm (9.13mm with a camera bump). That is pretty much all the spec information that we have at the moment. If you lot’d similar to see where the Pixel 4a stands in the 2020 Pixel lineup, click here, as it seems to be the smallest Pixel phone this yr.

It is as well worth noting that the device fifty-fifty got reviewed prior to its launch. That is not all that surprising considering that the same thing happened with the Pixel iii series last year. The telephone got reviewed in a YouTube video.

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The phone will cost the same as the Pixel 3a last year

Evan Blass has leaked some images of billboards which showed off the Pixel 4a design and confirmed its proper name. On tiptop of that, those billboards revealed the telephone’s price tag. The Pixel 4a pricing will showtime at the same point as the Pixel 3a pricing terminal year. The base of operations model will set you lot back $399.

Only to be clear, that price tag volition probably be for a 64GB storage variant of the phone. The 128GB model, which more people will probably be interested in, volition be a bit more than expensive. Its price tag did non leak out, but if we had to guess, we’d say that it will price $439, or something along those lines.

At present, a split up rumor surfaced afterward on, suggesting that the Pixel 4a may cost even less. The 128GB storage variant of the device with 4GB of RAM (base model), is rumored to starting time at only $349, that’s $l less than the initial rumor suggested.

The Pixel 4a volition be aircraft to consumers in… October?!

The information regarding the phone’southward availability is not however entirely clear. Several rumors surfaced. May 22 was discovered in the database of Vodafone Germany a while back. A separate rumor claims that the device will not be launching until June. That goes for the U.s. launch, which will be get-go no affair what way y’all spin things. A tertiary rumor, and most recent one, says that the Pixel 4a launch has been delayed. The telephone is now expected to get in on July xiii, and become available old in August or even perchance in October.

The Pixel 4a was supposed to launch during Google I/O, but the launch appointment has been moved. The phone will probably launch on July 13, while the time it will go on auction is withal a mystery. If nosotros had to guess, we’d say it’s coming in July, the just question is, when. The device may even launch with a Pixel five name instead, if a recent rumor is to be believed. Based on the leaks, the Google Pixel 4a will ship in at least three color options. The phone volition exist available in Merely Blackness, Barely Bluish, and Clearly White colors. Google may introduce some additional color options, though.

Pixel Watch Leaked Battery Specs Cellular Models Flagship

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