Witcher Devs Team Up With Dying Light 2 Studio For New Fantasy Rpg

Techland has announced that it is working on a new open world game. But this has nothing to do with Dying Light and Zombies.

Zombies, parkour and a gripping story. That would probably be the starting time thing that would come to mind about Dying Low-cal 2. In the development studio’south latest project, at least the kickoff ii points are probably omitted: Techland is working on a new fantasy function-playing game and old developers from The Witcher or Deathloop are working on information technology.

What do we know nigh the new title?

Many unanswered questions: Unfortunately, there’southward not much more info yet. Neither the name nor an guess release engagement is known. Merely information technology will probably exist a long fourth dimension earlier the game is released. Techland still has a few (open job postings) at the moment but many have already been filled with well-known names.

Which developers are involved? For example, Karolina Stachyra and Arkadiusz Borowik, both former developers of The Witcher 2 and 3, are on board. Merely also David McClure, the lead game designer of Deathloop now works at Techland.

This has already been seen

There is only one artwork to run into and so far. The room for interpretation is thus still quite high. The overgrown ruins could, for example, be inspired past Aztec architecture

Pawel Marchewka, CEO of Techland but reveals the following nearly the new project:

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” Nosotros want to create a complete side by side-gen experience. An epic fantasy fix in a thriving open world, powered by the feel and talents we have accumulated equally a team over the last few years. Propelled forwards with new ideas, passion and creativity.

While we tin’t reveal more than details well-nigh our new project just yet, nosotros’re excited to show it to players when the fourth dimension is right “.

The new project volition not be a Hellraid

Later on years of waiting, fans of Techland might perk upwards at this news. After all, the studio announced a very like projection years ago: Hellraid was supposed to be a co-op run a risk with a fantasy twist, in which players faced hordes of hell creatures. There was even some real gameplay. However, the projection was shelved and eventually turned into a DLC of the first Dying Light. This is what Hellraid looked like almost nine years ago:

All the same, the chances of this happening are very slim. Because the project was already revealed some fourth dimension ago and it was already emphasised that the new fantasy project has zip to do with Hellraid and will be an contained matter. You can find more info almost information technology at the US colleagues of (Eurogamer).

What do yous wish for the new game from Techland? And are yous at all peachy on another fantasy open-world? Feel free to write united states of america in the comments.

Witcher Devs Team Up With Dying Light 2 Studio For New Fantasy Rpg

Source: https://www.global-esports.news/general/fantasy-role-playing-game-developers-of-dying-light-and-witcher-are-working-on-new-open-world/