Airpods Pro Vs Airpods 2 Which True Wireless Apple Earbuds Are Better

The new $199 Beats Fit Pro are essentially Apple’due south latest AirPods in everything but proper noun. They accept the aforementioned active dissonance cancellation, Transparency mode and Adaptive EQ as the $249 AirPods Pro, and pair just every bit effortlessly with your Apple tree devices. More and so, they’re $l cheaper and have a more than workout-friendly design.

And so where does that leave the AirPods Pro? There’due south however plenty to like about Apple tree’s wildly popular earbuds, which too have some slight advantages of their own over the Beats Fit Pro. Now that we’ve used both of these buds extensively, here’s a breakdown of who the Beats Fit Pro and AirPods Pro are all-time for.

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You want all of the AirPods Pro features for a lower cost

The Beats Fit Pro do nearly everything that the AirPods Pro do for $50 less. Both earbuds take active dissonance cancellation for blocking out the world around you, Transparency mode for amplifying your surroundings and an Adaptive EQ that optimizes your music on the fly when you’re not using the other two modes. In our testing, these features worked equally well across both models. We as well found both buds’ sound quality to be pretty comparable, though the Beats Fit Pro offering a slightly wider soundstage that makes it easier to hear individual parts of a song, and slightly more than prominent bass.

Beats Fit Pro sport the same Apple H1 processor as the AirPods Pro, meaning they’ll pair instantly to your Apple device while letting you lot apply features similar “Hey Siri” vocalisation control and Detect My tracking in the event you lose your buds. While the AirPods Pro go on auction often (we’ve seen them drib as low every bit $189), the Beats Fit Pro get you pretty much all of their features — and then some — for a lower retail price.

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You want something ideal for working out

The Beats Fit Pro and AirPods Pro can both handle a twenty-four hours at the gym, as each pair of buds includes three sets of silicon tips for getting a solid fit and are IPX4 rated to handle splashes and sweat. However, the Fit Pro have the slight edge hither, thanks to a rubberized wingtip design that nestles in your upper ear to provide some added security during a rigorous conditioning. Just note that neither of the charging cases for these buds is water-resistant, and so you lot’ll desire to keep them out of the rain.

You lot care about colors

While the AirPods Pro come only in white, the Beats Fit Pro requite yous a choice of black, Sage Gray, white and Stone Purple, the latter of which we especially love. So if you want more options for expressing yourself — or just really want bright royal earbuds — the Fit Pro are platonic.

Yous want Apple earbuds that work well with Android

The Beats Fit Pro work best with iPhones, simply unlike the AirPods Pro, they won’t exit you in the dark if you’re using an Android phone. Beats’ latest buds are uniform with the Beats app for Android, which lets you exercise things similar accommodate the listening modes, customize the controls, check your battery levels and even perform an “Ear Tip Fit Test” to find the right fit for yous. The AirPods Pro will withal allow Android users activate agile noise cancellation and Transparency mode using on-ear controls, but there’s no app support for customizing them at all.

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We likewise institute the Beats Fit Pro to pair pretty quickly to our Google Pixel 5a and 6 Pro. The simply large features that Android users volition miss out on are hands-free Siri controls, Observe My tracking, dynamic Spatial Audio and automatic switching between multiple devices.

You desire slightly longer battery life

If yous desire the longest-lasting buds in Apple’s lineup, get the Beats Fit Pro. These sporty earbuds lasted united states about vii hours of continuous listening, which is significantly meliorate than the v or so we typically get out of the AirPods Pro. Both of these buds are rated to last upward to 30 hours total with the charging case (and tin both juice upward pretty fast), but you lot’ll go more endurance during a long flying or hike with the Fit Pro.

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You want a more than compact example with wireless charging

1 advantage the AirPods Pro take over the Beats Fit Pro is wireless charging, which ways you can juice them upwards by only placing the instance on any wireless charging pads you have handy. Apple fifty-fifty refreshed the AirPods Pro with a example that supports MagSafe, the company’due south latest charging standard that works with a number of accessories. Additionally, the case is much more than compact than the one that houses the Beats Fit Pro — both should fit in about pockets just fine, but the quondam will leave more room for your keys and spare change.

You simply really like the AirPods design

AirPods are just equally much a way accompaniment as they are a ways of listening to music, and possibly you lot only want the AirPods Pro considering you like their at present ubiquitous pattern. And that’south totally valid! Apple’due south high-end buds all the same await pretty slick, and they’re not quite every bit thick equally the Beats Fit Pro overall. The AirPods Pro have become synonymous with wireless earbuds at this signal, and if you’re buying one of these as a gift for someone, they’re probably the safer choice.

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The Beats Fit Pro evangelize all of the things we love about the AirPods Pro for $50 less, all inside a more than workout-friendly pattern that has more than color options. They’re a no-brainer if you’re in the Apple ecosystem, and all the same work pretty dang well with Android phones.

That said, the AirPods Pro are yet a solid buy, especially since they go on auction then often. Yous’ll become a more than pocket-friendly case that can charge wirelessly, as well as a at present iconic design that’ll help you blend in with anybody on your crowded subway ride.

Airpods Pro Vs Airpods 2 Which True Wireless Apple Earbuds Are Better