15 Cute Tech Gifts That Are Hard To Resist

Information technology’due south time for payback! This twelvemonth, give your teen or college student a gag souvenir to pay them dorsum for all those years of sleepless nights, stress and worried hair pulling. Payback time kiddos!

Funny Ankle Socks

Teens love to eat, just they don’t always eat good for you. Fast food is super convenient for teenagers, it’s very cheap and can be plant pretty much everywhere they become. Well, now it really can be everywhere with them with these socks. Doughnuts, hot dogs, burgers, ice cream and more than. Their mouths volition drool just looking at them!

Prices Vary

D’Low-cal Light Trick

This is an awesome little trick that anybody volition love. With a fleck of practice the user tin wow his audition by literally producing and playing with a light between his fingertips. It’southward even more disarming in low lighting, and volition badger the heck out of his mates when they can’t figure out how it’s done!


Doody Caput Poo Flinging Game

You’ve heard of mudslinging, right? Well, this game goes one further, in a language teenagers will understand much better! Don a Velcro cap, and endeavor and catch the doody your opponent flings at y’all! With two helmets and three doodies included, we’re not certain which is improve – taking part or watching others catching a doody on their head!

Prices Vary

Enter at Your Own Risk Sign

We all know that a teenager’s room is strictly off limits, which is why nearly of them have hastily scribbled notes on the door telling us simply that. Well, if they accept to have signs up, at least make them overnice to look at! This hand painted ‘keep out’ sign is something different from the usual shop-bought ones, pretty colors with but the right hint of menace.


Exploding Cigarette Loads

Hugely effective and a corking gag for teenagers with mates who smoke. Merely push one of the loads into the end of the cigarette with a toothpick, return it to the package, and wait for them to low-cal up. The sit dorsum, and wait for the fireworks!

Prices Vary

Extendable Fork

Whatever teen could take so much fun (not to mention free food) with this handy extendable fork. Stealing someone else’s food will exist a doddle every bit they look away – you lot could option up a few French fries from all the way across the table, but they’ll never suspect it’due south you!

Prices Vary

Imitation Parking Tickets

When inconsiderate parking drives your teen mad, but you don’t want them getting into trouble by calling out a bad driver, this fake parking ticket pad is just the…well, it’s just the ticket! Teens are masters of sarcasm, and with these tickets, they tin leave their wit under a wiper, and retreat to a safe altitude.


Farting Fanny Banking concern

Coin seems to burn a pigsty in a teens’ pocket, doesn’t it? Well, add some grossness to the idea and they’ll be dropping coins into this money bank every day! Slip a coin into the barrel crevice, and they volition be rewarded with a satisfying fart – toot for loot!


Recordable Toilet Roll Talker

Want to really spook your guests? This toilet roll is totally recordable and re-recordable so you’ll e’er take a funny fashion to creep them out while they’re on the toilet. Information technology’southward really easy to install and information technology fits over most toilet whorl frames making it platonic for whatever prankster.

Prices Vary

Flashing Mouth teeth Guard

A fun little gadget, this gives new significant to the phrase ‘flashing a smile’. Simply pop this little mouthpiece in, and light up any room with your smile! The soft silicone is comfy to wear, and information technology’s a keen fiddling addition to any party outfit.

Prices Vary

Gelling Joke Formula

This is a gag with hilarious results. Merely pour some of the formula into someone’s potable when they’re not looking, and run across what happens when they go to drink it! The entire contents of their glass will have turned to sludge. It will take them ages to figure out what has happened, while you giggle at their defoliation.


Ghost Pepper Nuts

Ghost peppers are 1 of the spiciest peppers in the globe and these nuts are coated in a powdered form of them. They make a nifty gift for anyone who loves spicy food and they’re as well a slap-up way to play a not-then-friendly prank on a friend.

Prices Vary

Bluetooth Smart Badge

Do y’all know a teen who has e’er wanted their name in lights? Well now yous can give them but that, with this Bluetooth Smart Bluecoat. And not just can information technology display the wearer’s name, merely information technology tin can also hold seven other messages, so it can say anything you want information technology to! Imagine the fun he or she could take, letting people know exactly what they are thinking!


Os Cracker

Your teen can have hours of fun, disgusting other people with their bone-keen! Works dandy for fingers, artillery, neck and back, only hold it in your manus and clasp it as you move your caput from side to side, or stretch your back. Realistic bone cracking sounds for nauseating results.


Potty Putter

If yous know a teen who loves to golf then they’ll definitely get a kick out of this gift. They can now strop in on their putting skills fifty-fifty while sitting on the toilet. But pop this mat downwardly and they’ll be ready to bring the putting green to their own bathroom!

Prices Vary

Ball in Window Decal

If your mates take pride and joy in their car, or if Dad has told you a million times not to play with the brawl around the car, this is the gag for you! Stick the decal on the window, and the 3D ball sticking out looks similar it has lodged itself right in the middle of the smashed glass!

Prices Vary

Build Your Ain Light Saber Room Light

If you have a Star Wars fan amid the teens in your life, throw some lite on it with this build your own wall calorie-free. With everything any immature Sith needs to light upward his life, this double-bladed light saber can be mounted horizontally or vertically, significant your teen need never be afraid of the ‘Darth’ again!


Chin Beard Goatee

Know a teen who is fed up with his mates having more facial hair than him? With this human hair goatee, he can go dorsum to school after the holidays with a stylish goatee and prank his mates into thinking he’south more than of a human than he really is!


Pattern a Ping Pong Ball Launcher

Fed up with finding Nerf darts around the firm? Or even worse, exploded water balloons? The change it up a bit with this design-your-own ping pong ball launcher! Let them customize it kickoff, with the enclosed paints and castor, and then take hours, days and weeks of (relatively) harmless target exercise!


Gnarly Teeth Set

The perfect gag souvenir for the teenager who likes to wind people upward! Imagine the expressions on the faces of people you’ve just been introduced to, when you grin with a set of gnarly teeth in identify! Spotter as they struggle to maintain their sophistication as they talk to you lot, all the while trying to expect anywhere but the teeth!


Golden Snitch Bracelet

Ah, Harry Potter. Who doesn’t dear him? And at present any Hogwarts fan can article of clothing a daily reminder of those ‘magical’ stories with a gilt snitch bracelet. The snitch itself is a vintage gold Swarovski pearl, and is held in place by a pair of antiquarian gilt wings. Very pretty.


Grow a Fellow

If you lot know a teenager who merely tin can’t find a boyfriend, and then accept her grow her own! This boyfriend won’t ignore her, or cheat on her, and is always in that location when she wants company! The perfect companion.

Prices Vary

Guitar Selection Punch

Picks are fiddly little things which get lost so easily. Know the feeling? Well here’s the answer to the much uttered words ‘where’s my pick?’ This guitar pick dial can brand a pick out of whatever old credit cards, store cards, literally anything of the right thickness will practise. 1 squeeze and out pops a brand new option!


Hairy Rats

Scarily realistic furry rats to scare the pants off anyone who sees them. Sit them inside a food cupboard and lookout man equally Mom or big sis jump out of their skin! Or hibernate one in the corner of the shower. Or wherever y’all tin can think of to give maximum scare-touch.

Prices Vary

Hot Toothpicks

There is nothing absurd about chewing on one of these toothpicks! The longer information technology’southward chewed, the hotter it gets. Offer i to your friend, and endeavour non to snigger every bit he realizes he rut in his rima oris is existence turned upwards to high! He wants to be hot stuff? He’due south got information technology!

Prices Vary

Emoji Keychains

Know a teen who’s ever texting their friends and glued to their smartphone? Chances are they’re sending lots of emojis which makes this gift perfect for them. They can put these emojis on their keys, in their locker, in their car, utilise them to marking their things, or even wearable them. Great for whatsoever texting teen.

Prices Vary

Infinite Dungeon Corridor

Teenagers spend a lot of time staring into nada. This infinite dungeon corridor will give them something to focus on while they are dreaming upward their plans for world domination, or thinking about their latest crush. With the clever use of lights and mirrors, this dungeon entrance creates the illusion of existence never ending, and will provide hours of fascination and contemplation.


Instant Worms

At that place are few things more vomit inducing than taking a swig and realizing there is something in your drink that shouldn’t be there! Only drib a pellet into your mate’s potable, and sentinel equally it immediately turns into a worm, floating in their drink! Stand dorsum though, or yous might get sprayed!

Prices Vary

Invisible Dog Ternion

This will give the neighbors something to talk most! Teens volition love the attention they get walking their imaginary dog around the park. Especially if they talk to their ‘pet’, and stroke information technology once in a while. And if someone mentions that in that location’due south no canis familiaris in that location, your teen can freak out when he realizes his mutt has made off!


Fe Man Wireless Gaming Mouse

Sadly, it’s a sign of the times that teenagers volition spend their fourth dimension either glued to their screens or sleeping. And so you may as well brand that screen time fun, at to the lowest degree for an Iron man fan! This wireless gaming mouse is similar having Tony Stark at your fingertips. With retractable metallic components, just like the real bargain, gaming just got a whole lot cooler.

Prices Vary

Jellyfish ii Color Lamp

16 million colors. Tin we say that once again? 16. Meg. Colors. That is what this gorgeous lamp is capable of. Possibly the almost relaxing lamp on the market today, it volition be a fantastic addition to whatsoever teenager’s room. After a difficult day’s studying, let them lie back and get lost in the fabulous brandish of lights, guaranteed to chill out the most highly strung of teens.


LED Word Clock

Non a big fan of numbers? This clock is dissimilar whatsoever other. It tells the time like people practice. With words. Its clever design means that the time is illuminated in words rather than numbers, in five minute increments. And as if that awesomeness wasn’t enough, it looks like a piece of art work, too. What more than could a wordy teen inquire for?


Liquid Ass

Yes, it’southward gross! Which is why teenagers will love it! A squirt of this foul smelling fart spray and then just catch the popcorn, sit down back, and picket the looks, the suspicions, and the nose pinching which ensues! And information technology’s discreet (well, not the smell, plain) and then no one will know information technology was y’all.


Money Snatcher

One for the younger teens, this is a timeless gag which still works today. Not many people could resist seeing a 100 dollar bill lying effectually. But imagine their face as, just when they reach out their manus to grab information technology, it is snatched away! Great fun, over and once again.


Non Stop Singing Altogether Card

Even though this isn’t Christmas related, it’s a corking gag to give to a teen, and so that when i of their friends’ birthdays come around, they can take great pleasure in watching the defoliation and frustration as the birthday boy or girl only cannot cease the bill of fare from singing!

Prices Vary

Old Book Pillow Classics

For the book-loving teen, these pillows are the perfect gift for their bedrooms. With three books to cull from, (Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island or Sherlock Holmes), the bookish teen tin can cuddle up in condolement while reading a existent book. In a world where even books are turning digital, information technology’southward prissy to keep some of the quondam fashioned ones to hand.


Pop-a-Putt Gold Joke

Play a-round with your golf buddies, and have some fun at their expense. Sentry their frustration as each time their brawl goes down the hole, it pops back out again! Just beware of flight clubs! A great way to get a hole in one, 2, three, four…

Prices Vary

Prank Automobile Exhaust Whistle

Boys dearest their cars. So what if their pride and joy suddenly happens to emit a loud whistle as soon equally it’s started? This exhaust whistle does just that, and will fit any car exhaust equally it tin can be bent to shape. And once it starts information technology won’t terminate until the whistle is removed.

Prices Vary

Prank Sonogram Picture

Take the fake pregnancy test 1 step further with a fake 2nd sonogram picture! Imagine the daze on Mom or Dad’s face when confronted with ‘proof’ of their future Grandchild! Not 1 for the feint hearted, and will probably earn a lifetime of grounding. Just it’d be so worth it!

Prices Vary

Script Tattoos

It’s the ‘done thing’ for girls to want meaningful quotes tattooed on their bodies. So fox your girlfriends into thinking you went ahead and had ane done! These realistic tattoos last from 2-5 days, and can be hands removed once the joke’s worn off!


No Tie Shoelaces

Teens never seem to have fourth dimension for the little things, including tying their shoes properly. These laces don’t actually need to be hand tied, just fit them to their shoes and they tighten and loosen apace and easily and then your teen volition salve precious seconds and take more than fourth dimension with their friends.

Prices Vary

Shocking Pen

Is your teen e’er lending his or her pen to classmates? This shocking pen will soon put an stop to that! Realistic looking ‘pen’, which, when clicked, sends a daze through the users hand and arm. Shocking for the user, just hilarious for those watching!


Smart Mass Kinetic Sand

The devil makes work for idle hands, as they say. Simply their hands will never be idle with this addictive kinetic sand. They can spend hours moulding it into all kinds of shapes, creations, and sculptures, and yet with one bear on the sand will plummet into zippo but…well, sand. Fascinating, relaxing, and a footling bit magical.


Sound Event Machine

Another classic gag gift, merely notwithstanding provides hours of fun. With 16 unlike sound furnishings, the right sound effect tin can exist inserted into any given state of affairs at the touch of a button. Canned laughter, clapping, or a well-timed wolf-whistle are all at your fingertips.

Prices Vary

Stage Blood

What better mode to prank Mom than with fake blood? Moms flap and fuss when one of their angels is injure, so garner some sympathy while making her think you’ve cut yourself. Merely be prepared to lose the sympathy vote pretty quickly when she realizes she’southward been pranked.


Star Wars 3D Deco Lights

Does your teen accept Star Wars coming out of their ears? Now they can have information technology coming out of their walls, as well! These fantastic wall lights come with a sticker which, when placed on the wall makes the low-cal look as if the head is coming through from the Night Side. In a option of characters, from Darth Vader to Yoda, it’s every fan’southward dream (or nightmare).


Stepped in Doo

How to make a girl mad in one like shooting fish in a barrel step. Place this self-agglutinative ‘squashed’ dog poop nether her shoe, and when she goes to put them on she will immediately think she has stepped in a pile of doody and ruined her favorite shoe! At least she won’t be able to hunt afterwards you with just one shoe on!


Stick on Coin

Few people tin resist picking up a shiny coin from the flooring or table. Information technology’due south hilarious to watch them endeavor and try, not realizing information technology’southward stuck down. A classic trick, this is probably all-time suited to a younger teen who wants to scam their mates.


Stink Bombs

Oh the fun kids have had with these things over the years. Stiff, stomach turning, evacuate-the-room disgusting, little vials of grossness! Clear a room, a shop aisle, or even a party with i or two of these little beauties. Naughty, simply lots of fun!


Tattoo Sleeve

Your teenager could have and so much fun going back to college afterward the Holidays, brandishing a brand new full sleeve of ink! Mom and Dad volition get kudos for ‘allowing’ him to become under the needle, and he volition await bad ass for going through the pain!


The Pooter

Aye, when you have teens you just can’t escape the farts! And this fiddling manus held device is so realistic it will have anybody asking ‘who dropped one?’ It forces air into the palm of the mitt, replicating a butt wobbling poot. Neat fun.

Prices Vary

USB Squirming Tentacle

Hours spent at the computer tin be boring, right? Then hither’south a fun (if useless) way to liven it upwardly a lilliputian bit. This squirming tentacle plugs into the USB port, and by drawing a tiny amount of power from the figurer, wriggles and squirms around, keeping yous and anyone else around, amused for ages.

Prices Vary

20 DIY Gag Gifts

Comic Con Inspired Clock

The world seems to have gone mad for comics lately. If you know someone who fits that description, how about making them this unique clock? Perfect for boys or girls, as you can use whichever comics they like, and embellish it with whatever yous fancy. A truly unique and useful souvenir, made with love.

Beard Balm

Have you ever noticed how proud boys are of their beards? Always preening and pruning, brushing and admiring? How nigh making them this all-natural beard lotion to keep it soft and smelling delicious? With Frankincense, Rosemary and Fir Needle essential oils, and the goodness of coconut oil and shea butter, they will accept the best looking (and smelling) beard around.

Arctic Pills

Teens are always going through mood swings, information technology’due south an awkward time that nosotros’ve all been through. These chill pills don’t have any medicinal value, but since you lot tin can fill up them with any of their favorite candies they’ll probably calm down at least a flake. Have a arctic pill!

Chocolate Sugar Scrub

Show us a daughter who doesn’t like chocolate, and we’ll show yous a boy (although near boys dearest it too, secretly). So let them take their favorite treat into the shower with them, with this dwelling made chocolate sugar scrub. Using just three ingredients, this scrub is, actually, entirely edible. But eating it won’t exist as effective as using information technology in the shower on your peel!

Cozy Candle Sweater

Fall and winter. The time for nights in front end of the fire, with hot cocoa by candlelight. Brand their candles look even more snuggly by making these ambrosial cozy candle sweaters. Super easy to make, they can be even more special if you make them out of former, favorite sweaters that no longer fit.

Gradient Orb Candle Holders

Bring some colour into their lives with these deceptively easy to brand candle holders. Buy the candles to match their room décor, and then color the orbs with complementing shades and hues. Mix it up with different sizes for an impressive candle display.

Leather Bracelets for Men

These leather bracelets for me look a lot more expensive than they are, and they tin exist personalized as much or as little as you lot like. All you lot need is a pyrography prepare (very cheap) and some leather strips, along with a couple of other items, and yous tin make some impressive, unique items for the boys, and the men.

Leprechaun Pillow Box

It’s e’er expert to have a identify to store things, especially for a teen who tends to throw everything on their flooring and lose footling valuables. This leprechaun pillow box is ideal for storing small-scale things like jewelry and accessories. The luck of the Irish gaelic will go on their things prophylactic.

Romantic and Funny Quotes

These petty letters are great for letting any teen know how you lot experience about them. Information technology’s likewise a good way to get away with some hilarious puns that might not fly otherwise. You can customize them then that they’re tailor fabricated for anyone in your life.

Burger Tote

Is it a burger kind of solar day? Let everyone know with this funny tote! Everyone likes a nice juicy burger once in a while, and this bag volition make everyone want to head to the nearest burger joint. It’s as well a prissy big bag that’ll store all of their personal items while mixing things up a bit.

Rainbow Gold Lustre Bath Bombs

How could you make a bath bomb fifty-fifty amend? How about making it rainbow colored? And and so, what nearly calculation in some gold shimmer? How luxurious would that be, and perfect for a tired girl who wants to become her sparkle back!

Rainbow Soap

These. Are. Awesome! Even though they are soaps, they well-nigh expect too practiced to utilize. A tiny ‘stained glass’ rainbow, sitting on a cloud. Aroma them with some fragrance oil, and nosotros suspect they will be used to scent the room, and will never make it into the bathroom!

Circular Embankment Blanket

It’s a well-known fact that teenage boys and girls similar to lounge around at the pool or the embankment. This home-made gift is killing ii birds with ane stone, every bit not merely will they accept their own, unique, circular beach towel, but they will also finish taking yours!

Conclusion Cube Pillow

Remember those determination-making eight-assurance? This pillow is similar, only instead of being an 8-ball it’south like big die that has decisions written on each side. While it might not be the best way to solve your biggest life problems, it makes a fun way to make a not-so-serious decision while also being a comfy pillow.

Slave Bracelet

With a petty bit of jewelry making knowledge, you tin make these ‘slave’ bracelets for the boho teen in the family. You tin use various gems and charms to brand these gorgeous items – how nigh using a birthstone, or even initial charms? Perfect for music festivals, to give that boho-vibe.

Stranger Things Alphabet Lights

Did your teen autumn in love with Stranger Things? It seems the whole earth did, and now you can bring Stranger Things to their bedroom! This wall lite is inspired by the prove, and features a board ‘wall’, alphabet, and the all-important multi colored lights. Stranger Things fans will love information technology.

Snapshot Necklace

Know a teen who loves to accessorize? This necklace is made using pretty much whatever picture then it makes a cracking gift for friends and family. Information technology’s up to yous what picture show y’all want to utilize simply call up: the more embarrassing picture you utilise, the funnier it gets!

Wooden Spool Bracelet Holder

If you tin get concord of an one-time industrial wooden spool, you can transform it into am crawly bracelet holder for a girl who has lots of bangles and nowhere to continue them. Paint information technology, embellish it, cover it – there is no stop to the ways yous tin customize information technology to match a girl’south room or tastes. And it will final longer than any shop bought holder!

Funny Luggage Tags

Have a teen who’s always traveling? One of the most nerve-racking parts of flight is trying to rails downward your luggage when you arrive and hoping it didn’t finish upwardly on the other side of the earth. These tags are hilarious but they’ll also make spotting luggage much quicker and easier so you lot tin can fly with peace of listen.

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15 Cute Tech Gifts That Are Hard To Resist

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