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AMERICAN IDOL contestant Danny Gokey
spoke with LKL producer Michael Watts.  Part 1 of that conversation was posted yesterday.  To read it, CLICK HERE.  In office ii, Gokey talks about Kris’due south victory, the loss of his wife, hereafter plans, and those trademark spectacles

Melinda Doolittle, season vi finalist, has also blogged for usa.  CLICK Here to see her thoughts.

Q: What are your thoughts on Kris’s victory?

GOKEY: Well, remember I picked him to win yesterday when we spoke, and here’due south why.  Kris and I accept large fan bases, and we share a like group of fans, so it fabricated sense he would pick up my votes.  If he had lost and I were in the finals, I recollect his fan base would accept gone to me.

Q: Did the right person win?

GOKEY: I think whoever won, America would accept gotten information technology right.  There wasn’t a bad, or wrong choice.

Q: Did you enjoy performing last nighttime?

GOKEY: I loved being part of last nighttime.  I got to sing with Lionel Richie.  For me that was the highlight of the unabridged season. I thoroughly enjoyed that.

Q: Exercise you feel similar your “Idol” experience is complete now?

GOKEY: I exercise feel like my “Idol” experience is complete.  I’chiliad very happy with the season and relieved its over.  At present I’m ready to take my next steps.  This is non the height of my career, information technology’south just a door that opened upwards to it.  I needed to walk through the “Idol” door to get to the rest of my career.

Q:  Looking dorsum on your “Idol” experience, is at that place anything you call back you could take washed differently that would have put you lot in the final two?

GOKEY:  Oh, absolutely.  Absolutely.

Q:  What would that be?

GOKEY:  Exit of my head – simply for me to exit of my caput and stop analyzing things.  I overthought things way as well much.  I look dorsum on it, and I’m like oh my gosh, why did I do this, that, or the other thing?  But the thing is, I’one thousand OK with it, considering I feel similar I overcame a lot in these last 10 months.
DANNY---PR-IMAGE#1--#2E2D2DI call up I overcame so much.  Now, the past is the past.  This evidence has launched me into
my career.  It’s launched me – it’s helped me reach my dreams.  And I tin can’t complain.   I’1000 very
thankful for the feel.  My career is now in my hands and what I tin can learn off of what I feel similar were maybe mistakes on the evidence.  I tin now learn off of that.  I’ve grown as a musician on the testify, and I can become more than of what I want to be.  If you lot ask me, this is where it actually starts to count,
is afterward the show.

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Q:  So it’south where y’all tin can launch yourself into the public eye and stay there?

GOKEY:  Exactly, and that’s the opportunity at hand.  I don’t have to stand on the phase competing against another singer.  That volition never happen to me again. And so, with that force per unit area off, at present the doors of creativity can open up and I can start to express myself and limited my heart in my music, and I won’t have to overanalyze things, considering I’yard going to accept more than time to pour into my music career.  And non simply that, there’s more that I’m going to do than simply music.

Q:  Similar what else?

GOKEY:  Number one priority on my list – I’m going to be meeting with managers to encounter what is going to happen with my music career.  Merely in the meantime, I’m going total forcefulness into my nonprofit organization,
Sophia’s Center Foundation.  The vision inside of me for my music is not simply the music itself, simply it’s also the foundation and how I desire to mix the foundation with the music.  That’s huge to me.  And so, I desire to start a line of glasses, and peradventure somehow the glasses could benefit
the foundation.

Q:  I was going to inquire you nearly those glasses.  What made you do that?  I hateful, that was your trademark on the testify, actually.

GOKEY:  Here’due south what I would do.  I’ve ever loved glasses.  E’er have.  I’ve worn glasses since I was in the fifth grade.  But, you know, I’d never really done – not big with tattoos.  I don’t accept any
piercings, merely I wanted to stand out in my own way.  And and so, I just started getting glasses, and that became my thing.  I came on the show with nearly xv pair, and since the show, at present that I’m off, I have about 50 pair.

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Q:  Was there a vocal that you didn’t get to perform that you lot would have liked to?

GOKEY:  I would have loved to perform “Nevertheless” past Brian McKnight.

Q: Is in that location a vocal you performed on the evidence that you lot wish you hadn’t?

GOKEY:  There were a couple that I wish I didn’t perform.  I wish I didn’t practise “Get Ready.”  I wish I didn’t practise “Dream On.”  Those two songs particularly stick out to me.  But , it’s OK.  Y’all make mistakes along the manner.  You merely go a couple of days to practice your music picks, do your arrangements, acquire the songs and do everything else in between.

Q:  What was your favorite operation.

GOKEY:  Favorite functioning – I had three of them.  “P.Y.T.,” “What Hurts the Almost” and “Y’all Are Then Cute.”

Notation: To run across Danny’s performances from Idol, CLICK HERE.

Q:  What’s next for you lot? I know y’all keep the “Idol” tour, correct?

GOKEY:  Yeah.  Here’s the program for me.  When I’m on tour, I desire to be able to requite the vision of Sophia’s Center Foundation to my employees, to the workers of my company.  And I want them to implement that vision and take the necessary steps to make that vision come to laissez passer.  They’ll do all the leg work, do all the writing, exercise all the meetings, hopefully.  And then I want to work on my album.  I desire to work on writing my own songs, and and then coming up with the plan to set on, and I can work on the album at the same time.  Considering y’all run into, if y’all put the right people in the correct place it will work, considering I carry the vision, but I tin’t implement the vision.  I don’t have plenty time.  Just if they can implement it, I tin just spread the discussion, and they have it from in that location.  Someone else can reach my vision for the foundation, but nobody can be me on the stage.  I can’t have someone else sing my songs and be me.

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Q:  Ane last question.  Did you always remember this would happen to you?  Did you ever see this coming?

GOKEY:  Human.  You know, since I was a kid, I always felt like God had placed something inside my middle?  And I always believed that God was going to practice something cracking in my life.  Just I didn’t know the road that I was going to take to go hither.  And especially losing my wife.  That was the worst thing that I’ve ever been through.  Merely, for the road, I wish there was a dissimilar path.  But I have to say I did believe that there was something great.  Not because of me, merely considering the being that created me is great.  I really give all credit to God, because there’due south nothing special virtually me.  I’m just not that practiced.  But I never would take idea that information technology would take been this way.  And I’m really trying to learn how to take a painful situation and make it gainful.  And that’s what I’g doing.  And I’thou hoping that people, from my situation, have learned a few things about themselves, that possibly they tin push on through things that they don’t like.  Because the i thing that’s been on my middle is that a lot of people are defined by their situations.  They are defined by being a crack addict, or they are defined by their parents having abused them.  But instead of letting my situation define me, I permit information technology become a defining moment in my life, and something good has come out of it.  I hope that people get that side of me that’s saying, listen, don’t let that tragedy or that failure define you lot, just permit it exist a defining moment where you lot stride up and become greater.

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They Just Lost Confidence In It Danny Boyle Talks His Lost James Bond Movie