Even With Embracers Acquisition Crystal Dynamics Is Still Co Developing Perfect Dark

Xbox studio The Initiative has stated that it will proceed to co-develop Perfect Dark following news that Embracer Grouping is acquiring Crystal Dynamics.

Embracer has agreed to learn Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, Foursquare Enix Montreal and a catalogue of IPs including Tomb Raider for $300 million.

The conquering announcement did not, however, mention what would be happening with Crystal Dynamics’ commitment to assist with development on Xbox’s Perfect Dark reboot.

According to a new tweet by The Initiative, however, it appears that Crystal Dynamics will keep to piece of work on the game following the acquisition.

Perfect Dark – announce trailer

Retweeting a statement from Crystal Dynamics which referred to the acquisition as “a new chapter in our story”, The Initiative confirmed its plans.

“We’re excited to encounter Crystal Dynamics take these next steps with their studio,” information technology said. “Our teams have made great progress in building Perfect Dark together equally co-development partners, and we will be continuing this work with them in their next chapter.”

Xbox signed upward Marvel’southward Avengers and Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics in September 2021 to assistance develop its Perfect Night reboot.

At the fourth dimension, The Initiative tweeted: “Perfect Dark update! We are partnering with Crystal Dynamics, the world-class team behind character-driven games such as Tomb Raider, to bring this first-person spy thriller to a new generation.”

However, VGC reported in March that The Initiative has seen a “fast and furious” wave of senior departures in the past 12 months.

Every bit much as half of the core development team known to be working on the upcoming Perfect Dark reboot quit the company during the final yr.

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The Initiative says Crystal Dynamics will still co-develop Perfect Dark following Embracer’s acquisition
Development on Perfect Nighttime is claimed to have been “painfully” deadening.

That includes about of The Initiative’s senior design team, including game director Dan Neuburger, blueprint director Drew Murray, lead level designer Chris O’Neill, primary earth builder Jolyon Myers, two senior system designers, a group of three sometime God of War designers and more.

Perfect Nighttime’s two most senior writers also recently quit, analysis shows, forth with the project’s technical director, tech fine art director, lead gameplay engineer, atomic number 82 animator, QA lead and more than.

The timing of the departures coincides with the September 2021 proclamation that Crystal Dynamics had been signed to co-develop Perfect Nighttime.

This, combined with the few chore roles currently advertised at The Initiative, suggests that the Tomb Raider programmer is likely taking a much stronger pb than first thought on the project.

Interviews with multiple former senior developers cited a lack of creative autonomy and slow development progress as the reason for their departures, and described the wave of exits as “fast and furious” with project momentum said to be “heavily afflicted”.

The Initiative’southward management told VGC information technology’s confident in the team it has in place, and new talent joining, and pointed to industry-broad staffing challenges during the Covid-nineteen pandemic.

“Information technology’south no pocket-sized task to build a studio and reinvent a beloved franchise,” studio head Darrell Gallagher told VGC. “In creating The Initiative, nosotros set out to leverage co-development partnerships to reach our ambitions, and we’re really excited about all the progress we’re seeing with our relationship with Crystal Dynamics.

“In this journey, it’s non uncommon for there to be staffing changes, especially during a time of global upheaval over the last ii years, and there’s plenty more than work in front of u.s. to evangelize a fantastic Perfect Night experience to our players.

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“We wish all our erstwhile colleagues the very all-time, and I’m confident in the team we have in place, the new talent joining, and we can’t wait to share more with the fans.”

Even With Embracers Acquisition Crystal Dynamics Is Still Co Developing Perfect Dark

Source: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/the-initiative-says-crystal-dynamics-will-still-co-develop-perfect-dark-following-embracers-acquisition/