The best selfie sticks 2022: Take picture-perfect self-portraits wherever you are

Selfie sticks have gotten a bit of a bad rap. Sure, they tin can seem a bit gimmicky, but the best selfie sticks tin can be a genuinely useful tool in the smartphone photographer or videographer’southward backpack.

At their most basic, selfie sticks are an extension of your arm: they allow you to hold your smartphone well beyond your arm’due south natural reach. This makes them platonic for grabbing snapshots clear of crowds in tourist hotspots, and, as the proper name suggests they’re perfect for snapping selfies and grouping photographs. Get a little more than advanced and some of the best selfie sticks besides offer upward the ability to wirelessly trigger your smartphone’s camera or transform into an impromptu tripod, and some even feature congenital-in stabilisation for smoother videos.

You’ll discover selfie sticks stocked in most tourist hotspots and then at first glance it may not seem like something worth researching, never mind splurging on. Not all selfie sticks are created equal, however, so it’southward worth taking the time to observe the best selfie stick for you before you entrust it with your expensive smartphone.

Beneath you’ll discover a cursory guide roofing everything you demand to know when shopping for a selfie stick, followed past our pick of the all-time selfie sticks on the market place.

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The best selfie sticks: At a glance

  • Best all-around selfie stick: ATUMTEK 3-in-one Selfie Stick
  • Best upkeep selfie stick: Gritin three-in-ane Selfie Stick
  • Best premium selfie stick: Joby GripTight Pro
  • Best ultra-reach selfie stick: Atumtek 1.3m Selfie Stick

How to choose the all-time selfie stick for you

What are selfie sticks for?

The main purpose of a selfie stick is to enable yous to have nicely framed self-portrait pictures and videos. The stick lets y’all hold the telephone far enough abroad so as to capture a flattering shot of yourself and your surroundings. This makes selfie sticks platonic for travelling as it allows you to catch that essential snapshot of yourself or your group in front of the primary tourist attraction without needing to ask a stranger to take the photo for you.

Beyond this selfie sticks are also great for getting shots from higher vantage points, assuasive y’all to photograph over the top of decorated crowds or ugly walls, fences or barriers for an unobstructed shot.

What size selfie stick is best?

When looking at the size of the selfie stick be sure to check both the maximum extension as well every bit noting how short it is when packed away. For most use cases we’d recommend opting for a model that offers at least 70cm of extension every bit this provides a overnice reach for selfies and grouping shots. When checking the minimum folded length you lot’ll want to make sure it’ll comfortably fit within your luggage or purse when travelling. Around 20cm is a common packed size although shorter models are available.

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What devices can I adhere to a selfie stick?

Selfie sticks with smartphone mounts are the almost mutual but yous can also find models with 1/4in threads and action photographic camera mounts as well, allowing you lot to adhere a compact camera or a GoPro. Not all selfie sticks offer multiple mounts and so exist sure to check which devices are compatible when comparison models.

When shopping for a selfie stick to employ with your smartphone you’ll desire to pay close attention to the mount. Most smartphone selfie sticks as a bound-tensioned mountain to grip your phone and then you’ll demand to check that the width of your device sits comfortably within the mount’s supported range.

While the most bones selfie sticks will keep your device stock-still in one orientation if yous want to take both vertical and horizontal photos and videos you’ll want a selfie stick with a rotating mountain.

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What other features should I consider?

Many selfie sticks include some sort of remote shutter release for your telephone. While these tend to be wired on cheaper models, the best selfie sticks commonly offer Bluetooth shutter releases. In either instance, these let y’all to trigger your camera’southward shutter push button remotely – decidedly handy if your phone is a metre or more than in the air.

Increasingly common is the ability to double up as a table-elevation tripod. This is cracking for when yous want to stand a little bit further dorsum from the camera or go along your phone steady for videos or dark shots.

Are stabilised selfie sticks and gimbals worth springing for?

While a standard stick is likely fine for the majority of people, if you’re serious most your smartphone videos and want more than control over your footage, a stabilised stick may be the way to go. While they’re decidedly more than expensive they give you the ability to pan and rotate your phone while the stick is extended while also helping to polish out any shakiness.

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The best selfie sticks to buy in 2022

1. ATUMTEK 3-in-1 Selfie Stick: The best all-circular selfie stick

£26 |
Buy now from Amazon

With an excellent range of extension, a congenital-in detachable Bluetooth remote and tripod legs, ATUMTEK’s 3-in-1 is our pick for the best all-around selfie stick.

The overall design is smart and attractive and the aluminium components brand it feel solid in the manus. With a xix.5cm folded length and a weight of around 170g it’s nevertheless nice and portable when travelling. Unlike a lot of its more upkeep rivals, the ATUMTEK’s mountain is rotatable, allowing for nicely balanced shooting in both portrait and landscape orientations.

The Bluetooth remote allows you to trigger your phone’s camera shutter fifty-fifty while information technology’due south held aloft. Considering the remote is detachable you can even set the selfie stick like a tripod and stand back for larger group shots. The remote is USB rechargeable and rated for up to 20,000 clicks per charge.

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The ATUMTEK selfie stick comes as standard in all-black but is also available in white or black with blue accents.

Primal specs – Folded Length: 19.5cm;
Maximum extension: 79.5cm;
Max phone width: viii.7cm;
Min phone width:
Rotating mount:

Camera control:
Bluetooth detachable remote

2. Gritin 3-in-1 Selfie Stick: Best upkeep selfie stick

£12 |
Purchase now from Amazon

If you lot’re looking for a well-equipped budget option, the Gritin selfie stick is a bully shout. While it’due south incomparably more plasticky than some of the more than premium entries on our list it however manages to pack a rich set of features.

Y’all get upwards to 70cm of extension, a detachable Bluetooth remote and fold-out tripod legs. While y’all don’t get the solid feel of pricier sticks, the Gritin selfie stick’s plastic construction does take the do good of keeping the weight down to a very comfy 150g.

Key specs – Folded Length:
Maximum extension:
Max phone width:
Min phone width:
Rotating mount:
Camera control:
Bluetooth detachable remote

3. Joby GripTight Pro Telepod: Best premium selfie stick

£ninety |
Buy now from Amazon

While cheaper selfie sticks rely on simple bound-loaded tension mounts, the GripTight Pro utilises a screw-lock to concord your telephone in place. This ensures a secure fit, regardless of your telephone size. The mount also offers rotation adjustment, allowing you to rapidly switch between horizontal and vertical shooting modes. For added versatility, the smartphone mount tin can be unscrewed, revealing a standard 1/4in thread for attaching a compact photographic camera, and an activeness photographic camera mountain is too included for attaching a GoPro.

The rubberised handgrip doubles up as a tripod base of operations and an iOS and Android compatible Bluetooth remote is included for hands-free shooting.

It’southward certainly a little pricey but if you’re looking for a selfie stick that offers a quality and versatility edge over the competition, the GripTight Pro Telepod is well worth because.

Fundamental specs – Folded Length:
21cm;Maximum extension:
Max phone width:
Min phone width:
Rotating mount:
Yes;Camera control:
Bluetooth detachable remote

4. GoPro Shorty: Best selfie stick for activity cameras

£twoscore |
Buy now from GoPro

A selfie stick style grip is practically an action camera essential. While you’ll notice plenty of 3rd-political party activeness camera selfie sticks on the market, our accommodating pick goes to GoPro’s own Shorty. While the Shorty is an official GoPro product, with its universal activity camera mount you can utilize information technology with simply near any action camera on the market.

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While its overall 23cm reach is rather modest, paired with a broad-bending action camera lens information technology still offers plenty of scope for vlogging, selfies and group shots. The Shorty’s folded length of less than 12cm too makes it very easy to pack. For added versatility, the Shorty’due south handle tin can exist folded out to create a tripod that’southward ideal for capturing hands-free static shots and fourth dimension lapse videos.

If you need something with a little more than reach, the 56cm GoPro MAX Grip is like the Shorty on steroids.

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Key specs – Folded Length:
Maximum extension:
64g;Rotating mount:

Buy now from GoPro

five. ATUMTEK 1.3m Selfie Stick: Best ultra-reach selfie stick

£32 |
Buy at present from Amazon

Standard selfie sticks not quite cutting it for you? ALUMTEK’due south ultra-long i.3m selfie stick lets you to capture the whole scene, rise loftier higher up the crowds and far enough back to fit in your whole group. Its impressive maximum summit, when used in combination with its tripod back up legs, also allows you to capture selfies and group shots without needing to prop your telephone on a wall or table – simply fix it on the ground, stand dorsum and trigger the shutter with the Bluetooth remote.

Equally you may expect, it’s heavier and doesn’t pack down as pocket-sized as other selfie sticks but if accomplish is what yous’re later information technology’due south well worth the compromise.

Fundamental specs – Folded Length: 30cm;Maximum extension: 130cm;Weight: 330g;Max phone width: ix.8cm;
Min phone width: 5.6cm;Rotating mountain: No;Camera control: Bluetooth detachable remote

six. Zhiyun Polish Ten: Best smart stabilised selfie stick

£59 |
Buy now from Amazon

Zhiyun’due south Smooth X is a stabiliser-equipped smart selfie stick. While it can’t compete for reach, the Smooth X packs a wealth of features designed to have your photos and videos to the next level.

At that place’s a two-centrality stabiliser built right into the smartphone mount that helps counter any jerky movements for noticeably smoother videos. A joystick built into the handle too allows you to accept transmission control to create smooth panning video clips and instantly switch between horizontal and vertical shooting positions.

When paired with Zhiyun’s ZY Cami app the Smoothen Ten unlocks a range of smart functions like automated panoramas, moving fourth dimension lapses and also features a simple in-built video editor. The app also allows the Smooth X to track moving objects so you can e’er remain centred in your videos.

Cardinal specs – Folded Length:
Maximum extension:
Max phone width:
Min phone width:
Rotating mount:
Yes;Camera control:
Bluetooth detachable remote