Playing Support In Overwatch 2 Feels Bad Blizzard Promises To Make It Better

Blizzard intends to beefiness up support heroes in Overwatch 2 after the role was abandoned in the cold, Blizzard said in a developer blog.

The Overwatch 2 beta brought with it a massive reworking of Tank and DPS Heroes. Every bit part of the change to the game’s 5v5 format, the tanks take been replaced, with only one now appearing on each team. Meanwhile, DPS players constitute a new hero in Sojourn, and reunited in Bastion and Sombra. On top of that, harm heroes are fun to play and now have a huge impact on matches.

Supports, on the other mitt, have a plethora of things to exercise. They’ve been hit hard in almost every way they’ve shifted to Overwatch two. With ane less tank on the field, they have less protection than DPS heroes, and none of them saw significant changes. Whoever did, Brigitte saw her best utility – her shield stun – stripped. Support is still powerful heroes who can take a massive touch on matches, but everything about playing them right at present is a lot tougher, and they feel more vulnerable.

Considering of this, the queues on roles such as Tank and DPS are much college than support. In a weekly developer weblog, Blizzard acknowledged this, saying: “We have as well seen an increase in queue times for tank and damage players, as those roles have been relatively more popular versus back up roles during this examination. We players empathise the demand to make sports support more engaging.”

Further downwards in the post, the development team said that the best way to combat this is with new heroes who are on the way.

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“We’ve heard clearly that support players experience that both Tank and Impairment players have more new content to enjoy and explore in this beta. In the long run, we believe that the best way to tackle this outcome is through The effective way is to add together heady new support heroes to the game, and that’s part of our plans.

support for back up

While things like new heroes volition take time to emerge, it looks like there are plans to make supports more engaging to play. The best office is that we may run into some pretty radical changes to the support heroes and their abilities during this first beta phase.

It seems some of these ideas are not just moving the sliders for harm or healing numbers, but reworking for abilities. Blizzard says in the post: “In the near term, our Hero Design team is experimenting with pregnant, but shorter atomic number 82 time, ideas, including new and refreshing capabilities for some existing Support Heroes. Might be implemented in beta testing commencement but will be more likely in our side by side testing.”

The first beta of Overwatch 2 is set to end on May 17.

While these more radical changes may not brand the offset examination, working on the pain points is what makes it and then much faster. If anything, this level of advice from the Overwatch 2 team is refreshing, because we’ve had radio silence for so long. Here’south hoping these more frequent updates from the team and players feel more than informed about the game going frontwards.

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Playing Support In Overwatch 2 Feels Bad Blizzard Promises To Make It Better