100 Last-Minute Tech Gifts Under $100

100 last-minute tech gifts under $100


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Native Matrimony makes some of the nigh bonny telephone accessories around. The Dark Cable is the best long lightning charging cable for the iPhone.

Native Union

Tech doesn’t have to exist super expensive.

You can find amazing accessories, fitness trackers, tablets, and even phones for less than $100 — if yous know where to look.

Accept no fear — you won’t take to stumble around Amazon, Target, and Best Buy to observe the deals — we’ve washed it for yous.

Nosotros wracked our brains to think of all the very best tech we’ve tested or read about to bring yous the best 100 tech gifts under $100.

As yous scroll through the slides below, y’all’ll start out with tech gifts nether $10, motility on to gifts between $10 and $20, and upwardly from there until yous hit the $ninety to $100 range. We have an fifty-fifty number of gifts in every price range, too, so yous’re bound to find the correct gifts for your loved ones.

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A PopSocket grip


PopSocket Grip, $7.75, available at Amazon

PopSockets Grips stick to the dorsum of your phone and can expand whenever you need a grip or a stand up. Employ ane to take photos, text, concord a large device, watch movies, and video chat with ease and comfort. Many cost less than $10 and they come up in a variety of colors and patterns to fit your personality.

A photo printer that’s the size of their telephone


HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer, $99.99, available at Staples

Users can print photos from their phone and social media accounts with

this convenient printer
, a Bluetooth connexion, and a few clicks on the HP Sprocket app. The app also includes custom design features like text and stickers and then they tin can add their own personality to any photo. Pare off the backs of the photos to turn them into stickers, hang them up in a room, or hand them out to friends.

A bendable tripod


UBeesize Tripod S, $17.99, available at Amazon

Photography is a fantastic hobby or profession, and despite many changes to the scene equally smartphone cameras have proliferated, there is nevertheless enough of useful gear out there. This tripod is ultra-portable and flexible, making it piece of cake to set up anywhere.

An iPhone case with a kickstand


Spigen Tough Armor Designed for Apple iPhone Xs Instance, $xv.99

If you know a slightly accident-prone techie, Spigen’south Tough Armor is the ideal iPhone instance. Its thick hard shelled outer layer volition protect the telephone when information technology’s dropped, and softer inner layer will insulate the phone so its glass back doesn’t crack. There are enough of hardshell iPhone Xs and Max cases out in that location, merely Spigen’s has a built-in kickstand, so they can stand their phone upwardly if they want to lookout man videos, or read without having to hold their phone.

An earbud charging case

YouTube / mophie

Mophie Power Sheathing, $29.99, available at Amazon

Mophie’due south Power Sheathing is a conveying case for earbuds with a 1,400mAh bombardment pack inside that tin charge them when they’re not in employ. The battery has a regular USB port on it, then whoever you lot give this to tin can even utilise it to refill their phone in a pinch.

An Hd security camera


Wyze Cam, $25.98, available at Amazon

The Wyze Cam is a small-scale, smart security camera that can compete with others that are four times the toll. It has a wide-angle 1080P lens that will record clear video each fourth dimension information technology detects move. You’ll be able to review clips from the camera on your phone for upward to fourteen days, and save them to your phone if something looks off.

A video baby monitor


LeFun Wireless Camera, $29.99, available at Amazon

LeFun’south baby monitor is the ‘best affordable’ infant monitor in our guide, and it’s a peachy souvenir for new parents. They’ll be able to wirelessly watch a live video feed of their baby through an app on their phone or tablet, fifty-fifty if they’re out of the business firm. The monitor also has a speaker and microphone, so they’ll exist able to talk to their child from wherever they are.

The Alexa Voice Remote for the Fire TV


Alexa Remote, $29.99, bachelor at Amazon

This newly-designed Alexa Remote has a power push and volume controls, and works with the second-generation Fire Boob tube, third-generation Fire Idiot box, and first generation Burn Tv set Cube. Information technology’south an upgrade any older Burn Tv owner volition appreciate.

A wireless charging instance for the AirPods


PowerPod Wireless Airpod Charging Case, $34.99, available at Amazon

If you know someone who’s sick of waiting for the AirPods to be updated with wireless charging, get them the PowerPod Charging Example. The silicone case has a Lightning connector on the bottom and a wireless charging scroll on its front. Plug the AirPods case into it, and it’ll work with any mod wireless charging pad.

A charging and headphone adapter for the iPhone


Belkin 3.5mm Sound Charge Rockstar, $34.12, available at Amazon

If your giftee has an iPhone 7 or newer, their phone no longer has a headphone jack, which means they take to choose between listening to music via the lightning port or charging information technology — they tin’t do both. Except, with this Belkin adapter, they can. The adapter plugs into the lightning port and gives you a headphone jack and a charging port and then y’all can charge and listen to music through wired headphones at the same fourth dimension.

An international ability adapter


Bestek Universal Travel Adapter, $39.99, available at Amazon

People who honey to travel need the best travel adapter around, and the Bestek adapter is our top selection. The all-in-one adapter provides three individual international travel adapters that, together, encompass more than 150 countries. Additionally, this travel adapter likewise serves equally a converter between 220v and 110v to ensure that you’re not frying any of your electronics. The Bestek comes with 4 USB charging ports, as well as three Ac ports. You can charge a full of seven devices simultaneously.

A ready of screen protectors


InvisibleShield screen protectors, bachelor from Zagg, for $39.99 and upwardly

Smartphone and tablet screens are fairly fragile and often shatter or get scratched, so it’south a expert thought to gift the klutz yous dear a screen protector from InvisibleShield. The make makes splendid screen protectors that offer special features like bluish light blocking and privacy shielding in add-on to protecting your screen.

A vertical MacBook stand


Twelve South BookArc, $39.99, available at Amazon

The BookArc is a MacBook stand that holds the laptop vertically to save space. The downside is that your screen has to stay closed when your computer is in this stand, but all of its ThunderBolt 3 ports volition be accessible, so you can plug in an external display and other accessories.

An all-in-one-printer


Epson Expression Home XP-446, $49.99, available at Target

Epson’s XP-446 is a great bones all-in-1 printer, which your giftee doesn’t think they’ll need, but actually does. The best thing about it is that information technology’south wireless, so they’ll be able to connect it to their abode network and print directly from their phone or tablet instead of having to keep it plugged into a computer.

A multi-port charging hub


Anker Premium 60W five-Port Desktop Charger, $49.99, bachelor at Amazon

Anker makes some of our favorite charging gadgets, and this five port USB hub is one of the best. It has iv full-sized USB ports for phones, tablets, or


headphones, and a USB-PD port that’south powerful plenty to charge a Nintendo Switch or MacBook. Best of all, you tin charge five things at the same time from a single outlet.

An Echo Dot


Echo Dot, $29.99, available at Amazon

The new Echo Dot is a great way to incorporate a smart assistant into any home without spending a ton of money. Amazon improved the audio quality, besides, and so now it’due south better than ever. Alexa can practise everything from reply questions, play games, and play music, to control smart home devices.

The 3Doodler Essentials Kit


3Doodler Start Essentials 3D Press Pen Set for Kids, $39.99, available at Amazon

The 3Doodler is a STEM toy that encourages kids to design and build their own 3D objects. This starter kit includes a 3D printing pen, 4 non-toxic plastics, and an activity book that a kid can trace to create annihilation from glasses frames to a jewelry box. Once they’re confident, they can end using the stencils and beginning making original creations.

An HD nuance cam


AUKEY Dash Cam, $57.99, available at Amazon

A dash cam is an important tech accompaniment to keep in your automobile for prophylactic reasons, and AUKEY’s can capture six lanes of traffic in 1080P. It even has a night vision mode that turns on automatically to record clear video at night. Hopefully whoever y’all gift this to will use information technology to rewatch beautiful sunsets on scenic drives instead of having to submit prove.

An instant camera


Fujifilm Instax Mini 9, $54.99, available at Amazon

Instant cameras are the perfect souvenir for shutterbugs who wish they’d lived during the historic period of the Polaroid. Fujifilm’due south Intax Mini ix comes in cute colors and takes fun, retro pictures that are printed right later they’re taken.

A 4K activity camera


YI Discovery Action Camera, $59.99, available at Amazon



action camera tin can assistance the active person in your life relive their biggest stunts over and over. Information technology tin record video in 1080P or 4K, and fifty-fifty works under water with the correct case. That case also lets you mountain this photographic camera onto a tripod, so they can get the right angle to capture their latest tricks.

A retro game panel


Nes Classic Edition, $67.eighty, available at Amazon

If you have a lapsed gamer on your list, the NES Classic Edition is the ultimate present. It’s a miniaturized version of the console Nintendo launched in 1985, and has 30 classic games pre-loaded onto it, including all-time greats like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. Plus, it connects to modernistic TVs over HDMI, and so the games will look crystal clear.

Don’t worry, if the gamer you’re shopping for prefers some other system, you tin get the Super NES Classic or PlayStation Classic instead.

A set of Tile trackers


two Tile Mate Trackers with Replaceable Battery and ii Tile Slim Trackers, $59.99, available at Amazon

Tile trackers are one of the almost applied tech gifts y’all can requite. This pack comes with ii Tile Slims, which are sparse plenty to skid into a back or wallet, and two Tile Mate’southward, which have loops, so they can fit onto key rings. In one case they’re paired with your giftee’s phone, the trackers will send them a notification when it’due south lost contact with the tracker, and show them its last known location on a map.

Basically, you’re giving four people in your life the souvenir of existence able to digitally retrace their steps.

Studio monitor headphones


Condition Audio CB-1, $79, available at Amazon

Condition Audio’s CB-1s are an incredible sounding pair of over-ear headphones. They’ll let the music lover in your life hear nuances on their favorite tracks that they’ve missed for years. The only potential downside is their long cable, which makes them a better fit for listening at home rather than on the go.

A hybrid smartwatch


Skagen Jorn Leather Watch, $64.49, bachelor at Amazon

Hybrid watches combine the smarts of smartwatches with the look of a regular analog watch. Skagen’s Jorn syncs with an app to rails fitness metrics, monitor sleep quality, and buzz with notifications. Information technology’due south a well-made watch with a leather ring that looks fashionable, also.

A kid-friendly Echo Dot


Echo Dot Kids Edition, $49.99, available at Amazon

If y’all have kids at home, they’ll dear the Kids Edition of the Echo Dot. It comes with a colorful, kid-friendly instance, rewards politeness, and restricts admission to inappropriate content, so your kids don’t discover out how babies are made earlier their time.

An ergonomic mouse


Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse, $78, bachelor at Amazon

Anyone who works at a computer all day tin tell you that using a mouse all day leads to fatigue. That’s why it’s a practiced idea to get an ergonomic mouse like this one from Microsoft. You can give a neat gift and forestall carpal tunnel at the same time.

A Stem toy that teaches kids to code


Kano Pixel Kit, $39.99, available at Best Buy

Kano’s Pixel is a STEM toy teaches kids how to lawmaking by connecting it wirelessly to your computer and guiding them through over 30 visual exercises that explain the fundamentals. Once they empathise the basics, they tin can use Kano’south tools to make their ain digital pixel art.

A temperature-controlled mug


Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug, $79.95, bachelor at Amazon

Information technology seems similar everything is high-tech these days and a lot of information technology seems pointless, but this is not one of those things. Ember’s smart mug can go on your loved one’south drink at the perfect temperature so that they never burn their natural language again. It uses a smart heating coaster and an app to aid you make up one’s mind how hot you desire your potable to be every time.

A Fitbit fitness tracker


Fitbit Nil, $79.99, available at Amazon

Fitbit is well known equally the all-time fettle tracker company around. The Zip is a simple, bones tracker that can keep tabs on basic activity metrics to assistance your loved one get or stay fit.

A smartwatch


Amazfit Bip Smartwatch, $79.99, available at Amazon

The Amazfit Bip is past far the best smartwatch you can become under $100. Its battery lasts days instead of hours, it can track your health data, and evidence notifications from your phone, and then yous don’t have to take it out of your pocket each time it buzzes. If you’re shopping for someone who’s interested in a smart watch but not fully committed, this is the correct choice.

A Kindle


Kindle, $79.99, bachelor at Amazon

Amazon’s entry-level Kindle has everything an ebook worm needs: a proficient crisp Eastward INK screen, room for plenty of books, and an easy-to-hold body. Amazon’s Kindle ebook library is extensive, too, so it’s a nifty gift.

The Burn down HD tablet


Fire Hd 8, $79.99, available at Amazon

You don’t have to spend a lot to become a peachy tablet, and the Burn Hard disk 8 proves that. This 8-inch tablet has a 1,280 x 800-pixel screen, 32GB of storage built in, and room for expansion via a Micro SD card slot.

A mini drone with a camera


Quadcopter Drone with Camera Alive Video, $89.95, available at Amazon

QCopter’s drone is the ultimate tech toy for the kid (or kid at heart) in your life. It has remote that makes complex maneuvers a cakewalk, and two batteries that let you fly information technology for up to i hour before it needs to be recharged. Like expensive drones, this i has an HD camera, so they’ll be able to review their entire flight afterward each safe landing.

A smart light strip


Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Plus Lightstrip, 69.99, bachelor at Best Purchase

Philips Hue calorie-free bulbs are widely considered the best smart low-cal bulbs, but you may not know that Philips also makes smart lighting that doesn’t come in the class of a light bulb. The Lightstrip can change colors, be set to keep and off remotely with the Hue app, and all the other smart tricks Hue bulbs practise, but it’s a strip of lights, then you can mount them in unique places.

A Nintendo 2DS


Nintendo 2DS, $89, available at Amazon

The Nintendo 2DS is the ultimate gaming gift for a kid. It can play original DS and 3DS games, fits neatly into a tiny travel bag, and has splendid battery life. This model comes bundled with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Fourth dimension, considered by many to be the best video game ever made.

A USB microphone


Razer Seiren Ten, $91.36, bachelor at Amazon

If y’all accept an apprentice musician or podcaster in your life, the best gift you can requite them is a nice microphone. Razer’s Seiren is compact, and connects directly to a computer over USB instead of through an sound interface. Its standout feature is its headphone jack, which lets them listen to what’due south beingness recorded in realtime, and then they can brand adjustments if something sounds off.

A record player


Audio Technica Turntable, $89, available at Amazon

Whether yous’re shopping for someone who’s getting into vinyl for the outset time, or wants to resurrect a collection they haven’t touched in years, they’ll need a turntable. Audio Technica’s has a built-in preamp, so they’ll be able to plug information technology into whatsoever pair of powered speakers or stereo receiver, drop the needle, and relish.

A kid-friendly Fire tablet


Burn down HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet, $89.99, bachelor at Amazon

Kids love tablets, only they tin also be destructive fiends when information technology comes to tech. Luckily, Amazon’s Kids Edition of the Fire Hard disk 8 tablet is here to relieve the twenty-four hour period with its protective instance, warranty confronting harm, and tons of kid-friendly content.

A video doorbell


Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell, $99.99, available at Amazon

Ring’south video doorbell keeps an eye on the nearly vulnerable part of your home: the front door. The 720P camera sends you alerts each time it detects motion, and so you can come across who’s on your property, or knocking on your door. This model runs on a battery that should last for about six months before information technology needs to be recharged, so your giftee can install it on the front of their house without having to worry about connecting wires.

Audiophile-worthy bookshelf speakers


Edifier Powered Bookshelf Speakers, $99.99, available at Amazon

If I could simply recommend one gift for music lovers, information technology’d be a pair of Edifer’south bookshelf speakers. Their wooden frames await classic, and their sound is unmatched for the price. This pair has a 3.5mm input for connecting a phone, computer, or tablet, and a pair of RCA inputs (red and white) to connect a turntable.

A professional drawing tablet


Wacom Intuos Wireless Graphic Tablet, $79.95, available at Amazon

If you have an aspiring (or lapsed) artist in your life, ignite their creativity with one of Wacom’s cartoon tablets. This 7.ix” model has iv,096 levels of force per unit area, then it will exist able to pick up every subtlety in the way they’re cartoon. The tablet includes a stylus, too, so all they’ll demand to do is connect the tablet to their computer, open up art application, and start.

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