Canon T6 vs T6i

Two of the most pop cameras today are the Canon Rebel T6 and T6i (also known as 1300D and 750D). Merely which one is better for yous? The comparison beneath covers everything you lot need to know almost the T6 and T6i. Although these aren’t particularly new cameras – announced in March 2016 and Feb 2015 respectively – Canon frequently puts the T6 and T6i on sale for great prices, while their newer cameras are discounted less frequently.

Catechism Insubordinate T6 / EOS 1300D
Canon Rebel T6i
Canon Insubordinate T6i / EOS 750D

Canon T6 and T6i Specifications Comparison

Between the two cameras, although the T6 is actually newer, the T6i has better specifications in virtually every way. It is the higher-stop camera of the 2 – and if both were the same price, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel to say that the T6i is the better camera.

Here is the specifications comparison of the Canon T6 versus the Canon T6i, including every important characteristic:

Catechism Rebel T6 / EOS 1300D Canon Rebel T6i / EOS 750D
Announcement Date March 2016 Feb 2015
Megapixels 18 24
Autofocus Points 9 xix
Continuous Shooting 3 fps five fps
Touchscreen No Yeah
LCD Tilt-Flip Capability No Yes
Max Video Specs 1920 × 1080p, thirty fps 1920 × 1080p, 60 fps
Battery Life 500 photos 440 photos
Weight (with battery and card) 485 g 555 g
Dimensions (W×H×D) 129.0 × 101.three × 77.6mm 131.9 × 100.9 × 77.8mm
Price (early 2022, with xviii-55mm kit lens) $400 $600

Price Differences

As you can see, the Canon T6i beats the Catechism T6 in virtually every mode, aside from minor differences in things like weight and battery life. The biggest win for the Catechism T6 is its price – but $400 with an 18-55mm kit lens (every bit of January 2022, when this article was published). The T6i, by comparison, is $200 more expensive at $600.

Earlier reading farther, keep in listen that the recommendations in the rest of the article are based on those two prices – $400 for the T6 and $600 for the T6i. But Canon sometimes discounts i or the other, or both, then cheque T6 price and check T6i toll here.

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A $200 toll difference, to me, is about right, and I think it splits the correct pick pretty evenly depending on your needs, with a slight border to the T6i in terms of value (even though it is more expensive). And then, if the price difference is less than $200 because the T6i is on sale, that’south the one I would go. Or if you find a adept deal on the T6 that puts the price difference greater than $200, give the T6 a long look instead.

Which One Should You Become?

The primary takeaway from the specifications comparison in a higher place is that the Canon T6i is ahead of the T6 in most areas, but non necessarily ones that may matter to you.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the T6i is that it has a tilt-flip touchscreen rather than a fixed LCD on the dorsum of the camera. Combined with 60 FPS video rather than xxx FPS, the T6i is a definite improvement for filming video of whatever kind. But not everyone needs those features.

Sports photographers or functioning photographers will appreciate the 19-point autofocus system and 5 FPS shooting of the T6i, compared to the ix-point system and 3 FPS shooting of the T6. And landscape photographers who desire as much detail as possible will find the 24 megapixel sensor to be a subtle, yet noticeable improvement over 18 megapixels on the T6.

But for other types of photography, these benefits don’t really matter. Portrait photographers would take better luck taking the $200 they’ve saved and ownership an off-camera wink kit instead, or putting the money toward a 50mm f/1.eight lens. The same is truthful of travel photographers buying a camera for vacations; yous might not find much value in the T6i’s extra features in that example.

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Image quality of the two cameras is very similar, practically the same. The 24 megapixel versus 18 megapixel sensor seems like a big bargain, but the difference in maximum impress size is really quite small – and information technology just appears if your technique is perfect, usually meaning that you used a tripod and the camera’due south base ISO. So don’t base your decision on image quality unless you tin can’t live without an extra 15% impress width.

Are the T6i’s benefits worth an extra $200? That depends on a few things, including your budget, and I don’t have whatsoever manner of knowing your verbal situation. Merely in general, the answer is yes for sports or theater photographers, aye for video shooters, probably so for landscape photographers, and probably not for portrait or travel photographers. Put the money to a good lighting kit, tripod, or lens, and y’all’ll meet more benefits in your final paradigm.

Other Cameras to Consider

As skillful as the Canon T6 and T6i are, there are many other cameras at this price range which are also worth considering if yous’re starting out in photography. Take a look at our detailed comparison of today’s entry-level DSLRs. Ane takeaway is that the Nikon D3500 sells for the same or similar cost to the Canon T6, only has generally better features overall, so you should give information technology some idea if your heart isn’t prepare on a Canon. And both the Nikon D5600 and Catechism SL2 are worth looking at if you’re looking for cameras in line with the T6i’s price.

Here is an extensive nautical chart comparison all of Canon’s current entry-level DSLR cameras, including both the T6 and T6i:

T6 / 1300D T7 / 2000D / 1500D T6i / 750D T7i / 800D SL2 / 200D
Announcement Date March 2016 February 2022 February 2015 February 2017 June 2017
Megapixels xviii 24 24 24 24
Autofocus Points 9 9 nineteen 45 9
Continuous Shooting iii fps 3 fps 5 fps 6 fps 5 fps
LCD Tilt-Flip Capability No No Yes Yes Aye
Dual Pixel AF No No No Yep Yes
Battery Life 500 photos 500 photos 440 photos 600 photos 650 photos
Weight (with battery and bill of fare) 485 chiliad 475 g 555 g 532 one thousand 453 grand
Price (early on 2022, with 18-55mm kit lens) $400 $500 $600 $750 $600
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Besides proceed in mind that the T6 and T6i cameras have several mirrorless competitors as well. The principal ones effectually this price point are the Sony A5100 and A6000, Fuji X-A5, and Canon’south own M50. Personally, I believe DSLRs at this price are often ameliorate value if you don’t listen their large size, only y’all may find a expert deal on one of these mirrorless options that makes it the ameliorate buy.

Sample photos taken with these cameras or other competitors of the T6 and T6i:

Abstract Detail Photo of Water
NIKON D3400 + 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3 @ 300mm, ISO 360, i/thou, f/six.3
Sand Dune Landscape Photo
NIKON D5600 + xviii-55mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 18mm, ISO 100, one/200, f/8.0
Black and White Landscape Photo with Canon SL2
Canon EOS Insubordinate SL2 + EF-S18-55mm f/4-five.6 IS STM @ 18mm, ISO 500, 1/thirty, f/6.iii
Red Leaf and Green Background Sample Picture
Canon EOS Rebel SL2 + EF-S18-55mm f/4-five.6 IS STM @ 38mm, ISO 400, 1/250, f/5.0
Canon Rebel T7i Sample Photo of Architecture
Catechism EOS Insubordinate T7i + EF-S18-55mm f/4-v.6 IS STM @ 31mm, ISO 100, 1/100, f/5.0


Hopefully this article gives y’all a skillful idea whether the Catechism Insubordinate T6 or T6i is a better option for your needs. If in that location’s a feature on the T6i you lot can’t live without – maybe the tilt-flip screen or the 60 FPS video, for example – you already know your choice.

If y’all’re still unsure, wait until one of these cameras goes on sale and yous observe a good bargain. Or, if your upkeep allows it, just buy the T6i. It’s the more advanced photographic camera betwixt the two, and the worst instance scenario is that y’all don’t terminate up using its more advanced features.

At the end of the day, y’all actually can’t become incorrect either way. Both the T6 and T6i are highly capable cameras which tin aid you capture astonishing images – and the same can exist said about essentially all their competitors at this price point.