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Microsoft Teams Security and Governance

Prevent Collaboration Security and Governance Fiascos

Information technology is not prepared for the massive governance and security risks brought on by the explosive adoption of collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. These platforms enable users to add guests, share files, and change security settings often without proper governance policies. IT efforts to lock controls give rise to Shadow IT activity or hamper user productivity. This inline guide will walk you through acme governance challenges, native security weaknesses, and how to monitor and manage major Microsoft Teams collaboration security and governance.

Take this costless and confidential 2 minute quiz to see if your organization has the advisable governance policies in place to prevent data loss, while supporting worker productivity.

Information Sharing

Enable easy information sharing while preventing users from mistakenly exposing fundamental content.

End User

End Users

Preclude accidental data leakage by over-permissioned cease users with excessive permission.

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Guest Admission

Ensure guest collaborators have access to your workspace for the appropriate amount of time.

Risk Management

Take a chance Exposure

Automate detection of security violations to enforce governance policies across platforms.

Quickly Calculate Your Collaboration Security Adventure

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Microsoft Teams collaboration security and governance (CSG) are not a simple matter of setting strict DLP or CASB security solutions to protect your data. Collaboration governance covers a broad set of security-related areas: access and usage policies, user and channel management, and flexible automatic enforcement. These workstreams flow beyond all stages of the collaboration experience, making lifecycle management critical to companies. When well-executed, CSG balances security measures with user productivity through consistent policy management and automation across platforms.

Every bit an InfoSec or IT Professional person, you lot’re continuously evaluating and assessing security risks. A large role of this focuses on end-users and their potentially questionable decisions. The goals of stop-users are simple: they’re trying to get stuff washed. Unfortunately, security risks are an afterthought with end-users at best, whether in Sharepoint, OneDrive, or Teams. In this blog, we outline the security threats present in most businesses.

Adding just not tracking guests from public domains

Installing third-party apps with reckless carelessness

Changing sharing settings to “anyone with the link”

Hosting Zoom meetings using personal meeting ID

Sharing files through an unsanctioned applications

Watch How to Proactively Manage Microsoft Teams Security and Governance

The Subconscious Risk of Collaboration. Chance can originate from several platform starting points including files, chat streams, comments, and meeting transcripts. But the truth is that electric current and former employees are a massive high-adventure expanse that are ofttimes disregarded.

24% of employees are unaware of their company security guidelines. Further, millennials are twice as likely to install apps not approved by Information technology. The outcome? 43% of data breaches (one-half of which are accidental) stem from employees.

Let finish users run free, and it’s just a thing of time before something is shared with the incorrect person. Download
The Ultimate Guide to Collaboration Security and Governance eBook. This covers planning and operationalizing policies, evaluating the digital workplace, multi-platform preparedness, and other best practices.

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A common misconception is that Microsoft, Slack, or Zoom already do the heavy lifting to help Information technology manage security. Although these platforms come with bones governance tools, they don’t provide the total functionality required by enterprise Information technology admins — for example: enforceability, detailed monitoring & reporting, and adaptive configuration.

Here is what sets PowerSuite apart from the native admin feel:

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Microsoft Teams Security

When using the native Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 default security tools, enterprises become stuck in an endless loop of reactive governance activities. As companies abound, IT needs to scale. Unfortunately, this process results in stalled adoption, budget overruns, security bottlenecks, and chaotic change management processes.

Robust third-political party tools like PowerSuite streamline governance monitoring and automate event identification. This enables organizations to visualize how people, locations and data merge into mini-ecosystems internally and externally. In addition, they assistance stakeholders responsible for Microsoft Teams governance create a fully compliant lifecycle management framework.

PowerSuite’s Manufacture-Leading Governance Tools

A robust Microsoft Teams Security and Governance toolset should include critical features missing in the native platform tools. Here are a few examples of how PowerSuite leads the way.

Advanced guest admission analytics go beyond out-of-the-box to identify riskier guests, such every bit those entering your surround from public domains. Track who is accessing Microsoft Teams and for how long.

PowerSuite introduces the ability to drill down and sort/filter teams and users by comprehensive variables (e.thou. owner, membership, domain, creation engagement, etc.).

Clarify multiple risk factors to quantify and benchmark collaboration security with a score based on metrics like nomenclature of a team (confidential, etc.), guest profiles, and data sensitivity of shared content. Hands identify high-risk teams, departments, or users.

Enable more granular policy control with less transmission configuration, and choose where to enforce policy compliance with intelligent recommendations. PowerSuite provides multiple policy implementation options including reporting-but, cease-user notifications, and IT-canonical automation.

Cull from time or activity-based team expiration at the team, custom telescopic, or tenant level to take control of team sprawl.

PowerSuite examines the portfolio of policies and highlights policy compliance with charts breaking downward common violation types.

Easily make up one’s mind (earlier a new policy has been switched on) how the policy volition change the environs with “what-if” modeling.

Streamline & Scale your Microsoft Teams Collaboration

No affair where yous are on your Microsoft Teams journey, we can help you lot:

With our Collaboration Security & Governance RightTrack consulting, our experts will aid you to identify your system’s meridian risks, as well as set up your collaboration policies. Consider a Teams Governance Design Workshop to create and architect your initial governance framework for Teams and Microsoft 365.

From there, you lot tin can establish more detailed governance policies and refine your framework. The endgame is ensuring that your organisation tin accordingly balance collaboration transparency with data protection and privacy.

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Detect and prevent governance leaks without belongings dorsum your users with PowerSuite.

enables easy discovery and monitoring of security analytics, simplified and flexible policy creation, and manual or automated policy enforcement for Microsoft Teams.

Sentinel How to Create Proactive Policies for Microsoft Teams Security & Governance

microsoft teams governance, microsoft teams security concerns

PowerSuite Cloud Managed Services provides 24x7x365 security oversight of your collaboration implementations. This service is fabricated up of 3 core focus areas:

Active policy creation, assignment, reporting/insights, and enforcement.

Policy Review & Change Management:
Tracking electric current policies vs changes in business practices, and/or vs new Microsoft software updates.

White Glove Team Lifecycle Management:
Hands-on Microsoft Teams security and sprawl protection.

Secure Collaboration with PowerSuite Security Analytics & Policy Management

With the introduction of collaboration to your communications stack, there are many boosted considerations IT needs to keep in heed. With increased collaboration and visibility, information technology’due south important to reduce the hazard of security exposure from employees and guests.

Collaboration Security and Governance, microsoft teams security and governance

A Governance Checklist for Microsoft Teams Security

The following governance checklist will assistance enterprise It and InfoSec teams constitute the disquisitional security and governance controls needed to reduce the risks inherent in Microsoft 365, Teams, and other mainstream collaboration platforms.

Identity Management

Past assuasive any user to create identity objects in Azure Active Directory, Teams adds a new vector for data sprawl. To manage the lifecycle of directory objects and mitigate sprawl, It should prepare naming conventions for Teams. This consequent gear up of guidelines makes information technology easier for users to discover teams, so they don’t create unnecessary new ones.

Lifecycle Management and Sprawl

Lifecycle management is an extension of identity management and should be used to address the about common governance effect – Teams sprawl. To deal with this issue, IT should create policies around regular access reviews and consider expiration based on final activity date.

Ownership and Membership

The key to ownership and membership policies is ensuring that at least one person is responsible for each team, and that they are beingness used accordingly, by approved parties. IT can implement governance tools that track membership and ownership levels within each team, and notify administrators when an activeness needs to be taken.

External Admission and Invitee Access

Using policies is disquisitional to establish controls for who, how, and to what extent external partners and guests tin access Teams. Organizations should likewise consider an attestation model in which guests are tracked against the person who canonical/invited them.

Data Access Control

Data access control is a core element of protecting sensitive information and determining what technology is needed to ensure a secure border effectually enterprise data. Administrators must be able to define IT personnel’southward access to sensitive user information.

Microsoft Teams security and governance solutions seem uncomplicated on the surface, still under the covers they are far from turnkey when it comes to scaling up, ensuring a seamless user experience, or enabling advanced functionality. A robust Microsoft Teams governance framework allows IT to ensure that the organization can identify clear criteria for effective governance.


How practise you plan for the growth of your organization and its ready of teams and data? How will your current size, too as expected growth, bear on Microsoft Teams governance controls?


Every organization uses Teams in a dissimilar way. This means Microsoft Teams governance policies (including the rigidity in how they are enforced) need to be able to change to meet unique needs, and to adapt as new business organisation uses are introduced.


Is the framework easily manageable on the admin side? How much manual work is required to define policies, fix alerts, or enforce policies? Practise the solutions incorporate AI elements to allow for proactive direction?

Monitor, Mensurate, & Manage Microsoft Teams Security

De-Risk with the 3Ms

The traditional model of controlling user and application permissions is as well cumbersome in the modern digital workplace. Old schoolhouse Information technology governance approaches to Microsoft Teams security and governance create more pain and simply cause users to shift to shadow Information technology solutions as a piece of work-effectually. In the new world, enterprises demand to let user behaviors, but manage exposure using a pairing of proactive monitoring and carefully executed policies.

Collaboration Security and Governance

Rather than leap to a fix, It focuses first on discoverability using security analytics. The goal is to carefully find the multi-platform collaboration environment to understand how users and guests are using Microsoft Teams.

Collaboration Security and Governance


It compares the risk exposure profile with collaboration policies as defined by the corporate governance framework. This gives Information technology full visibility into whether corporate policies are existence followed.

Collaboration Security and Governance


Both IT and end users can jump into action to either remediate or create an exception where governance standards aren’t being met. Flexible workflows (either manual or automated) can be initiated to fit the customized needs of the organization.

For more information nigh Microsoft Teams Security, please read our weblog on its native features.

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Microsoft Teams Update Will Eliminate An Unnecessary Headache