At Long Last Black Mirror Is Returning And Netflix Is Planning Some Big Changes

At long final! Blackness Mirror is returning and Netflix is planning some big changes

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It’south been three years since the 5th season of Black Mirror debuted on Netflix, and word on the sixth flavor has been very serenity… but we finally have some news.

According to Variety,

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Netflix has begun casting the testify’southward 6th season, though no names are linked with the series equally yet.

The study also details that creator Charlie Brooker and Netflix
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are operating on a grander vision for this new batch, which is set up to have more episodes than 2022’south three-episode run, and promises that they will be “even more cinematic in scope, with each instalment being treated as an individual film.” Colour us excited.

Brooker has been tight-lipped on what’s side by side for Blackness Mirror in recent months. His nigh contempo release has been Cat Infiltrator
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, which was released on Netflix earlier this yr. The bear witness is an interactive, sometime school Hanna-Barbera mode cartoon, where the viewer answers questions to assistance a baby-sit dog named Peanut protect a priceless work of art from a cat burglar named Rowdy.

It was Brooker’due south 2nd interactive effort for Netflix, later on he pioneered a choose-your-ain adventures way feel with his Black Mirror
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 spin-off Bandersnatch.

At present though, it seems he’s back focused on his day job, which is peculiarly welcome every bit the last fourth dimension Brooker discussed Black Mirror with the Radio Times
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back in 2020, he cast doubt on whether the show would ever return, saying: “At the moment, I don’t know what stomach there would be for stories about societies falling apart, and so I’m not working away on 1 of those. I’yard sort of bully to revisit my comic skill set up, and then I’ve been writing scripts aimed at making myself laugh.”

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Thankfully he’s changed his heed and we can look frontwards to Black Mirror’southward sixth season.

Analysis: Will Black Mirror work as a feature-length offering?

Since their departure from Channel iv for Netflix in 2015, Brooker and his producing partner Annabel Jones have enjoyed the benefits of Netflix and its lack of limitations on running times, but they have only gone feature-length twice; once in 2022’s choose-your-own-adventure Bandersnatch, and on Hated In The Nation, the final episode in the show’southward offset run on Netflix.

Even in those two cases, the running fourth dimension hasn’t pushed xc minutes, then if Brooker is feeling “cinematic” in the literal sense of the word, we could be looking at two hours plus. Information technology’s no wonder it’south taken him so long to produce this new season, then.

It’due south strange in one sense, because since his motility to Netflix, y’all’ve never got the sense that Brooker felt inhibited by running times. Some, like the Maxine Peake-led Metalhead, are just 41 minutes, while the classic USS Callister ran to 76 minutes.

If the idea demands two and a one-half hours, let him have it. Every new season of Black Mirror is an event and we tin’t look for it to return.

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At Long Last Black Mirror Is Returning And Netflix Is Planning Some Big Changes