30 Must-Have Apps For Windows 11

Windows 11 is one of the all-time operating systems in the history of Microsoft operating systems. With a cute and novel look and experience and numerous improved and new features, Microsoft claims
Windows eleven will make your life easier!
Subsequently all, it offers a re-designed Windows Store, meliorate support for Android apps, etc.

Apart from the built-in features of Windows 11, Microsoft Shop has improved to host
thousands of 3rd-party apps

to help add together new features and cater to other needs. Previously, Windows Shop was restricted to Universal Windows Apps, but now, it also supports traditional desktop apps similar Canva, WinZip, and Zoom.

When you start with Windows 11, information technology can exist a daunting task to cull the first apps from this humongous list of apps in the all-new Microsoft Shop. Also, it is
commonly hard to get all required apps
without a definite listing. That is why I am going to list all the essential apps y’all must install in Windows 11 — below hither.

Be Focused


The Pomodoro technique is a time-direction technique that uses a timer to break down piece of work into intervals of 25 minutes accompanied by breaks of five minutes.

Since it is said to increment productivity, Exist Focused helps you lot
utilize the Pomodoro technique
to retain focus and boost productivity. You can too customize the duration of work and break according to your needs.



OneNote is a digital notebook that helps organize notes on your Windows PC. Y’all can jot down your ideas and
type, write or draw, or capture web pages
on OneNote.

You tin can effortlessly share your notes with friends and family and across platforms in real-time. Moreover, you tin can download OneNote on Android and iOS if yous desire to access your notes from different devices on the go.

Microsoft To Practise


Microsoft To Exercise is 1 of the all-time apps to increment productivity. To Do is simple to use and lets you organize your tasks on all your devices. Nether
My Day
on the To Do app, you tin
program your entire day
in a personalized way.

You can also share your tasks with friends and family unit in real-fourth dimension or make group tasks to complete with others. You tin can intermission tasks into steps or personalize the blueprint with vibrant colors to better focus — with simply a few clicks.



If you do not want to pay for Office 365 and want an offline function, LibreOffice is the all-time choice for you. It is an open-source, offline office suite that lets yous
create documents, spreadsheets, or presentations
hassle-gratuitous. Withal, it can be a bit fuzzier than Microsoft Office when dealing with complicated things.



PhaseExpress is a text-expansion tool, which comes in handy when you spend hours typing content. It helps
speed upwardly your writing
in whatsoever program like e-mail clients, text processors, web browsers, etc.

It uses textual shortcuts or hotkeys to do text expansion. Also, you tin can utilise its template director to create and edit text expansions in multiple languages and customizable categories.

Google Chrome


Chrome is
a must-accept browser
on your Windows PC. Google Chrome syncs your browser history, saved passwords, bookmarked sites, etc. across all your devices, letting y’all take your browsing on the become.

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Chrome not only generates and saves strong passwords but also warns you of online breaches, helping to protect your privacy. Ane of its best features is that you tin can become the answers for math calculations, dictionary lookups or discussion meanings, weather forecasts, and more right in the address cum search bar.

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Mozilla Firefox


Firefox is i of the well-nigh popular web browsers along with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It boasts of being a lightning-fast browser while focusing on
privacy-first features
as information technology does not invade your privacy by collecting your browsing information. It also has exciting features similar picture-in-picture mode, nighttime-mode, theming support, etc., like Chrome.



Skype is one of the most popular
video calling and messaging apps. It is packed with features similar audio and video calling (one-to-ane and in groups), phone call recording options, live subtitles, smart messaging, and screen sharing.

Though Microsoft is pushing Teams in Windows 11, if yous employ Skype, yous’ll demand this app. It is a proficient alternative to Microsoft Teams for connecting with friends and family.



Franz is a
multi-channel communication platform
that supports dozens of personal and business messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Slack, Messenger, and WeChat, etc.

What is more interesting is that you can add multiple accounts for the same service and set up different workspaces for business organization and personal accounts, plus you will only go their notifications.

WhatsApp For PC


WhatsApp is
the most popular messaging app
with billions of active users. The desktop version of WhatsApp comes in handy when yous don’t want to proceed checking your phone while working on the PC. You can check your chats, get notifications for new messages, and send messages just like the mobile app.

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Outlook is one of the nigh important apps — especially for professionals. Outlook by Microsoft brings all your emails along with the calendar nether one window in Windows eleven. It too makes it easier to
access dissimilar email accounts
like your work email, personal email, etc.

Though at that place is its web application, its desktop app speeds upwards access to your inbox with email notifications.

Microsoft News


If you want to know your news in style, Microsoft News is the app for you. It is a lovely, gratis app that
shows a personalized news feed
to you lot. Information technology customizes your feel based on your selected interests and topics.

It collects news from multiple sources, assuasive you to choose the news sources you want to read news from, and Microsoft News will bear witness news just from these sources.

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If you are a gamer, Discord is a must-have app for you lot. Discord — Slack for gamers — lets you
connect with your gamer friends
and guildmates over voice calls or chats.

There are thousands of groups focused on your favorite games, websites, or hobbies. You tin interact with people with the same interests and programme your side by side raid or host an online event for others to enjoy together.

VLC Media Actor

VLC is one of the best media players

VLC, if y’all are okay with a little exaggeration, is
a phenomenon media player. The reason beingness VLC can practically play whatever media file thrown at it. It gives you the highest picture quality of whatsoever video — even on a less-than-stellar motorcar.

Also, VLC packs in interesting features such every bit converting a video to another format, playing from a network stream, setting a video equally groundwork wallpaper, etc.



Notepad++ is
a free source code text editor
that supports several languages. Notepad++ has in-built support for comprehensive search and macros, and it allows working on multiple documents simultaneously.

One of the best things almost Notepad++ is information technology requires minimal processing power, unlike some heavy IDEs, making it a good option for developers using some one-time computers.

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Ditto Clipboard


Ditto Clipboard is an extension for the existing Windows Clipboard, which adds to it some actually handy features. Ditto Clipboard lets you
admission saved data at a after stage.

You can save information supported past the clipboard like text, and images, etc. Though the all-new Windows Clipboard allows you to paste old data every bit well, Ditto allows going dorsum in history longer than the Clipboard.

PC Decrapifier


PC Decrapifier is the dream software that saves you lot from the nightmare of deleting a device-critical application. Moreover, it recommends you to
delete bloatware or unnecessary apps
that yous do non need on your Windows PC. That said, it serves this dual purpose, which helps provide a smooth feel.



Wiztree is another utility software that quickly shows you the amount of deejay space each application or file is using. It helps you visually
locate and delete gigantic stray files
like a motion-picture show you copied to the wrong folder or a temporary file taking upwardly a huge space on your difficult bulldoze, helping you lot gratis space.

Google Drive


Google Drive is
a cloud storage application, which gives you fifteen GB of deject space to upload your files, documents, images, etc. and sync it with all your devices.

You tin can also share files and folders with your friends and family directly from Drive. Moreover, it lets you let access to a folder to one particular account while blocking access for unwanted users — after its recent update.



Dropbox is
another cloud storage service
that can be used equally a mod workspace. It allows you to connect with your team and access all your files and folders securely in i place.

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You lot tin gratuitous up space on your device using its cloud storage or share a large file with your teammates — all with a few clicks.

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Acrobat Reader DC


A PDF reader is a must-have on your Windows PC, and there is
no ameliorate PDF reader
than Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. You lot can view, sign, interact on, and comment PDF files with Acrobat Reader.

Moreover, it allows you lot to easily convert files from one format to some other and search in multiple files at once.

Wallpaper Studio


If yous are bored of the wallpaper on your Windows PC, information technology is time to download Wallpaper Studio from the Microsoft shop. Information technology gives you
admission to thousands of wallpapers
that you can use every bit your desktop groundwork.

Moreover, the app allows you lot to create custom-designed wallpapers using your photos and/or videos.

Code Writer


Code Writer is an amazing application if you are a developer looking for
a text and code editor. It supports 20+ file types, and its fast and fluid interface makes it perfect for editing text files, doing code reviews, etc. Also, it avails handy features like a search bar, document explorer, impress tool, etc.


Video conferencing software has become an essential part of life — specially in this age of remote working, thanks to the pandemic. Zoom is
1 of the best video conferencing apps
for your Windows PC considering it has a multifariousness of features that allow you to make group calls, share screen, chat, etc.

Your Phone


You lot can
link your Android phone to your PC
using the Your Telephone app. Your Phone past Microsoft lets you be on top of your life past letting you lot receive your texts and messages on your PC in real-time. You can reply to messages, make calls, receive calls, admission your phone apps — all right from your PC.

Convertor Bot


Convertor Bot is another costless application that is a must-accept in Windows xi. It helps
convert one format to some other
with simply a click, letting you open up and/or play whatsoever file format — even if your reckoner does not support it. The reason being it handles hundreds of file formats and lets you preview or convert them.



Malwarebytes is one of the well-nigh powerful applications that helps in
detecting and removing malware. Information technology is equipped with specialized ransomware protection, virus protection, and spyware removal tools.

Malwarebytes, with its numerous information security features, can protect both business organization and domicile users.



Though searching for applications or files has always been easy on Windows, Wox takes the feel a notch higher. Wox is an
open-source app launcher
that makes it easier to search for apps and files scattered over your system. Information technology also simplifies searching the web: simply write your search query inside Wox.