Soundcores New Speaker Is Loud And Ready For A Dip

With the Soundcore Motility+, Anker aims to take on the tightly competitive Bluetooth speaker market place. While it may not have fancy features such as the ability to charge your phone, or an optical input, the Anker Soundcore Move+ aims to evangelize skilful sound in a waterproof and portable package for everyday use.

Is this the best no-nonsense Bluetooth speaker, or should you stick to the tried and true from JBL, Sonos, and Bose? We spent two weeks with the Anker Soundcore Motion Plus to aid you decide.

The Motility+ is a great speaker for students, as it’s loud enough for dorm room parties simply durable and portable enough to exist taken out during the day for a lunch picnic. If yous similar to listen to lossless audio via a wired connection and likewise want an on-the-go speaker, the Anker Soundcore Motion+ is a skilful option due to its 3.5mm aux input.

What’south it like to use the Anker Soundcore Motion+?

Anker Soundcore Motion+ buttons to control music playback.

Buttons on the top of the speaker command music playback and device connection.

Weighing in at just over a kilogram, the Anker Soundcore Motility+ is not the most portable Bluetooth speaker. It’due south still small enough to fit in a haversack, merely I adopt to use it at dwelling. The wired and Bluetooth connectivity options provide easy mobility betwixt a variety of rooms and devices, and the size of the speaker means it easily gets loud enough for small gatherings and parties.

With an IPX7 rating, the Anker Soundcore Movement+ too makes for a great pool party companion. However, without any dust resistance, you’ll want to be careful bringing this speaker to a beach. Hikers, bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts should probably look for something smaller like the JBL Clip 4 (which besides has a dust-proof rating).

Anker Soundcore Motion+ in the rain

IPX7 water resistance means you tin listen to your favorite jams in the rain or shower.

The rubberized silicone bankroll of the speaker provides grip for like shooting fish in a barrel conveying in ane hand or stable resting on any flat surface. Meanwhile, the metal grille encasing the speaker components provides a durable and premium experience beyond that of the textile enclosures that encompass many like waterproof speakers.

Unlike speakers with 360-degree sound like the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II, the Anker Soundcore Motion+ only aims audio in a single direction. This ways you lot need to be a petty nitpicky about speaker placement. All the same, you can connect two Motion+ speakers together via wireless stereo pairing, which provides a much louder and more immersive sound.

Y’all can choose from black, blue, and red for this Anker Bluetooth speaker.

How do yous command the Anker Soundcore Motion+?

You lot control this speaker from the Soundcore app or directly with the buttons on the acme of information technology. While not backlit, the buttons protrude from the speaker as clearly identifiable shapes, which makes information technology easy to operate without looking down. We’ve outlined all the dissimilar combinations of push button taps below.

Ability push button Bluetooth button Multifunction logo button Bass button

Single press

Power push

Ability on

Bluetooth button

Connect to device

Multifunction logo button

Play/interruption, or answer/end phone call

Bass push button

Activate/deactivate increased Bass EQ

Double printing

Power button Bluetooth button Multifunction logo push button

Next song

Bass push button

Triple press

Power button Bluetooth push button Multifunction logo push

Previous vocal

Bass button

Press and hold

Power push button

Power off

Bluetooth button

Enter stereo pairing mode

Multifunction logo button

Switch audio source between telephone and speaker, or end call

Bass button

Activate voice banana

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Should you download the Soundcore app?

The Soundcore app (iOS/Android) feel for the Motion+ is relatively simple, though information technology provides key features like an equalizer and firmware updates. Anker includes a option of EQ presets inside the app, including the bass boost preset. In fact, you lot can chop-chop trigger the bass boost mode from a push button on the speaker. There’south also a fully custom 9-band blaster built into the app, and then you tin can tweak the sound of the speaker to your verbal liking.

At that place’s not much else to experience within the app, though that may be a good matter. Y’all probably don’t desire to exist digging effectually countless menus while on the go anyways.

What Bluetooth codecs does the Anker Soundcore Move+ back up?

The Anker Soundcore Motion+ uses Bluetooth v.0 with SBC and aptX support. In theory, Bluetooth v.0 supports a connexion range up to 243m, but you’re unlikely to e’er hit this metric. Still, yous don’t take to worry about connexion dropouts with the Anker Soundcore Movement+, especially inside a standard 10m range even with physical barriers. The aptX Bluetooth codec offers superior transfer rates compared to SBC, though Apple devices can’t use it.

You tin can e’er employ the fallback 3.5mm connection instead, assuming your telephone has a headphone jack or y’all take a dongle.

Yep! To enable Bluetooth multipoint, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the speaker to your first device past clicking the
    Bluetooth push
    on the speaker and “pairing” in your telephone’s Bluetooth settings.
  2. And so, press the
    Bluetooth push button
    on the speaker over again to pair to your second device.
  3. Once connected to your 2nd device, the speaker will disconnect from the first device.
  4. When y’all go back into the Bluetooth settings on your first device and click on the speaker, it will re-pair to your first device.
  5. The speaker is now paired to both of your devices via Bluetooth multipoint.

How long does the bombardment last on the Anker Soundcore Motion+?

Anker Soundcore Motion+ charging port

A flap protects the charging port from water damage.

Anker promises 12 hours of battery life with the Soundcore Motion+, which is slightly less than the top contest at this price point. However, in our battery examination of abiding music playback peaking at 75dB(SPL), the speaker lasted 16 hours and 13 minutes. Seems Anker has taken an under-promise and over-evangelize approach, which means you don’t have to worry about running out of charge during a mean solar day trip with this speaker.

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It takes approximately four hours to charge the speaker using the included USB-C cable. There is no fast charging with the Soundcore Motion Plus.

How does the Anker Soundcore Movement+ audio?

A chart depicts the frequency response for the Anker Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth speaker, revealing its non-existent sub-bass and slightly under-emphasized bass relative to the mids and treble.

Like other standalone portable speakers, the Motion+ has a hard time reproducing sub-bass frequencies but does a proficient chore with mids and treble.

Out of the box (nautical chart above), the speaker leaves most sub-bass notes absent from the mix with a narrow 5dB boost from 55-100Hz relative to the crimson dotted line representing the ideal. This small boost is pretty normal for a portable speaker and necessary given how frequencies below 50Hz are virtually non-existent. It’due south quite difficult for whatever portable speaker of this size to reproduce those depression frequencies at a reasonable volume.

Since the Anker Soundcore Motility+ features a fully custom EQ within the Soundcore app, you can adjust the sound of the speaker to your liking. The speaker has dual tweeters and woofers angled upwards at a 15-degree angle to projection the sound up and out. The maximum volume is loud enough for a minor indoor or outdoor political party—in most listening instances I rarely accept to increment the volume above 50%.

Lows, mids, and highs

A chart depicts the frequency response for the Anker Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth speaker with the Bass Up EQ enabled, which is preferable for outdoor listening.

Most consumers will probably prefer the “BassUp” EQ, and it’s a must if yous’re outside.

Clicking the “BassUp” button on the speaker, or simply increasing the depression-frequency response within the EQ, provides a more enjoyable music listening experience for bass heads. With “BassUp” enabled, 55-100Hz frequencies will sound 10-15dB louder than mids that range from 200-600Hz. This may seem extreme but it makes it easier for you to hear bass lines over the sound of wind or traffic. You lot still won’t experience the deep rumbles of a Hans Zimmer track like you would with a dedicated sub-woofer speaker setup though.

When you plough on “BassUp,” the Anker Soundcore Movement+ slightly under-emphasizes treble (3kHz and higher), which leaves hi-hats and other cymbals sounding quiet in tracks such as
by Milky Run a risk. Still, this is easy plenty to remedy with a slight heave to the highest frequency bands within the Soundcore equalizer.

Can you utilize the Anker Soundcore Motion+ for telephone calls?

The Anker Soundcore Motion+ has a microphone located adjacent to the “BassUp” button on the top of the speaker, which you can utilise to answer calls without your phone. Your voice won’t audio very clear to the person on the other end of the call, especially if y’all aren’t shut to and straight facing the speaker, though this is pretty typical for this type of product.

Anker Soundcore Move+ microphone demo (Ideal):

Anker Soundcore Motion+ microphone demo (Street):

How does this microphone sound to you?

29 votes

Should you purchase the Anker Soundcore Move+?

Anker Soundcore Motion+ on ledge

The Anker Soundcore Motility+ is a fun speaker to apply, and doesn’t completely break the bank.

The Anker Soundcore Motion+ is one of the all-time jack-of-all-trades Bluetooth speakers y’all tin buy. Information technology doesn’t have a unmarried standout characteristic, but it’southward good at pretty much everything that matters. Speakers from competitors may exist more durable, louder, sound improve, or more than portable, but none bring together as complete a package equally Anker has with the Soundcore Movement+.

Beyond a solid design and good sound, Anker throws in tons of bonus features such equally Bluetooth multipoint, aptX, a custom EQ, a microphone with vocalism assistant support, and stereo pairing. The fact that you can at present observe the speaker on sale for around $100 USD makes the Anker Soundcore Move+ a no-brainer.

We similar the Motility Plus for its aptX back up, 3.5mm audio input for wired playback, and its integrated microphone. Yous don’t get any of these things with the JBL Flip 6. Nevertheless, the Flip vi does accept an IP67 rating, 360-degree audio, and passive bass radiators for optimal bass output.

Similar many JBL speakers, you lot can find the Flip vi for $129 USD only it occasionally dips below that around the holidays or general auction seasons.

(Click the image to expand.)

What should yous get instead of the Anker Soundcore Motion+?

JBL Charge 5 resting on a wooden step with deer antlers next to it.

The Charge 5 is a peachy take a chance companion.

For but a niggling more coin, you could get the JBL Charge 5 instead. This Bluetooth speaker has an IP67 rating for total water and grit protection, loud sound, and the ability to charge your phone using the speaker’s massive battery. However, you volition have to compromise on its lack of a microphone and inability to play music wired.

If you love the Anker brand simply aren’t sold on the Soundcore Motion+, there are a couple of other speakers worth checking out. The Anker Motion Boom is best for rugged adventures, with its carrying handle and ability to bladder. Then at that place’s the Anker Soundcore 3, which is smaller and quieter simply costs only half as much as the Soundcore Motion+. You lot tin likewise check out our full listing of the best Bluetooth speakers to find the perfect speaker for your needs.

Oftentimes asked questions about the Anker Soundcore Motion+

Follow these directions to pair two Motion+ speakers together:

  1. Beginning, plough both speakers on.
  2. Then, printing the Bluetooth button on both speakers at the aforementioned time for five-viii seconds until the Bluetooth light flashes white.
  3. Release the Bluetooth button for both speakers and wait a couple of seconds for the speakers to pair together.
  4. Once a connection is established, you lot’re ready to go.

Connect the speaker to your device and printing “Update Firmware” within the app. The speaker will restart twice during the update process, so concord tight until the app says the update is complete.

Soundcores New Speaker Is Loud And Ready For A Dip