Washington Exposure Notifications – WA Notify

On an iPhone, enable Exposure Notifications in Settings:

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to Exposure Notifications
  • Click “Turn On Exposure Notifications”
  • Select United States
  • Select Washington

For Android or iPhone, scan the QR code:

WA Notify QR code

How does information technology work?

When you enable WA Notify, your phone exchanges random, anonymous codes with the phones of people you lot are well-nigh who have also enabled WA Notify. The app uses privacy-preserving Depression Free energy Bluetooth technology to commutation these random codes without revealing any data about you. If another WA Notify user you’ve been almost in the final two weeks subsequently tests positive for COVID-19 and follows the steps to anonymously notify others, you’ll go an anonymous notification that you’ve had a possible exposure. This lets yous get the care y’all need chop-chop and helps forestall you from spreading COVID-19 to the people around y’all.

An algorithm does the math to identify events that could potentially transmit COVID-nineteen from ones that were at a prophylactic distance or short enough that yous don’t need to exist warned. WA Notify will just alarm you if y’all have potentially been exposed. So not receiving an alert is good news.

WA Notify is bachelor in more than thirty languages so as many Washington residents as possible can access this tool.

How to request a verification code for positive at-home COVID-19 test results

WA Notify users who buy over-the-counter test kits and receive a positive COVID-19 result can now asking a verification code in WA Notify.

To request a verification lawmaking past device:

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  • Open WA Notify and select “Share your test consequence to assist cease the spread of COVID-19”.
  • Select “Continue” so select “I need a code.”
  • Enter the phone number of your device that uses WA Notify and the date of your positive COVID-nineteen test.
  • Select “Send Lawmaking”.


  • Go to Settings and open Exposure Notifications.
  • Select “Share a COVID-nineteen Diagnosis.”
  • Select “Continue” then select “Didn’t go a code? Visit WA Country Dept. of Health Website.”
  • Enter the phone number of your device that uses WA Notify and the date of your positive COVID-19 test.
  • Select “Go along.”

Y’all will receive a pop-upward notification and a text bulletin with your verification link. Y’all just demand to tap the notification or click the link in the text bulletin to follow the steps in WA Notify to anonymously warning other users of a possible exposure. Afterwards requesting your verification code in WA Notify, call the state COVID-xix hotline, ane-800-525-0127, so printing #, to study your positive effect to DOH.

If you are unable to asking a verification code in WA Notify, you should call the state COVID-xix hotline, one-800-525-0127, then printing #, and let the hotline staff know that yous are a WA Notify user. The hotline staff can provide you with a verification link you can utilize to warning other WA Notify users that they may have been exposed.

How to report your positive at-domicile COVID-19 test results

People who purchase over-the-counter examination kits and receive a positive result should call the country COVID-19 hotline, 1-800-525-0127 then press # (printing vii for Spanish), as before long as they receive results. Visit the Contact Us folio for hotline hours. Language assistance is bachelor.

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Delight note:
WA Notify is an exposure notification tool. It was non designed for users to enter their examination results.

How is my privacy protected?

WA Notify is based on Google Apple Exposure Notification applied science, which is designed to protect your privacy. It works in the background without collecting or revealing any location or personal information, and doesn’t need to know who or where you are to work effectively. By using only tiny bursts of Bluetooth, your bombardment is non impacted.

Participation is entirely voluntary. Users can opt in or out at any time. For more information about how user privacy is protected, meet the WA Exposure Notifications privacy policy.

What do the notifications expect like?

There are two types of notifications y’all may receive. Those who test positive volition receive a verification link text message and/or a pop-up notification. WA Notify users who may accept been exposed will receive an exposure notification. Learn more than nigh these notifications and see what they look like.

How will it aid?

A recent report past the University of Washington constitute that the more people who use exposure notification, the greater the do good. Results showed that WA Notify saved an estimated 40-115 lives and likely prevented almost v,500 COVID-19 cases during the outset 4 months that it was in apply. Data models show that even a pocket-size number of people using WA Notify would reduce COVID-19 infections and deaths, proving that WA Notify is an excellent tool to preclude the spread of COVID-xix.

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