12 Nerdy Flash Drives Every Geek Needs

There are plenty of boring flash drives available on the market that let you lot store and move your files between your computers. Looking for something more unique? These geeky USB flash drives are worth a look:

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Round Lock Cryptex Flash Drive: has a mechanical lock to hide a 32 GB USB 3.0 stick. A design by Stanislav Tatarinov.

Motorized Steampunk Gatling Gun USB Stick: this motorcar gun runs when y’all are copying and reading data. It is made of copper rods, Nixie lamp, and other steampunk components.

Motorized Steampunk Deoxyribonucleic acid Flash Drive: made out of copper, glass, and other steampunk components. Information technology has a Deoxyribonucleic acid molecule in a protective vanquish which rotates as you use the device.

Aliens Flash Drive: a xenomorph xvi GB flash drive made from Smooth Cast 305. Makes a great souvenir for fans of the Conflicting franchise.

Dragon Egg USB Wink Drive: a waterproof device that you can wear effectually your neck or carry with your keys. Designed with Games of Thrones fans in mind.

Poker Chip Thumb Drive: makes a nice gift for poker players in your life. It is available in 8 GB to 64 GB.

Cryptex Steampunk USB 3.0 Flash Drive: has rotating rings with digits to give you admission to your flash drive.

Humping-Dog flash drive: a funny gizmo that starts humping as soon every bit you plug information technology in. Information technology also works as a 8 GB drive.

ninja flash

USB Ninja Shuriken: a wink bulldoze for ninjas in your life. Available with upwards to 64 GB storage space.

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Despicable Me flash drives: information technology is available in four versions (Dave, Kevin, Stuart, Bob). They are made of flexible material.

usb heart

Heart Primal Flash Bulldoze: a cute wink drive with upwards to 32 GB capacity. It works with all your favorite operating systems.

Transformers USB Wink Bulldoze: transforms into a leopard in a few seconds. Has 16GB chapters.

Autobot retentiveness drive: a metallic bulldoze with 32 GB chapters. Cool gift idea for Transformers fans in your life.

UU-U Memory Band: looks like a piece of jewelry just holds your important files.


Excavator Flash Drive: has a playful design and holds your important files. It should fit in whatever USB port.


Toka!Wink: a flash drive that integrates into your chugalug. It has Lightning and USB 3.0 connectors.

Firefly Repose Flash Drive: a die-cast metal replica of Serenity with a push-button ejection flash bulldoze.

Md Who TARDIS memory stick: a cute TARDIS that doubles as a flash drive and fits on your keychain.

Stark Direwolf USB Drive: a gift idea for Games of Thrones fans. It is waterproof and available with up to 64 GB capacity.

Hand of the King Pivot USB Drive: a waterproof drive with a sharp, small sword. It is molded from heavy zinc alloy.

LokenToken Cryptex drive: a lightweight wink bulldoze with Micro USB and USB connectors. Information technology has a v-digit mechanical combination code.

Domestic dog Tag USB Flash Drive: the name is pretty self-explanatory. Information technology looks like the existent thing with dewdrop chain. Available in eight and 16 GB versions.

Crystal Asymmetric Heart flash drive: looks similar a piece of jewelry with Swarovski Crystals. Bachelor in 8 and 16 GB version.

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Padlock Drive: a padlock with a hidden USB port. This is a USB 2.0 device.

Star Wars Death Star USB memory: made of a 2 part cast resin and has upwards to 16 GB of storage infinite.

Sword memory stick: offers transfer speeds upwards
480mbit per second at high speed. It is available in 8 to 64 GB versions.

Grenade retention stick: probably shouldn’t have information technology to the airdrome but for every other occasion, information technology is more than capable of saving your important files.

Ninja USB Drive: a pocket ninja that doubles as a wink bulldoze. Works with PC and Mac machines.

FlashHarp: information technology non only lets yous comport your files with you everywhere you go but works as a harmonica.

Tampon flash drive: designed to discourage others from messing with your files.

Condom shaped memory stick: another funny souvenir idea to surprise your friends with. Bachelor with up to 64 GB storage.

Lipstick thumb drive: available in USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 versions. It is also h2o resistant.

Pedometer flash drive: has storage space for your files just as well counts steps.

Revolver Gun flash drive: has a metallic texture and should last you for a while. It is available with up to 32 GB storage space.

Wooden Chess King Pendrive: a flash drive for chess lovers in your life.

Skull Thumb Bulldoze: a pretty beautiful skeleton with a flash drive inside for your files.

Handmade Diving Helmet USB 3.0 wink bulldoze: a streampunk memory bulldoze from MagenKening. It besides has a green light that turns on when plugged in.

Tesla Generator steampunk stick: available in 32 to 128 GB versions. Information technology also has lights that turn on when yous plug in the device.

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Wooden Center Pendant Necklace: a steampunk wink drive fabricated from natural African wood.

Mix Tape USB: for many of us this brings dorsum old memories. Unlike regular cassette tapes, yous tin fit a whole lot more songs on one of these.

Fe Man 3 Arc Reactor USB: a flash bulldoze that makes a fun gift for the fans of the Curiosity Universe. It has 16 GB storage space and a LED low-cal.

Have yous found cooler flash drives? Please share them hither.

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12 Nerdy Flash Drives Every Geek Needs

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