How to turn off subtitles on Roku

How to turn off subtitles on Roku

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To learn how to turn off subtitles on Roku—and turn them back on again—all yous need is a few minutes and a footling familiarity with the Roku menu system. Whether yous’re difficult of hearing, trying to keep things quiet at night or simply like knowing exactly which character said what, you tin can enable closed captioning for any program on Roku.

I thing to keep in mind: Many apps have their own subtitle options on top of Roku’s universal settings. It would accept besides long to explicate how to utilize every single one, only generally speaking, you can access subtitles past pressing on the options (*) button while watching a plan, or by sifting through an app’s Settings menu. It’southward often under Accessibility, but sometimes under Audio, so if yous don’t encounter it under one menu, endeavor the other.

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Furthermore, some users have reported irregularities with subtitles — starting automatically when headphones are plugged in, for example. If this happens, it may only be a bug in the system. You tin can correct it past immigration your Roku’southward cache, or past resetting your Roku device. If the steps in this guide don’t work, try 1 of those solutions.

How to turn off subtitles on Roku

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1. Offset up your Roku

To turn off subtitles on Roku, y’all’ll need your Roku upwards and running; an Internet connection wouldn’t hurt, either. If you haven’t updated the software in a while, be certain to do that first.

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How to turn off subtitles on Roku: Settings menu

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two. Navigate to Settings

The Settings menu is where you’ll find all of Roku’s closed explanation options. By manipulating these, you can determine whether you want to see closed captioning on all of your programs, on none of your programs or just when you replay a department. The Settings menu is too where you tin can update your device, or mill reset it, if yous current of air up needing to do that.

How to turn off subtitles on Roku

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iii. Select the Accessibility tab

This is where you’ll find options for airtight captioning. “Captions preferred language” and “Captions style” are potentially useful if y’all picket programs with subtitles oftentimes, just they don’t really factor into this particular how-to. Information technology’southward worth taking a look if you lot’re a frequent airtight captions user, though.

How to turn off subtitles on Roku

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iv. Choose “Captions fashion”

Captions style is where you lot’ll have three choices for subtitles: “Off,” “On always” or “On replay.”

How to turn off subtitles on Roku

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5. Decide which captions mode works for you

When you’re in the Captions way tab, “Off” and “On ever” are pretty self-explanatory. If you never want to see captions, select “Off.” If you lot e’er desire to run into them, select “On ever.” “On replay” is sort of a happy medium. If you often observe yourself saying, “What did they say?” while watching a TV show or movie, and then rewinding to find out, “On replay” is the option for you. This will display captions for a few seconds whenever you rewind, simply get out them off otherwise.

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One time y’all select your closed captioning options, Roku volition call back your preferences across apps. Retrieve that y’all can adapt them on the fly by pressing the options (*) push button. If you lot hit any oddities, clear the cache or mill reset your device.

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