Iphone 14 Pros Best Upgrade Could Also Come To The Iphone 15

We take frequently noticed that many users may want to downgrade to iOS 14 for various reasons when updated to iOS 15. For instance, the apps end working, Wi-Fi gets broken, or poor battery life. This causes a lot of difficulties for me.

Some of the negative furnishings of iOS 15 are photographic camera bug, the finder may exist unresponsible, there may exist issues with auto play connectivity, files may quit unexpectedly. There may be bug with finding the network, there can be issues with the home screen widget, and the SharePlay bulletin can be unavailable.

Merely in this commodity, we volition aid you solve all the higher up problems hands. We volition show you
how to

downgrade from iOS 15 to iOS 14
successfully. Then let us become started.

  • Function one: What should we do before downgrading?
  • Part 2: How to downgrade from iOS 15 to iOS 14?
  • Part iii: Downgrade or upgrade?

Part 1: What should we do before downgrading?

1. Charge your iPhone

Make certain your iPhone is fully charged earlier downgrading as this process may have some fourth dimension, and your phone may get discharged.

ii. Bank check your iPhone’s bachelor storage space

As we all know, downgrading or upgrading iOS requires plenty storage. It would help if you had enough free storage to download dissimilar features.

maintain storage

3. Backup your data

It is of import to backup your data to prevent losing whatever crucial data during the process, so please call up to backup your iPhone or iPad data with iTunes or iCloud. Of form, yous tin can also ask for assistance from a 3rd-political party program. And if you lot are tired of finding the best solution to back up your data, PhysicianFone – Phone Backup (iOS) can surely help for its flexible nature. It is uniform and offers y’all selective fill-in and restore options.

backup data

Part 2: How to downgrade from iOS 15 to iOS 14?

Hither are the steps forth with advantages and disadvantages:

ane. Downgrade iOS 15 with iTunes

You can easily downgrade your iOS xv with iTunes. Since with the use of the iTunes app, you can install downloaded firmware files on your devices, so this feature allows you to install an older version of iOS firmware on your phone. Then, y’all can downgrade your phone to your preferred version. If you lot wonder how to downgrade iOS 15 with iTunes, you will find all the information here.

Hither are the steps:

Step 1: First of all, you need to visit the
IPSW website
in society to search for the firmware that best matches your iOS device model. Please select the firmware version that you wish in your device to be downgraded. Download it now.

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find my iphone

Step 2: On your PC now, open “iTunes” app. Afterward that, accept your iOS device and using the lightening cable, connect it with the PC.

Step three: Now, in the iTunes interface, simply hit the “Restore iPhone” push button and concur the shift button on your keyboard. For Mac users, you need to use the Option central to concord information technology while clicking the “Restore iPhone” button.

restore iphone

Footstep 4: Finally, navigate to the place where yous have downloaded the
IPSW firmware
and choose it. It is ready to be installed on your device. When you see that the firmware is installed, your iOS device volition be downgraded.

Just the downside of downgrading iOS fifteen with iTunes is that all your data stored on your device will be deleted. Besides, the firmware that yous wish to install should exist signed past Apple. It is not possible to install non-signed firmware on your iPad or iPhone.

So, if yous are wondering how to downgrade iOS fifteen without iTunes, and then hither are the steps:

2. Downgrade from iOS xv to iOS 14 without iTunes

Footstep i: Disable “Discover My iPhone”

For this, you just demand to head to the iPhone “Settings,” followed past the proper noun at the pinnacle of the screen. Look for the “Find My” selection and select “Find My iPhone. Enter the Apple ID and countersign when asked and turn off the Notice My iPhone characteristic.

find my iphone

Step two: Download the Correct Restore Image

You can download the right restore image for the older that yous are willing to downgrade to and for your telephone model.

Step three: Connect your iOS device with your reckoner

After the download is done, get your iOS device connected with your PC via a USB cable.

connect iphone to pc

Step four: Open up finder at present

Suppose y’all are using

macOS10.15 or later or macOs Big Sur xi.0

or subsequently. If it does not open up automatically on your iOS device, yous may open up the finder app. Now on the name of your iOS device under “Locations” which is in the sidebar.

Step v: The side by side step is to trust the computer

Once yous click on your iOS device, you need to
Trust your PC. For this, you volition see a popular-up on your iPhone asking you to trust. Tap on “Trust” and enter the passcode. This step is of import. Otherwise, you won’t be able to become things done correct.

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trust pc

Step 6: Install the older iOS version.

Before yous downgrade, you demand to brand sure if y’all are on the “General” screen. Now, simply hold down the “Option”/”Shift” central and select “Check for Update” or “Restore iPhone.”

downgrade with itunes

Please note:

  • If you choose the former pick, i.eastward., “Cheque for Update,” there volition be no bear upon on your data during the downgrade process. However, the problems may occur subsequently as the downgraded version may bear witness some complication with the features in iPhone.
  • If yous cull the latter option, this will begin the downgrading process from very scratch. Y’all volition need to restore your device with iCloud fill-in later.

One time you decide which option to choose, you will get a pop-upwardly. Here, click on the restore image to complete the process.

If you are thinking about
downgrading from iOS 15 without losing information,

here is the solution.

iii. Use Wondershare Dr.Fone-Sysem Repair to downgrade in a few clicks

Some other convenient fashion to downgrade your device in a few clicks is to use wondershare Dr. Fone – system Repair. This tool tin fix a wide range of issues like white screen, restore iPhone in recovery mode, fixing other iOS problems; information technology will not erase any data while repairing the iOS system issues. The various benefits of information technology are:

    • Information technology fixes your iOS back to normal in unproblematic steps.
    • No need to use iTunes if you want to downgrade the iOS version.
    • Great compatibility with all iOS models and versions.
    • Fixes all the major and minor iOS issues like stuck in Apple logo, black or white screen of death, etc.

This is how you tin can utilise Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS) to downgrade iOS 15 to fourteen.


Please check on


to make certain the compatible firmware is bachelor before downgrading.

Step 1: Install and launch

Firstly, download the tool from its official website and launch information technology once installed completely. At present, choose “System Repair” from the main window.

home page

Step two: Connect device

After that, connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on to your calculator with its lightning cable. When Dr. Fone notices your iOS device, you can see two options: Standard Mode and Avant-garde Mode.

The Standard Mode assists y’all in resolving various iOS issues with ease without the fear of data loss. However, with the Advanced Manner, severe problems can be fixed. In order to go the downgrading thing washed, we will opt for Standard Way.

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repair models

Pace 3: Start the procedure

You will run across the device info on the PC screen. Simpl verify it and striking on the “Start” button to move forward.

start to fix

Step four: Start downloading iOS firmware

The tool begins to verify the iOS firmware that your device needs. To downgrade your device’s iOS from fifteen to 14, you need to select the desired firmware package version from the “Select” button. Within a short while, it will begin to download the firmware package y’all selected. Please keep the device connected during the whole process.

download in process

Step v: Firmware verifying

Now the program will begin to verify the firmware.

firmware verifying

Once it is verified, click on “Fix Now.” This way, along with downgrading the iOS, the tool will exist fixing the glitches, if whatever making your device improve than earlier.

fiware download complete

Role 3: Downgrade or upgrade?

We know the level of excitement almost the latest iOS firmware that you take. However, there are chances that the latest iOS version might not be every bit stable every bit iOS 14. And evidently, the dilemma of whether to downgrade or upgrade is eating you up. So, here is a listing of pros and cons for downgrading your iOS 15 to iOS xiv.


  • iOS fourteen is definitely more stable than the latest one.
  • Y’all won’t take to experience any software glitches that might occur in the latest iOS.


  • Yous may lose data if your device is not backed up.
  • You volition not be able to brand use of the latest features of iOS 15.
  • Using an older version of iOS is not always fun.
  • Getting used to the new iOS 15 interface might be slightly uncomfortable.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, we tin can conclude that there are various tools and means through which you can downgrade your iOS fifteen to iOS fourteen. Only some methods are complicated to employ for any not-technical person. At the same time, there are both pros and cons of downgrading iOS 15 with or without iTunes. For example, at that place can exist data loss, or your device may be incompatible with many features.

If y’all want to downgrade your device without whatever bug and with simple clicks, then wondershare Dr. Fone – System Repair is highly recommended where yous can conveniently downgrade your iOS 15 with just a few clicks. Besides, it tin fix issues in standard mode, advanced mode, with many other benefits.

Iphone 14 Pros Best Upgrade Could Also Come To The Iphone 15

Source: https://drfone.wondershare.com/iphone-problems/downgrade-from-ios-15-to-ios-14.html