11 Best Golf Club Sets for 2022 – Top Rated Golf Clubs & Complete Sets

Golf has this weird way of heady and frustrating players at the same time. A round of golf is like an emotional rollercoaster: Y’all’ll take a fair corporeality of repulsive shots that make you want to chuck your driver into the woods and exit you questioning your very existence, a large number of boilerplate shots that are never quite good enough but let you to maintain some sanity, and just enough brag-worthy shots that brand you lot want to pop your collar, salvage your scorecard, and come back next calendar week for another ride (or circular).

Fifty-fifty if you can’t intermission 100 on 18 holes, playing a round with your buddies and a couple of frosty beverages is a foolproof recipe for enjoyment. To really go the near out of your time on the course, you’ll need your own set of golf game clubs, with a range of irons, wedges, and forest to lucifer your level of experience and fashion of play.

The Best Golf Club Sets

  • one

    All-time-Selling Club Set

    sixteen-Club Men’s Complete Golf game Club Set

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  • 2

    Best Budget Set for Men

    Golf Profile Platinum Complete Parcel Set

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  • three

    Best Game-Improving Irons

    Big Bertha Atomic number 26 Gear up, five-PW

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  • four

    The Modernistic Man’s Clubs

    V2 Iron Prepare, five-Pw
    Stix Golf

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  • five

    Best Distance Iron Fix Under $900

    SIM2 Max Iron Set, 4-Prisoner of war

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      What to Consider

      When searching for the right set of clubs, we recommend you consider the amount and type of clubs, the skill level that the clubs are geared toward, and whether a pocketbook is included.

      ➥Complete Sets Versus Irons-Only Sets

      A complete ready has everything you need — driver, woods, irons (and sometimes hybrids), wedges, and a doodle. These are a great option for anyone who wants to unbox their clubs and hit the class, but top-of-the-line clubs usually are not sold as a complete gear up. If you want to build a custom set that ameliorate fits your skill level, you’ll likely want to start with a set of irons, then add whatever clubs speak to yous about individually.

      ➥Skill Level

      Golf game clubs are made with a specific type of histrion in mind, relating almost to skill level. A low-scoring golfer will want to swing “player’s irons,” which have improve feel, command, and pinpoint accurateness, but only if you swing them just right. The margin for mistake is small with a thespian’s fe. On the other side of the spectrum, “game-improving” irons accept a weight, shape, and size that improves distance with a larger sweet spot, which is platonic for less-skilled players.


      Numberless are typically only included with a consummate gear up. If you’re starting with irons and building your ain club set, y’all’ll need to buy a handbag separately. Golf bags come in two primary styles: cart bags and stand bags. A cart pocketbook is exactly what it sounds like: It’south made for riding in the golf cart, and yous wouldn’t want to deport it for long (unless you’re a caddy). A stand handbag has two legs that extend when you set it downwards, so it stays upright on its own. Stand bags are the virtually mutual and convenient option because you lot can use them when walking the class, but they can too be strapped into the cart when you want to ride 18 holes.

      Nosotros’ve compiled a guide to this year’s best golf clubs to aid you lot go grade-ready. Nosotros touched on a few complete sets that are fix to play right out of the box with woods, irons, wedges, a putter, and a bag. Nosotros’re likewise recommending some iron-only society sets for the golfer who’due south looking to mix and match for a custom-filled fix. As the weather warms up, check out these acme-rated golf game clubs from some of the game’due south nearly trusted brands.

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      Best-Selling Club Set

      16-Club Men’south Complete Golf game Social club Set

      • Consummate and affordable
      • Entry-level set that’s easy to outgrow

      Strata’southward line offers this 16-guild fix as the perfect entry-level golf club set for someone needing all the essentials in an affordable, set up-to-swing parcel from a respected brand.

      Consummate with a lightweight stand bag, this set includes a commuter, a 3-wood, a 5-hybrid, half-dozen irons, a pitching wedge, and a putter. The driver has an oversized head and sweetness spot, comparable to higher-priced clubs that the pros utilize, while the 5-hybrid provides a keen alternative to those pesky long irons.

      This set up is an Amazon all-time seller and a peak pick on Business Insider and Heavy.com. It’s offered in xvi- and xviii-piece versions, and there’due south a prepare designed for women, too.

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      All-time Golf game Bags for Toting Around Your Goodies


      Best Upkeep Prepare for Men

      Golf game Contour Platinum Complete Packet Set

      • Toll is hard to shell
      • Smaller club option than other complete sets

      Value shoppers and weekend warriors will be pleasantly surprised with this 10-club complete golf club fix from Wilson.

      Woods include an oversized driver for big distance fifty-fifty on off-center tee shots, a fairway wood, and a forgiving 5-hybrid. The midsize irons accept a stainless steel shaft and social club face, with weight distributed to the heel and toe for a faster downswing. And the putter has an alignment aid that gives you confidence when lining upwardly your put.

      All this comes in a lightweight, cost-conscious package that’southward packed with more performance features than Wilson’s standard Profile series set.


      All-time Game-Improving Irons

      Big Bertha Iron Set, 5-Pow

      • Massive sweet spot is hard to miss
      • Not the best pinpoint accuracy

      Big Bertha is quite possibly the most well-known proper noun in golf game clubs, dating back to their original commuter in 1991. Callaway’south flagship lineup has evolved over the years and continues to pb the league.

      These irons are labeled “super-game improving” by
      Golf Assimilate, significant they are designed for higher-handicap golfers who demand all the help they tin get.

      Apart from beingness some of the sexiest atomic number 26 sets on the course, this 5-Pw (six clubs) atomic number 26 set is operation-packed. The oversized clubhead has one of the biggest sweetness spots around, which makes it that much easier to miss-hit if your swing is inconsistent.

      They are weighted with a lower center of gravity, which helps yous replace line drives with lofty shots. And they have the thinnest face in Big Bertha’south history, which improves brawl speeds and maximizes altitude.

      Golf is all almost having fun (or, at least, attempting to), so why not invest in a set of irons that gives you the best shot at enjoying yourself?


      The Modern Man’due south Clubs

      V2 Iron Ready, 5-Pw

      • Incredible quality at a price that undercuts the competition
      • Newer company without a longstanding reputation

      Stix is a newer golf brand with a very simple mission: to make loftier-quality clubs with current applied science, sleek styling, and a minimalist blueprint, and price them reasonably for the modern amateur golfer. Their forest, irons, and wedges will shave strokes off most anyone’due south score — me included.

      Every Stix fe and wedge is cavity-backed and oversized. They feature a sleek, sexy, blackness-on-black finish with a premium diamond-like coating (DLC), which is the highest-quality constructed diamond coating bachelor for blackness clubs.

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      The six-lodge prepare of Stix irons has large club faces that provide more than surface expanse for ball contact, with sweet spots that are nearly impossible to miss. These irons helped me — a below-average role player — land the ball on the light-green from upwards to 175 yards out (rather than missing left or correct), preclude from sinking my ball in the drink on mishits with my 5-fe, and directly-upwardly take a ameliorate time.


      Best Distance Atomic number 26 Set Under $900

      SIM2 Max Iron Set up, 4-Pw

      • More forgiveness for less consistent swings
      • Vii clubs is i more than than most atomic number 26 sets
      • Difficult to spin

      TaylorMade is the go-to club brand of 2022’s Masters Winner Tiger Woods. While Tiger plays the more than advanced P7TW irons, these SIM Max Irons were made to make the average amateur player feel similar the Grand.O.A.T. himself. That’s why they have consistently made
      Golf Digest‘s Gilt Hot Listing for game-improving irons.

      The SIM Max irons (seven clubs) are said to be TaylorMade’south longest, highest, and straightest-hitting iron, thanks to Speed Span technology that localizes face flexibility and delivers more than energy from the clubhead to the ball with every swing. The ECHO damping system minimizes vibrations on less-than-perfect shots, too.

      For mid- and loftier-handicappers who want maximum forgiveness and altitude (i.e., those with “developing” skills), the SIM2 MAX irons are the best bang for your cadet. These irons make TaylorMade’s highly respected brand and quality somewhat reachable for golfers of all abilities.


      All-time Player’s Irons

      2021 T300 Irons, five-AW

      • Very long and forgiving
      • Spend-y

      Our colleagues at
      Men’due south Health
      said a few years dorsum that these irons “have it all.” And with the most recent updates to this club, we still wholeheartedly agree. The newer T300 irons from Titleist give golf game lovers plenty of altitude, control, and consistency.

      Priced at about $1099 for four-PW (7 clubs), they’re geared toward more serious golfers who find the T100 irons too compact, and thus, too demanding. The T300 are much more hittable for players with a college handicap, thanks to a larger club confront and sugariness spot, but they don’t feel bulky or oversized.


      Best Forged Irons

      Apex 21 Irons, four-Pow

      • Incredibly soft and damp
      • Difficult to control with an inconsistent swing

      Our favorite forged irons are Callaway’s Apex 21 — an fe fix that consistently ranks at the peak of the
      Golf Assimilate
      Gold Hot List. They are categorized equally “player’s distance irons,” which means they are made for frequent golfers with boilerplate handicaps who could use a few actress yards from their clubs. Because honestly, who
      want the ball to travel further?

      The body of this guild is made from mild carbon steel wrapped in a carbon outer layer, which provides an incredibly soft feeling. An added dampening technology minimizes vibrations on the occasional mishit. And Callaway’s Face up Cup technology delivers optimum ball launch and distance without sacrificing control.

      Straight out of the box, these vii irons (4-Pow) are a game changer, with their Truthful Temper Drag 95 Steel shaft. Simply if you’re looking for fifty-fifty meliorate functioning and a custom await, bank check out their premium shaft options for a custom look and feel.

      • Forged steel with copper plating feels truer than e’er
      • Expensive

      If you desire irons with a legendary experience and feedback, these Mizunos are a modern take on a classic, fourth dimension-tested style. Mizuno’southward new Pro 225 irons are fabricated from forged steel, layered with soft copper plating, and finished with a brushed satin for reduced glare, which means these are some of the truest-feeling, all-time-looking irons y’all’ll e’er swing.

      The society face delivers a smooth feel at impact, and the large overall size helps minimize errant shots, without the feeling like you’re swinging a snow shovel. This set up includes half-dozen irons and one wedge (4-Prisoner of war) for correct around $one,400, which positions them competitively against iron sets from other top brands.


      Best Graphite Set for Women

      Women’s Profile SGI Complete Golf Club Gear up

      • Graphite shafts are lighter and shots travel farther
      • Lower price means lower quality

      Wilson offers beginner golf game clubs for women in an affordable, altitude-yielding set with their Contour SGI. This consummate golf club set is course-set straight out of the box, with everything you’ll demand for a round on the links.

      This ten-club set up has a huge graphite-shafted commuter that increases forgiveness for those who have yet to perfect their swing, graphite-shafted irons that provide more stability at contact, two wedges that are keen for your short game, and a unproblematic, reliable putter.

      Wilson’s Profile SGI set comes complete with a backpack-style cart bag at a price that won’t break the bank. It comes in a men’s version, too.


      Best Budget Set for Women

      XD1 Ladies Complete Golf game Clubs Set

      • A full set that’s ready to swing
      • Bag isn’t very stout

      If your game is getting better, you’re tired of renting or borrowing clubs,
      you’re on a fixed income, this golf game social club set will do the trick. It has everything you need for a successful round, including a full titanium driver with a huge sweet spot, a fairway forest, a hybrid, half-dozen to 9 irons, a pitching wedge, and a putter (ix clubs total).

      Protect your clubs with the three included headcovers, carry it all in the included dual-strap bag with a kickstand, and y’all’re well on your mode to fun in the sun.


      All-time Starter Gear up

      Golf Youth Profile JGI Fix

      • A cheap starter set for young ones
      • Simply one iron and one wedge

      Instead of scrambling to observe a babysitter, teach your fiddling i to play. This five-order set is great for both boys and girls from ages viii to 11. It includes a big titanium driver, a hybrid club, one iron, one wedge, a doodle, and a lightweight kickstand carry pocketbook with an included pelting hood.

      The golf clubs in this ready are engineered specifically for younger players, so they can piece of work on improving distance and accuracy. Instill the passion in your kids from a young historic period for a hobby that the 2 of yous tin can enjoy together for years to come.

      Andrew has been contributing to the outdoors and fitness content on BestProducts.com since 2017; he’south a nature lover, height-bagger, skier, and full general proficient-time haver who lives in Colorado, knows where all the fresh snow is, and what gear you should be wearing for staying warm or looking fresh.

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