Bt Tests Quantum Radio Receivers That Could Boost 5g Coverage

BT announced a trial of a new hyper-sensitive breakthrough antenna technology using excited atomic states that could boost the capability of next generation 5G and IoT networks.

Atomic Radio Frequency (RF) receiver technology represents a revolutionary new way of detecting radio waves that could detect much weaker signals than conventional receivers, BT https://world wide stated.

The receiver works by using a quantum issue called “electromagnetically induced transparency” to form a highly sensitive electric field detector. BT said its trial represents the commencement time a digitally-encoded message has been received on a three.6GHz (5G) carrier frequency. Previously, simple sound has been received using much higher frequencies but this trial is the first industrial demonstration using digital modulation within a primary commercial 5G frequency range.

BT went on to say that this new type of receiver may reduce mobile network energy consumption, enable Internet of Things (IoT) devices to become more cost efficient and longer lasting and support lower-toll smart cities and smart agriculture.

Theoretically over 100x more sensitive than traditional receivers, the atomic RF Receiver can be positioned in a passive optical receiver in hard-to-achieve locations, potentially bringing mobile networks closer to achieving 1 hundred percent coverage and helping to close the connectivity split, the company claimed.

While the technology is yet in the very early on stages, it has the potential to provide greater sensitivity than conventional radio antennas, tuneable performance from very depression frequencies, detection of counterpart and digital modulation, and low free energy consumption through reduced demand for electronics. The new technology could in future form the basis of ultra-sensitive 5G receivers for use in very low power passive mobile networks, BT alluded.

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BT says that researchers at its Labs in Martlesham are now working to miniaturise the equipment and observe the optimum RF modulation and bespeak processing for potential utilise in future generations of radio networks.

BT chief technology officer Howard Watson said: “BT’due south investment in cutting edge R&D plays a central role in ensuring the United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland remains a network technology leader.

“Our programme has huge potential to heave the performance of our next generation EE network and deliver an fifty-fifty better service to our customers. Although it’south early on days for the technology, we’re proud to exist playing an instrumental role in developing cutting edge scientific discipline”.

BT brash that it has also secured a number of patents related to the implementation of the diminutive RF receiver and is the first company to brand use of the applied science to ship a message at 3.6GHz.

Before this year, BT also said that it had its first external publication on its atomic RF Receivers accepted for publication in the prestigious Periodical of Lightwave Technology.


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Bt Tests Quantum Radio Receivers That Could Boost 5g Coverage