The Future Games Show Returns With Exclusive Announcements This June

Future Games Show Powered past Mana to broadcast summertime showcase on June 11

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GamesRadar+ is delighted to announce that our flagship digital gaming showcase the Future Games Evidence Powered by Mana will return on Saturday, June 11 – bringing you lot fresh trailers and insights from the about exciting games of 2022 and across.

You’ll exist able to tune into the Future Games Show at 12PM PST / 3PM EDT / 8PM BST on Saturday, June 11.

The Time to come Games Show – and sister event The PC Gaming Show
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– will class a double-header of gaming events that have identify during the weekend of June 11-12. The PC Gaming Show volition air at 12PM PST / 3PM EDT / 8PM BST on Sunday, June 12, exactly 24 hours after the Future Games Show.

E3 is taking a vacation until 2023, but Time to come Games Show Powered by Mana
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is part of a packed (long) weekend of gaming showcases, which starts with Geoff Keighley’s Summertime Game Fest broadcast on Thursday, June 9, with daily events leading upwardly to Xbox and Bethesda’s hotly-anticipated show on Sunday, June 12. You can check out our regularly updated E3 2022 schedule right here for showtimes and info.

Our very own Future Games Bear witness Powered by Mana volition headline an eclectic day of programming on Sabbatum, June eleven that includes Guerrilla Collective
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and Wholesome Games Direct
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“The Futurity Games Prove is focused on helping fans discover something new with a hand-picked selection of multi-format games that deserve your attention”, says Future Games Show’s content director Dan Dawkins. “We’ve featured over 200 games since our debut show in June 2020, including rhythm-action shooters, a canary-bird postal-service management sim, and a tactical vacuum action game with a 90s’ boy band soundtrack.”

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Read on for details on how to watch the Future Games Testify Powered by Mana on June 11 and how to join our official co-streamer program.

What is the Time to come Games Show?

FGS Summer 2022

(Epitome credit: Future)

The Time to come Games Show is GamesRadar’s flagship games showcase, which has featured over 250 games from publishers including Frontier Foundry, Sony, Foursquare Enix, Warner Bros. Games, Team17, Sega, Ubisoft, Devolver and many more developers from around the world across all formats and genres.

Our multiformat games circulate spans PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile and PC, and has reached over 200 million viewers over vi shows since its debut in June 2020.

The event is circulate live on Twitch
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, YouTube
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, Facebook
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and all major streaming platforms, and hosted past famous video-game voice actors. Previous show hosts include Ashly Burch and John Macmillan (Horizon Forbidden West), Nolan North and Emily Rose (Uncharted), David Hayter and Debi Mae-Due west (Metallic Gear Solid) and Troy Baker and Laura Bailey (The Terminal of U.s.a. 2).

On March 24 we debuted the Future Games Show: Bound Showcase, our first show of 2022 hosted by Horizon Forbidden West stars Ashly Burch and John Macmillan. The i-hour broadcast delivered over fifty games across a wide diversity of genres, including never-before-seen videos for Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Death Stranding Director’s Cut on PC, and Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn; plus 8 world exclusives, including The Outbound Ghost, Turbo Golf Racing and the adorable LEGO: Bricktales.

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You lot tin find out everything you demand to know about the
Future Games Bear witness
right here and watch highlights from previous shows.

How to picket the Futurity Games Show

Future Games Show Steam

The Future Games Prove is circulate on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and all major streaming platforms, including Steam.

(Image credit: Future)

The Future Games Prove Powered past Mana volition broadcast on:

  • Future Games Show Powered by Mana
  • Saturday, June xi, 2022
  • Broadcast begins: 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm BST

Y’all can watch time to come events by subscribing to GamesRadar’s Twitch
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, our Facebook
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page, YouTube
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channel, Twitter
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, and the website,
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How to bring together the Future Games Show official co-streamer program

FGS Spring Showcase

(Paradigm credit: Futurity)

The Future Games Show has launched a co-streamer program for 2022, with benefits including:

  • Official co-streamer asset pack
  • A chance to be listed on GamesRadar as an official co-streaming partner and appear via the FGS social channels
  • Early access to testify partner information and announcements
  • A chance to enter VIP co-streamer programs with trade and game codes from featured partners

How to accept part in the Future Games Bear witness

LEGO Bricktales screenshot

LEGO Bricktales made its world-premiere at the Hereafter Games Show Spring Showcase on March 24.

(Epitome credit: Thunderful Games)

Nominations for the Future Games Prove Powered by Mana on June 11 are now closed, but we’d love to hear about what you lot’re working on for potential inclusion in our next show the Future Games Show @Gamescom in August 2022.

The Futurity Games Evidence is a fantastic way to debut your unannounced game, share new information well-nigh an existing championship, and reach new audiences. The Future Games Show has reached over 200 million viewers to engagement, with many titles seeing huge increases in Steam wishlists from appearing in the evidence.

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Where you’re working on an Indie game, a AAA blockbuster, or something in between, we want to showcase the most exciting and innovative games of 2022 and beyond, with all titles considered for broadcast.

Developers can nominate their game past filling in the

Future Games Prove 2022 nomination form

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or getting in touch on via the addresses below:

To accept part in the Future Games Show please contact:

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– Content Director
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– Executive Producer

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– Commercial Lead (United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland)
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– Commercial Lead (US)

Stay tuned for more Future Games Prove info

Proceed your eyes on the

Future Games Evidence Twitter

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channel, the ideal way to stay up to date with show announcements, and go far touch if you’d like to take office.

Don’t forget to follow the

GamesRadar+ Twitter

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channel for major FGS updates and check out exclusive previews and hands-on reports from the show.

We’ll be back next week with news of our Hereafter Games Show Powered by Mana hosts, and it’s safe to expect more big names from the world of video-game voice acting… merely who?

Stay tuned to


for some exciting Hereafter Games Show partner announcements and hosting details over the following weeks

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The Future Games Show Returns With Exclusive Announcements This June