One Of The Most Annoying Xbox Series X Problems Has Now Been Solved

One of the most annoying Xbox Serial X problems has now been solved

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A new Xbox Series 10 update is on the style that addresses i of the console’s most abrasive problems: games not launching properly when they crave an update.

Xbox Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead Insiders volition now be prompted immediately when an Xbox Series X game needs an update, which means you shouldn’t see the all-likewise-common issue that rudely boots you lot back to the dashboard, or have to launch a game multiple times earlier the update prompt appears.

That’s a huge improvement over the current state of affairs as it tin can take up to 15 seconds for the Xbox to testify a user that an update is prepare and needs to install. The problem, it seems, was that the notification wouldn’t show upwards until the console had determined the size of the update, hence the filibuster. Now, though, users volition be notified that a game needs an update right away, and the file size will follow along shortly.

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This isn’t the first Xbox Series X update that improves the way the console handles game updates. The console now scans your game library quicker for updates when in ‘My Games & Apps’, meaning titles should appear sooner.

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If yous’re interested in condign an Xbox Insider, it’s easy to get involved. But download the Xbox Insider Hub app
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, which is available on Xbox I, Xbox Serial X|South, and PC. Better still, you don’t need to opt-in for each preview going, you lot can choose which ones y’all’re interested in.

Some previews aren’t available to all Insiders, either, as there are five “rings” by which Insiders are classified: Alpha Skip-Ahead, Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Omega. You lot’ll besides probable run into bugs and issues as part of existence an Insider, as you’re testing beta features, after all. You can find out more on the official FAQ
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One of the best things about modern-day consoles and gaming hardware, in general, is that manufacturers go on to improve a production after launch via organisation updates. The PS5 has recently received VRR support and Nintendo Switch got an update that fans have waited v years to meet.

The Xbox Series X|S take both continued to receive notable improvements, too, such as support for Dolby Vision gaming and pleasing audio upgrades.

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One Of The Most Annoying Xbox Series X Problems Has Now Been Solved