Bitdefender vs. Kaspersky: Head-to-head Comparison

Millions of happy customers and recognition from independent labs brought Bitdefender sectional awards that y’all won`t find anywhere else.

Complete Protection for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android

Bitdefender Total Security gives you the best anti-malware protection against due east-threats across all major operating systems.

How does Bitdefender rank against Kaspersky?

Total Security

Total Security

Outstanding Production 2020 [one]

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Product of the Year 2022 [2]

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Outstanding Product 2022 [3]

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Production of the Yr 2017 [4]

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Get Bitdefender Small Office Security

Start using your 30-day complimentary trial by creating a new Bitdefender account.

30-twenty-four hours free trial works only on newly created accounts. If you already take a Bitdefender account with another security solution, y’all won’t be able to activate on that account.

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If the download doesn’t start automatically, delight click here to download your trial. After the download has finished yous can find the installer in your browser’s Downloads folder.

Get Started with Bitdefender in 3 easy steps:

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1.Double-click the downloaded Bitdefender file and the installer volition start immediately.

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two.Sign in to actuate your Bitdefender protection

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three.Enjoy the peace of listen of existence protected by Bitdefender.

Choose device protection that keeps you safe while leaving yous (and your CPU) ALONE

Bitdefender runs quietly in the groundwork, communicable threats automatically, without interrupting your workflow or slowing down your car.

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Keeps you informed without bothering yous

Unlike other security products that constantly pester you for permission, Bitdefender gently notifies you about threats, then gets right out of your mode.


Daily scans that don’t hold you hostage

Worried about painfully boring scans that drag your system to a halt? Don’t be. Bitdefender’s eagle-eyed scans catch every threat without hurting operation.


Won’t bloat or interfere with your other apps

Some security tools are and then intrusive they tin feel like a virus. Bitdefender’southward features stay tightly independent in 1 app, so they’re out of sight until y’all WANT to come across them.

great protection

Neat protection without hampering your computer’southward speed. … Icing on the cake is that Bitdefender will not wearisome downward the computer to a screeching halt different some other competitors.


Mar 28, 2021

simply the best

Simply the best. I spent ten years using trials to experiment with all of the highest rated internet security software, and this is the simply ane that has never allow whatever malware penetrate my organization while as well not handcuffing me from visiting all the websites I know are safe. …[Bitdefender] continues to out perform them all.

Mike M

April 17, 2021

easy to use

I’ve been a Bitdefender client for over iv yrs and I keep coming back. They’re reliable, like shooting fish in a barrel to apply, provide the best anti-virus protection, the price is nowhere near as expensive equally competitors, it’s a great value, and I can always count on Bitdefender to work!


April 12, 2021

Already using Kaspersky?

Making the switch to Bitdefender is as easy as 1-2-3:

Easy to install, easy to run, piece of cake to check

Monitor everything from i place: bank check reports, run scans, make clean files and more for upwards to v devices — with one-click, yep-or-no simplicity.

Encounter More

easy to Install

Easy to Install

Installing Bitdefender on two, three or more than devices takes no more effort than emailing a link to yourself. If you can open an email and click a push button, you can install Bitdefender.

easy to Run

Piece of cake to Run

Bitdefender is and so silent & constructive, the main matter you lot’ll notice is just how much cleaner and faster your devices run, no matter where you go — on the Spider web or in real life.

easy to Check

Easy to Check

Bitdefender is designed to run in the background when you don’t want it, but be instantly attainable when you exercise. Customize, optimize & run reports on your entire household from one business relationship.

Terms Of Utilise

Here is what the Bitdefender Auto Renewal Program means for you
  • Continuous protection so that you lot never have to worry about your subscription running out before you renew manually;
  • Free upgrades whenever a new version of Bitdefender comes out;
  • Peace of mind that your devices are always protected;
  • Save time while nosotros are taking care of the automatic renewal procedure;
  • Opt out at any time so that you lot are always in control of your renewal options;
  • 24/7 security all-subscription long without pause;
  • The price offered is valid for the first year of subscription. After that, your subscription volition be billed at the applicative renewal price which may be higher than the initial purchase price;
  • If a discount is presented, it describes the divergence betwixt the first term and renewal term subscription prices (e.g., first year price vs. each twelvemonth thereafter). The prices are discipline to alter, only Bitdefender volition send a prior notification by email, before the automatic renewal takes identify. You lot will receive at least ii email notifications earlier yous volition be billed, along with information regarding pricing and the extension of your subscription duration.

Affirmative consent
  • Your subscription automatically begins at the purchase engagement;
  • By subscribing, yous are purchasing a recurring subscription which will automatically renew.

How to abolish + email address cancelation support
  • Y’all may abolish your automatically subscription from Bitdefender Cardinal or by contacting Customer Support at:;
  • You may obtain a refund past contacting within 30 days of your initial purchase or of the automatic renewal date.