Microsoft Annouces Adaptive Accessories A New Lineup Of Accessiblity Focused Products

It’southward no secret that work and life are speeding up. It’s not uncommon to spend all day in meetings, writing emails, or on the phone, leaving little fourth dimension to focus on what is most important to yous. Many of united states of america have never-ending to-exercise lists and spend time working later hours to consummate pressing tasks. MyAnalytics, your source of personal productivity insights in Microsoft 365, was built to aid with these very challenges—and today it’s getting a refresh.

Via a dashboard, Insights in Outlook, and weekly email digests, MyAnalytics provides insights and AI-powered suggestions to help y’all work smarter. A new MyAnalytics experience—generally available starting today—makes the insights more than outcome-oriented in 4 key areas: focus, wellbeing, network, and collaboration. For example, insights that previously showed you the hours you lot spent on email, chats, calls, and meetings exterior your working hours over the by week now show you the number of days you successfully disconnected subsequently work over the past month. That way, you can set goals and build habits that help you lot reach more than placidity days.

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To make these insights even more than actionable, in the coming quarters, nosotros’ll innovate the ability to create personal plans to make it piece of cake to ready goals and take steps toward improving your piece of work patterns each twenty-four hours. Focus plan volition be the first in this series of MyAnalytics updates. By helping you plan focus fourth dimension on a regular basis to complete your most pressing tasks and limiting distractions, focus plan in MyAnalytics will assist you lot residual collaboration with meaningful output. Today, we’re unveiling the core elements of the focus plan.

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Create a personal focus program

Productivity preferences are dissimilar for anybody, but experts on deep work report that setting bated regular blocks of time to focus on challenging work can have massive benefits. With the focus plan, MyAnalytics will help you establish a daily focus time routine. The focus plan will offering yous the flexibility to have daily focus time booked automatically based on your availability, or surface suggestions to volume focus time manually as you work in Outlook. The automatic booking algorithm will prioritize booking morning hours, if they are open up, so you can be at your peak capacity for tackling challenging analytics tasks.

Maintain your focus routine

If you receive a meeting invite that conflicts with booked focus fourth dimension, Outlook will provide inline suggestions and weekly email digests with actionable messages—making it easy to reschedule the focus time correct from your inbox and maintain your routine.

Email digest shows your week in review, calling out number of days with booked focus time. Also helps plan the next two weeks, highlighting days with no focus times or conflicts.

Make time for outstanding tasks

To help you set bated time for pressing tasks—tasks you promised to consummate for coworkers and tasks they asked y’all to become done—new inline suggestions and adaptive cards in email digests will be introduced in Outlook. These will use AI to surface outstanding tasks from emails, making it seamless for y’all to reserve focus time for them.

Inline suggestion in Outlook highlights an outstanding task for the person user received an email from. User adds the task to an upcoming focus time slot.

Work uninterrupted during focus time

Information worker studies find information technology takes an average of around 23 minutes to return to your original task later on interruptions or self-distractions. To help limit these when you are trying to get deep, meaningful work washed, Microsoft Teams will automatically switch to “Do Not Disturb” during focus time. Your status will be set to “Focus” and you will only get notifications for letters that are urgent or from contacts with priority admission during focus fourth dimension.

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A notification indicates focus time has begun. Teams automatically enters “Do not disturb” state and shows the user’s status set as “Focus.”

We’re on a journey at Microsoft to build technologies that empower you to exercise your best work. Visit the new MyAnalytics personal dashboard and check out the weekly email digests—more often than not bachelor today. They can help you ameliorate understand your electric current piece of work patterns and get actionable insights to prioritize focus, disconnect and recharge, go along up with important contacts and relationships, and improve squad collaboration.

Stay tuned in the coming months for the preview of focus plan to Microsoft 365 and Role 365 Enterprise customers who have MyAnalytics as part of the E5 program, as an add together-on to E1 and E3, or with Workplace Analytics. Over fourth dimension, focus plan will become bachelor with additional plans that have business hosted email (Commutation Online).

Microsoft Annouces Adaptive Accessories A New Lineup Of Accessiblity Focused Products