Slack vs Discord – Gaming, Working or Both?

I’m not a gamer. To tell you lot the truth, the almost advanced game I ever played was Mario dorsum in the 90s. However, I’m hither today, talking virtually Discord and comparing information technology with Slack, the biggest team chat app there is.

As luck would have it, some of my coworkers are gamers and heavy Discord users. They helped me out and shared some expert opinions about Discord for this comparing. As for Slack, I’ve become a chip of an skillful in it, since I’ve written a number of reviews on this app. Primarily, the
Slack alternatives
Slack vs. Flock
Slack vs. Skype
, and other manufactures which yous tin can detect on the Chanty blog.

Speaking of which – nosotros are Chanty and we are building the side by side best squad chat app. With then many
team communication tools
, nosotros started a
comparison marathon

where we actually use unlike apps within our team. We analyze them, acquire nearly their pros and cons and use all this cognition to create something better than the rest. If you desire to give Chanty a endeavor, sign up and give information technology a go – nosotros would honey your feedback.

For those who are in a hurry, here’s a short Slack vs. Discord comparison table:

Target audience
Business Business, Gaming

Master feature
Text communication Voice communication
  • Freemium
  • Pro $6.67 user/month
  • Business $12.50 user/month
  • Free programme
  • Nitro Classic plan $4.99 user/month

  • Nitro plan $9.99 user/calendar month
Message history limit 10 000 messages in Free plan Unlimited
Integrations Limit of x integrations in Complimentary program

800+ integrations in paid plans

Unlimited API integrations
Video conferencing For no more than 2 users in Free plan

For up to 15 users in Paid plans

Up to 25 users
Screen sharing Yes (in paid plans) Yes
Interface color options xx+ theme options Either light or dark theme
Storage limit 5GB in Free plan, 10GB-20GB in Paid plans Unlimited
File upload limit 1GB 8MB/file in Free program
100MB/file in Nitro plan
Limit for aqueduct members You lot may receive a limitation system notification starting at 8,5K members The default online concurrent user limit is 5,000 simply it can exist raised
Conversation threads Yeah No
Phonation-simply channels Yes Yeah
Push to talk No Yeah

Slack vs Discord comparing

All the same, if you desire more details and our feedback, continue on reading.

Slack vs Discord concept

At their cadre, Discord and Slack are very like. Both are
team conversation apps
with a like interface. Both apps have
team communication organized
in channels. The biggest difference between the two is their
target audition, and of form, their
specific features. Here is how both tools position themselves:

Discord –
Your identify to talk and hang out

Slack – Where work happens

Slack primarily focuses on the business sector. Discord was initially focused on the gaming industry; however, in light of their recent updates and developments,  there are at present numerous business concern teams on Discord.

To this 24-hour interval, Discord has become a synonym for gaming. In fact, they even have
a website with a list of Discord servers

(teams) where you can look for groups that match your interests. The majority of servers are about gaming, but yous will see all sorts of different communities. Essentially, there is a server about everything. Ariana Grande fans, Android app enthusiasts, Girl Scouts and many others – all have a place on Discord, making it more of a social network than a team conversation app.

Discord open server

The kickoff thing to mention is that Discord is focused on voice chat. The main reason is that gamers need loftier-quality, lag-costless vox chat to communicate with each other when playing different games. Discord fits the bill perfectly, providing reliable speech communication all around.

This is how Discord users recollect that Discord and Slack are different:

I similar to depict it (Discord) every bit a ‘real time Reddit’ considering of the way that you lot join many specific servers (subreddits) and join ongoing conversations (posts). Slack is not like this a lot because information technology focuses on edifice a service that is curated for businesses and internal communications and then in turn, Slack comes off more than like a conference call or a corporate chat room.

– Noah Weidner, Discord user

Slack vs Discord pricing

If you’re looking for one major reason why people are looking for Slack alternatives, it’s the price of the app. This is the biggest roadblock for people who try Slack and I can see why this happens. Slack’s pricing starts from $6.67 per user per month for those who want to get rid of the limitations such as the limit of 10,000 searchable messages and ten integrations. If you lot also want more features, such as 99.99% uptime, guest admission and 24/7 priority customer care, y’all will have to pay even more than – $12.5 per user per month.

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Discord is free and it has very few limitations. Unlike the free plan in Slack, you will keep your team’southward message history. If you like Discord then much that you want to pay for it, in that location is Nitro and Nitro Classic plans, which gives you lot a few perks. These include 100MB of space, the use of a GIF avatar, higher quality of screen sharing, animated emojis and a profile badge that says how long you’ve been supporting Discord. The discord character limit is 2000.

Slack vs Discord interface

Discord’due south user interface is pretty similar to the one in Slack. Your contacts are on the left and conversations are on the right. However, Slack’due south interface seems amend because all of the channels, DMs and apps are clearly visible on the correct. On the other hand, Discord is slightly more complicated. You have to observe channels and direct messages under unlike menus.

In Discord, you can choose a dark theme colour as well as lite style. On the other hand, Slack only allows y’all to customize the sidebar with the contacts and apps and y’all can choose one of the 21 available colors. If yous know your mode with code, you lot tin fifty-fifty customize the entire Slack scheme using
custom CSS

and changing the CSS file of the desktop app. Overall, there are lots of customization options in Slack, and it’southward no longer merely a communication app. In fact, it gets more cumbersome with each twelvemonth.

Sidebar customization options in Slack

For example, it took me more five minutes to observe where you customize Slack’s color options. On the other hand, I found it immediately in Discord. Discord seems more intuitive when it comes to setting up the app.

If you’re looking for an app that is truly intuitive and easy to employ, I strongly recommend checking out Chanty. If you’re a gamer, I’g non sure it will meet all of your needs, only it will definitely assist you lot with work.

As mentioned before, servers in Discord are teams in Slack. There are a lot of people saying that switching teams in Slack is more hard than switching servers in Discord. In my ain testing, I’ve establish that this is non true.

When yous set a Discord account, you can join and leave servers as yous delight. You don’t have to go through the whole onboarding procedure with each team you bring together, which is the case with Slack. On the other hand, in one case you practice go through the onboarding procedure for each new team, switching teams in Slack is super like shooting fish in a barrel, just like switching servers in Discord.

There are text tricks in Discord. Discord uses Markdown, a organization for text formatting. All yous need to do is to add some characters earlier and afterwards the text that you want to stand out.

Discord text tricks

Slack vs Discord conversations

At that place are several ways to accept conversations in Slack. These include:

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Public conversations

Private channels

Direct messages

On the other hand, Discord channels are organized into text and vocalization. The good news is that Discord channel settings are very advanced and you can set roles and permissions for whatever channel member. Therefore, you lot tin can besides use private Discord channels.

The limit of squad members is a large deal for gamers. Although Slack doesn’t have the official limit for team members, such a limit nonetheless exists. At that place was
a report

of a team with 8,500 members getting the message such every bit “You’ve reached the maximum number of users”. Since that time, the limit was raised, but no one went far enough to test it out. At the same time, Discord announced that their limit is

500,000 server members

but if more 25,000 online simultaneously, the owner must contact Discord back up for more server space to avert errors.

One controversial topic is threaded conversations. Some people honey threads, others hate them.  Although Discord never had this feature, it is at present available after their most recent update, so no need to worry most it.

Slack vs Discord video telephone call

In Slack, you tin brand video calls between two people only, unless you’re on a paid programme. If y’all’re paying, the limit extends to 15 people. Also, users can merely share their screen during a video phone call on a paid plan. Slack doesn’t split up video and vocalization calls and yous tin can access both with one button.

Voice and video call buttons in Discord

Phonation and video call buttons in Discord

Voice calls are the essential Discord feature. As mentioned above, there are special voice channels where you don’t fifty-fifty have to start a vox phone call – just jump in and start speaking to people. Gamers love these features because they tin can play and talk with their friends.

Also, 1 great feature in Discord’s vocalism calls is how many people can participate. Every bit mentioned, you can talk with upwards to 100 users at the same time. There is a limit for Discord video calls though, and you lot tin run into up to 25 of your friends at a fourth dimension – which is a lot better than 2 in Slack.

When it comes to quality, I’ve tried video calls in both apps and the all-time way to depict both apps would be satisfactory. It’s far from perfect (specially on a retina screen), merely y’all can run across your friends only fine.

Video call in Discord

Video call in Discord

Video call in Slack

Video call in Slack

Slack video call settings are fairly basic. On the other hand, Discord’s settings are much more advanced. You tin can command things such every bit repeat cancellation and noise suspension, for example.

Voice and video settings in Discord

Vox and video settings in Discord

Voice call settings in Slack

Voice call settings in Slack

One more than useful characteristic in Discord is push-to-talk. Instead of letting everyone hear you throughout the unabridged game, yous tin can turn on your mic with a central combination of your choice. Once again, this is a gamer-specific feature and naturally, it’s missing in Slack.

1 matter that has to be mentioned is that both tools are missing congenital-in vocalisation messaging. Slack allows yous to record and ship vox letters, but but if you use third-party integrations. Discord users
have been requesting

this feature lately, but without any luck. However, Chanty lets you share voice messages instantly so you lot can chat on the go with ease.

voice messages in Chanty

If y’all want to find out more nigh this feature, feel free to volume a costless demo of Chanty today!

Discord vs Slack notifications

Notifications are a fundamental function of every conversation tool. You probably don’t want to get annoyed with a notification every minute, and then the power to command your notifications is crucial. However, you don’t want to miss something important either. You’re in luck, considering Slack lets yous control everything.

Notification settings in Slack

Notification settings in Slack

Besides the settings that you can see, there is a whole page with notifications in Slack. For example, you tin set up keyword notifications, then that every time someone types a certain keyword, you get notified.

Notification preferences in Slack

Notification preferences in Slack

Discord’s notification settings are just as impressive. Y’all can make a robot speak your notifications for you, if you want, which can be useful when playing. You tin can adapt your notifications for each channel and server to ready where you become notifications. Besides, you can mute entire channels.

Notification settings in Discord

Notification settings in Discord

Discord vs Slack integrations

When it comes to integrating with other apps, Slack is the articulate winner. At that place are more than than 800 apps that you can connect Slack to, which is quite a number. Since Slack is meant for work, it integrates with apps yous might need at work. Slack gives yous notifications from your piece of work apps directly in its own app.

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On the other paw, Discord doesn’t connect with any work apps.

You tin, however, integrate Discord with your favorite games, besides as social media networks such every bit Facebook and Spotify. Also, you tin can connect Discord’s API with a
multitude of bots



Discord vs Slack file sharing

Both apps allow you to share files. In Discord, the size limit is 8MB, only you tin can upgrade to the paid Nitro programme and unlock the limit to 100MB. On the other manus, Slack’s limit for files is 1GB.

While 1GB is quite a lot, you tin can’t keep these files forever. The total file limit is 5GB in the free plan and 10 – 20 GB per user in the paid plans. On the other mitt, Discord boasts near its unlimited bulletin and file history. This sounds amazing, specially since you always demand access to the files you shared in the app. There is a trick though. Since the file limit is just 8MB, yous won’t be sharing as well many files. You lot tin can ever upgrade to Nitro and get 100MB per file, though.

Yous tin can also share Google Drive files in Slack, likewise equally code or text snippets, which is dandy for work uses. Discord, on the other manus, just lets you lot share files from your own device.

If you want to upload a file, in both apps you take to give additional confirmation, which is impractical if you want to upload a large number of files at once. This is 1 issue that is fixed in Chanty – we made it super easy to upload files in majority.

Discord vs Slack file search

If yous need to search for files, Slack is the meliorate choice. Information technology lets you come across the files you shared in a detail channel and files that others have uploaded. You can also search within the document (such as Word documents), which is bully if you forget the name of the document, which happens a lot in my case. Unfortunately, Discord’southward file search is rather poor in comparison. It’southward quite challenging to notice a file by its name or its contents.

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Discord vs Slack summary

Both tools are great, let’south become that 1 out of the way first. Each app has its own purpose and target audition.

All of the communities and integrations with games, likewise as the focus on voice communication – are the reasons why Discord is a social network and a tool loved by gamers. On the other paw, the number of integrations, the great search function, and the focus on text all make Slack a team chat app for businesses. By the way, if you want to acquire more near Slack,
do read our Slack review

What y’all cull as your team chat app depends on the goal you want to reach. There are people who apply Discord and its alternatives for business and Slack for gaming. We hope that this commodity answered all of your questions and helped you lot make the right determination.

If you still don’t know which team conversation app to use, we suggest giving Chanty a endeavour. If y’all accept a look at the pros and cons of both apps, we took the best from each ane and made them fifty-fifty better. Chanty is the smart, squad chat that makes it super easy to communicate with your squad, no thing if it’south for piece of work or gaming.