Microsoft Defender For Business Now Available As Standalone Product

Happy National Small Business Week1
in the United States! Modest and medium businesses (SMBs) are the bedrock of our economy, representing xc pct of businesses and more than 50 percent of employment worldwide.2
As nosotros celebrate their innovation and contributions this week, it’south important to acknowledge the increased cyber risks they face as they embrace hybrid work and new digital concern models, along with the emergence of cyberattacks as a service.

Increased security concerns with the changing SMB mural

Microsoft surveyed more than 150 small and medium businesses in the United States in Apr 2022 to ameliorate understand the irresolute SMB security needs.iii

More than lxx percent of SMBs said cyberthreats are condign more of a business concern gamble. With nearly one in four SMBs stating that they had a security breach in the last twelvemonth, they take reason to be concerned. In fact, there has been a more than than 300 percent increase in ransomware attacks, of which more than half were directed at small businesses.iv

Despite facing similar risks equally enterprises, SMBs often lack admission to the correct resources and tools. Many SMBs notwithstanding rely on traditional antivirus solutions for their security. Although 80 pct of SMBs state they have some form of antivirus solution, 93 pct continue to take concerns about the increasing and evolving cyberattacks—with phishing, ransomware, and data protection being top of listen.

What makes SMBs specially vulnerable is that they oft have fewer resources and lack specialized security staff. In fact, less than half of the SMBs surveyed have a dedicated IT security person in-house, and SMBs cite a lack of specialized security staff equally their peak security risk factor. Sophisticated enterprise security solutions are often prohibitively complex or too expensive—or both.

Delivering on security for all to help protect SMBs

At Microsoft Ignite, we shared our vision for
security for all
, believing that pocket-size and medium businesses should take affordable access to the same level of protection as enterprises. Today, we’re excited to take that vision a pace further with the general availability of the standalone version of Microsoft Defender for Business. Defender for Business brings enterprise-course endpoint security to SMBs, including endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities, with the ease of use and the pricing that minor concern customers and their partners expect.

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Microsoft Defender for Concern is already included as part of Microsoft 365 Concern Premium, our comprehensive security and productivity solution for businesses with up to 300 employees. Customers can at present purchase Defender for Business as a standalone solution. Server support will exist coming afterwards this year with an add-on solution.

Five reasons to choose Microsoft Defender for Business including: Enterprise-grade device protection, ease of use, cost-effective, top-rated security vendor, and flexible licensing.

Enterprise-grade security to protect against ransomware and other cyberthreats

To protect against the increasing volume and sophistication of cyberattacks such as ransomware, SMBs need elevated security. Many SMBs still rely on traditional antivirus, which provides only a unmarried layer of protection past matching against signatures to protect against known threats. With Defender for Business, y’all get multi-layered protection, detection, and response, spanning the five phases of the National Institute of Standards and Engineering science (NIST) cybersecurity framework—identify, protect, detect, answer, and recover—to protect and remediate confronting known and unknown threats. Allow’s wait at the capabilities in detail:


  • Threat and vulnerability management
    helps you to prioritize and focus on the weaknesses that pose the virtually urgent and highest risk to your business. By discovering, prioritizing, and remediating software vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, y’all can proactively build a secure foundation for your surround.


  • Attack surface reduction
    options help to minimize your assault surface (like the places that your company is vulnerable to cyberattacks beyond your devices and applications), leaving bad actors with fewer ways to perform attacks.
  • Next-generation protection
    helps to forbid and protect confronting threats at your front door with antimalware and antivirus protection—on your devices and in the deject.

Detect and respond

  • Endpoint detection and response
    provides behavioral-based detection and response alerts so yous can identify persistent threats and remove them from your environment.


  • Machine-investigation and remediation
    help to calibration your security operations by examining alerts and taking immediate action to resolve attacks for you. By reducing alert volume and remediating threats, Defender for Business organization allows you to prioritize tasks and focus on more sophisticated threats.

Built for SMBs, easy to use, and cost-constructive

Nosotros designed Defender for Business keeping the needs of SMBs in mind.

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Because IT admins for SMB customers and partners are often juggling many roles at once, we wanted to provide a solution that was easy to set upwards and could detect and remediate threats automatically so y’all get time back to focus on running your business. Defender for Business organization comes with built-in policies to become y’all upwards and running quickly. We’ve too included a simplified magician-based onboarding for Windows devices. Additional simplification for macOS, Android, and iOS is on the roadmap.

With automatic investigation and remediation, we practice the type of piece of work handled by a defended Security Operations (SecOps) squad past continuously detecting and automatically remediating nearly threats.

For Martin & Zerfoss, an independent insurance agency, security was tiptop of listen. Partner Kite Engineering Group recommended Defender for Concern: “With Microsoft Defender for Concern, nosotros’re able to bring enterprise-grade security protection to our small and midsize business customers. We can now come across their electric current security requirements and ready them for any comes tomorrow,” said Adam Atwell, Cloud Solutions Architect, Kite Applied science Group.

He adds, “Automated investigation and remediation is a huge role of the product [because] it’s just happening in the background. Microsoft Defender for Business organization makes our security so simple.”

Benefits of Defender for Business for partners

SMBs often plow to partners for securing their Information technology environments, and rightly and so. Nosotros recognize that securing SMB customers frequently means providing partners with tools to help them secure their customers efficiently.

Defender for Business and Microsoft 365 Business organization Premium give partners new opportunities to help secure customers at calibration with value-add managed services. Both solutions integrate with Microsoft 365 Lighthouse, made generally available on March i, 2022, so Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners can view security incidents across tenants in a unified portal. WeSafe It, a CSP partner from Sweden, was an early adopter of Defender for Concern in Business organization Premium with Microsoft 365 Lighthouse. The company institute that the integrated solution brought it comprehensive customer value and the ability to increase automation and earnings.

“Nosotros’ve found no other solution similar Microsoft 365 Business organisation Premium that manages such a complete span of functionality for small- to medium-sized businesses at anywhere well-nigh the cost or flexibility,” said Martin Liljenberg, Chief Engineering science Officer and co-founder, WeSafe. “From a partner perspective, it’s intuitive and effortless to employ to customer environments. MSPs that take advantage of Defender for Business tin can increase automation and earnings while providing their SMB customers ameliorate security and service.”

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Nosotros’re as well pleased to announce integrations of Remote Monitoring and Direction (RMM) tools that managed service provider partners often use to secure their customers at scale. Datto RMM’southward integration with Microsoft Defender for Business organisation is now available for partners. ConnectWise RMM integration with Microsoft Intune and Microsoft 365 Business organization Premium is coming soon.

Microsoft Defender for Business organization and Microsoft 365 Business organisation Premium are available from a variety of Microsoft Cloud Partners, including some of the most recognized names in the manufacture, such every bit ALSO, Crayon, Ingram Micro, Pax8, and TD Synnex.

For more than details on the partner opportunity and benefits of Defender for Business organization and Microsoft 365 Concern Premium, see our partner blog post.

Meet how Microsoft Defender for Concern can help your business

If you piece of work for a modest or medium business, try Defender for Business for yourself to see how the solution can benefit your company or attain out to your partner for more data. You’ll too find more details in our TechCommunity blog. Partners can cheque out the Microsoft Partner weblog and join our webinar on May v, 2022.

To learn more about Microsoft Security solutions, visit our website. Bookmark the Security blog to continue up with our expert coverage on security matters. Also, follow us at @MSFTSecurity for the latest news and updates on cybersecurity.

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Microsoft Defender For Business Now Available As Standalone Product