Best Online Backup Services of 2022 [Free & Cheap Storage]

If you lot’ve ever been concerned nigh losing access to your files — whether those are documents, photos or anything else — chances are you’ll want to brand certain they’re safe and backed up to a remote location. However, finding the correct service can be a hurting. So, nosotros’ve put together this list to help you find the best online fill-in service for your needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • IDrive is the best overall backup provider, though if yous want unlimited storage, Backblaze might be a amend choice.
  • Backblaze and Carbonite are the best unlimited backup solutions.
  • CloudBerry and Duplicati are excellent pieces of fill-in software for ability users who already pay for cloud storage.
  • Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office is the best backup service for security-minded users, since it comes with a range of additional security features.

Nosotros’ll highlight the pros and cons of each service, and hopefully give you lot a clear image of what needs each service fulfills. At the stop of the day, any of our top 10 picks listed here will do fine, but differences in features and design philosophies hateful that some volition probably exist a lot more than relevant to your individual requirements.

Although most of the backup software listed here offer plans for businesses, for this listing nosotros’ll be looking exclusively at their personal plans. If y’all want a solution specifically made for businesses, head over to our list of the best online backup for small business.

  • Co-ordinate to our criteria, our pick for the acme backup service is IDrive, though you can’t go besides wrong with Backblaze, Acronis
    Cyber Protect Dwelling house Office
    or pCloud, either.

  • You can backup your files to the cloud using any of the best deject backup services listed above. If none of these are to your liking, you lot can too have a look at our online fill-in reviews to find even more options.

  • The price of online backup varies greatly. On the cheaper end of the spectrum, you take services similar Backblaze, which offers unlimited storage for ane computer for just $vi per month. Other services, such as IDrive or SpiderOak 1, let you fill-in an unlimited number of devices simply cap the amount of data you’re allowed to upload, with the latter being on the expensive side of things, charging as much as $29 per month for 5TB of infinite.

The Best Cloud Fill-in Services Compared

What Makes the Best Deject Backup Services?

To rank the best cloud backup services, nosotros use the same criteria that we utilise for our reviews — namely, features, pricing, ease of use, security, privacy, customer support and the backup process itself.

  1. IDrive — Feature-rich backup with unlimited devices
  2. Backblaze — The best unlimited backup at a inexpensive price
  3. Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office — Feature-packed backup with great privacy options
  4. pCloud — Excellent cloud storage solution with fill-in functionality
  5. Carbonite — Unlimited space with bully security and privacy
  6. CloudBerry Backup (MSP360) — Complex just powerful advanced backup
  7. SpiderOak One Fill-in — Nifty sync and share features, plus unlimited versioning
  8. BigMIND Home — Easy-to-use backup with decent photo features
  9. Jottacloud — Great photo management and solid characteristic set
  10. Duplicati — Feature-rich, open-source software for gratuitous

Which of these online fill-in services is the right one for you depends a lot on your specific needs. Solutions run the gamut from highly complex and flexible to incredibly basic and straightforward. Annotation that deject storage and online backup services differ.

The overall winner of this ranking is IDrive, which sports a rich set of online backup features and lots of flexibility. However, those who only want a quick and easy solution might prefer something like Backblaze or Carbonite.

ane. IDrive

zero knowledge storage idrive

Even though information technology’s packed with features, IDrive is very easy to learn and use.

More than details about IDrive:

  • Pricing:
    5GB for free, 5TB for $69.l per yr
  • Provider website:
    world wide


  • Great security & privacy
  • Unlimited devices
  • Pretty expert free plan


  • No unlimited fill-in
  • No monthly plan

IDrive is an excellent online backup service that provides a wealth of features at reasonable prices, besides as keen security and privacy. Pretty much every kind of device is supported, including servers, NAS, mobile devices, external drives and desktop computers. In terms of backup features, IDrive has every option you tin can call back of, and versioning is provided for thirty days.

IDrive uses a block-level algorithm to make sure you don’t waste a agglomeration of bandwidth re-uploading entire files when only parts of them accept inverse — making information technology one of the fastest backup options, too. Mobile apps on both Android and iOS let y’all to backup your mobile devices equally well.

IDrive also has a courier service which refers to the concrete delivery of your data, which tin can be useful if your fill-in is huge or you’re located far away from IDrive’south data center in the U.Southward.

Fantabulous Security & Privacy With IDrive

As mentioned, security and privacy is also excellent. IDrive uses AES 256-chip encryption to protect your files sitting on its servers and the SSL/TLS protocol to make sure they’re safe from man-in-the-heart attacks while in transit.

Y’all can manage your own encryption key if you lot cull to do so, which makes IDrive a aught-cognition service that’s incapable of decrypting your files even if it wanted to.

best uk backup idrive cta

Although IDrive doesn’t offer unlimited storage, it’s notwithstanding very expert value for money.

Although IDrive caps the corporeality of data you can upload depending on which program yous choose (encounter our IDrive pricing guide for more information), information technology does support an unlimited number of devices. The paid plans cost $69.50 and $99.50 per twelvemonth, and they provide either 5TB or 10TB of space, while the basic free version of the software gives you 5GB of space.

IDrive Logo

Personal 5TB

  • : Large discount for kickoff-fourth dimension signup.
  • : 5000 GB

Personal 10TB

  • : Big discount for first-fourth dimension signup.
  • : 10000 GB

Business organisation 250GB

  • : Large discount for first-fourth dimension signup.
  • : 250 GB

Business 500GB

  • : Large discount for first-time signup.
  • : 500 GB

Business 2.5TB

  • : Large disbelieve for offset-fourth dimension signup.
  • : 2500 GB

Business 5TB

  • : Large discount for first-time signup.
  • : 5000 GB

Business 12.5TB

  • : Large discount for commencement-fourth dimension signup.
  • : 12500 GB

IDrive is an excellent service that combines a huge number of features with a well-designed customer, as well as great security, privacy and customer support. Add to this its very reasonable cost and information technology’s more than plenty to ensure IDrive the top spot on this listing. Check out our IDrive review for all the details.

2. Backblaze

best uk backup backblaze

Backblaze prioritizes simplicity and ease of utilise over everything else.

More details about Backblaze:

  • Pricing:
    Unlimited storage for $vi per month
  • Provider website:


  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive unlimited fill-in
  • Decent speed


  • Flawed individual encryption
  • Inflexible backup procedure
  • No mobile backup or deejay imaging

Backblaze is almost the polar reverse of IDrive in terms of its approach to online fill-in. Rather than loading the client total of features and advanced settings, Backblaze instead keeps information technology equally simple and straightforward as possible. To see how it stacks upwardly against its biggest competitors, check out our IDrive vs Backblaze and Backblaze vs Carbonite comparisons.

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This design philosophy is immediately evident when yous first open the Backblaze awarding. Everything is contained in just two basic panels, i showing yous the condition of your backup and one for adjusting various settings. Although this makes Backblaze wonderfully like shooting fish in a barrel to employ, it also makes it rather inflexible.

Backblaze’due south Excellent Security simply Flawed Privacy

Backblaze’s security is top notch. Utilizing potent encryption, hardened data centers and two-factor authentication, Backblaze ensures that your data remains safe from accidents or theft. That said, its approach to nil-noesis encryption is fundamentally flawed due to the way the recovery process works.

Rather than performing your recovery directly through the customer, you accept to upload your private encryption cardinal to Backblaze’s website, which potentially nullifies the indicate of client-side encryption. That said, Backblaze claims to delete the encryption key immediately afterward you’ve restored your data, and for the moment nosotros see no reason not to believe this.

best uk backup backblaze cta

Backblaze is easily the best unlimited backup provider.

Backblaze is also very reasonable in terms of cost. For $vi per calendar month, you get access to all of its features and unlimited storage for 1 computer, with further discounts applied if you choose to commit to a year or two-twelvemonth billing catamenia. For more information on the specifics, you can check out our Backblaze pricing guide.

Backblaze Logo

Unlimited Personal

  • : Unlimited GB

At the end of the day, the problem with private keys and the inflexibility of the backup procedure is what keeps Backblaze from the top spot. Every bit nosotros noted in our Backblaze review though, if all yous want is a simple backup solution and you don’t care about private encryption, then Backblaze is an excellent pick. If these factors are deal-breakers, though, you should expect for an alternative.

iii. Acronis Cyber Protect Home Part

best uk backup acronis

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office is the security-buffs’ accept on online backup.

More details most Acronis Cyber Protect Abode Office:

  • Pricing:
    Unlimited storage for 1 device for $89.99 per yr
  • Provider website:
    world wide


  • Flexible server location
  • Characteristic-rich
  • Unlimited versioning


  • Messy interface
  • Laggy customer
  • Complicated pricing scheme

For those who adopt a wealth of functionality over simplicity, Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office is some other splendid pick. Like IDrive, information technology offers all sorts of features, including NAS, server, mobile and hybrid fill-in, besides as the power to create a consummate copy of your organization through deejay imaging.

You also get unlimited versoioning, and although there’s no multithreading support, uploads and downloads are still very fast. When information technology comes to security basics, Acronis supports both zero-knowledge encryption and 2-cistron hallmark.

Protect Your Figurer From Ransomware With Acronis

Besides serving as a backup provider, Acronis comes packed with a wide range of security features — from virus scans to ransomware protection — that makes information technology competitive with most dedicated antivirus suites. You tin can likewise choose exactly where in the world your information is stored, with locations including privacy-friendly countries like Switzerland.

acronis uk data centres

Acronis is a bit expensive, but you go plenty of extra features for your money.

Acronis’ pricing scheme is fairly complicated compared to other entries on this list. There are three plans, but only ii of them — Avant-garde and Premium — actually include online backup. These cost $89.99 and $124.99 per year, respectively, and include unlimited storage for a unmarried device fill-in. The Premium plan as well gives you lot an additional 1TB of storage, and y’all tin add additional devices to both plans.

Acronis Cyber Protect Logo

Acronis Cyber Protect Dwelling house Office Essentials

  • : No-limit hard drive fill-in No cloud storage

Acronis Cyber Protect Dwelling house Office Advanced

  • : No-limit hard bulldoze backup
  • : 500 GB

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office Premium

  • : No-limit hard drive backup
  • : 1000 GB

Acronis Cyber Protect Essentials (Workstation)

  • : No-limit difficult drive backup
  • : five GB

Acronis Cyber Protect Standard (Workstation)

  • : No-limit hard drive fill-in
  • : 50 GB

Acronis Cyber Protect Avant-garde (Workstation)

  • : No-limit difficult bulldoze backup
  • : 50 GB

Acronis Cyber Protect Essentials (Server)

  • : No-limit difficult drive backup
  • : five GB

Acronis Cyber Protect Standard (Server)

  • : No-limit hard drive fill-in
  • : 250 GB

Acronis Cyber Protect Advanced (Server)

  • : No-limit hard drive fill-in
  • : 250 GB

All in all, if you’re looking for a feature-rich service that also offers unlimited storage infinite, you’ll get exactly what you lot need from Acronis. This goes double for users concerned with digital security in all its forms. For more than data about the security-focused service, cheque out our full Acronis review.

iv. pCloud

Best offline storage pCloud

Despite only recently adding backup functionality, pCloud is already one of the peak contenders for this type of service.

More details about pCloud:

  • Pricing: 10GB for costless, 2TB for $95.88 per yr
  • Provider website:


  • Easy to use
  • Hybrid cloud storage & online fill-in


  • Not equally many fill-in features equally defended services
  • Zero-knowledge costs extra

Our quaternary entry on this list, pCloud, isn’t technically a dedicated fill-in service. First and foremost a cloud storage provider, pCloud recently updated its features to include proper backup functionality equally well, earning it a spot on this list.

pCloud ranks highly on our all-time cloud storage list, coming in at 2nd place just backside For backup, it besides performs excellently, though it doesn’t accept quite the range of features (or in the case of Backblaze, focus) to go it into the top three. That said, it still performs the task of a basic backup very well, and it’due south uncommonly easy to set up and utilize.

Stream Video Directly From the Deject With pCloud

If you’re looking for a cloud provider to shop your video files, pCloud’s congenital-in video player makes it an outstanding choice for this purpose. Rather than downloading a file to your local storage before watching it, you can simply open the video straight from the cloud and stream it, saving y’all valuable time.

Best offline storage pCloud CTA

pCloud is expensive, but it’south a two-for-one bargain on cloud storage and online backup.

pCloud’s biggest weakness is its price. To get 2TB of storage infinite, yous’ll accept to pay $95.88 per year, which is pretty steep in the context of online backup. There are lifetime options available besides, which we detail in our pCloud Lifetime article. pCloud offers a 10GB free plan if you just desire to attempt out its backup features.

pCloud Logo


  • : price per user (Min. 3 users)
  • : thousand GB

If you’re looking for both online backup and deject storage, you can’t practice much amend than pCloud. Although you’ll have to pay a bit more than you would for a service dedicated to i of the two tasks, the price is nonetheless more often than not lower than paying for two split up services, and pCloud volition meet about, if non all, of your cloud storage and online backup needs. As always, bank check out our pCloud review for more details.

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5. SpiderOak One Fill-in

most secure storage SpiderOak

SpiderOak One is a great hybrid backup solution for users who need their information to be secure and individual.

More details nearly SpiderOak 1 Backup:

  • Pricing: 150GB of storage for $6 per calendar month
  • Provider website:


  • Unlimited versioning
  • Excellent download speed
  • Great security & privacy


  • Expensive
  • No mobile backup or disk imaging
  • Slow upload speed

SpiderOak One Fill-in is another service that straddles the line between online backup and traditional cloud services. Considering it offers extensive file sharing and syncing functionality, it’s a nifty choice for users who want those features in addition to standard backup functionality.

SpiderOak too shines when it comes to security and privacy. Recommended past none other than Edward Snowden, the service has a articulate privacy policy and zero-knowledge encryption, so you can rest piece of cake knowing that no one tin access your information but yous.

Unlimited Versioning With SpiderOak One

Versioning is 1 of SpiderOak’due south greatest strengths. Where a lot of other providers — both online backup and cloud storage — limit you lot to a prepare timeframe, SpiderOak lets you lot revert your files every bit far dorsum equally you want, and keeps a record of deleted files in perpetuity.

best backup spideroak cta

SpiderOak is very expensive, simply otherwise a solid product.

Hands downward, the biggest problem with SpiderOak I Backup is simply how expensive it is. The bones plan, which costs $6 per month, offers only a measly 150GB of storage. By comparison, Backblaze and Carbonite offer unlimited fill-in for the same cost, and IDrive offers 5TB for slightly less.

SpiderOak One Backup Logo

5GB Plan (mobile merely)

  • : 5 GB

10GB Plan (mobile only)

  • : 10 GB

Ultimately, SpiderOak’s cost keeps information technology from getting whatsoever college on this list. Still, it’s a groovy service for security buffs or those who want traditional cloud storage and online fill-in rolled into ane. If you lot want to learn more about the Snowden-recommended service, make sure to bank check out our full SpiderOak ONE review.

6. Carbonite

best uk backup carbonite

Carbonite is very similar to Backblaze, though information technology implements private encryption much better.

More details virtually Carbonite:

  • Pricing:
    Unlimited storage for $half dozen per month
  • Provider website:
    world wide


  • Cheap, unlimited backup
  • Piece of cake to apply
  • Swell security & privacy


  • Terrible download speed
  • Not a lot of features

Carbonite — one of the best NAS deject fill-in solutions, has a lot in mutual with Backblaze, every bit they both focus on providing a simple and streamlined procedure with unlimited storage. Although it’s short on features, Carbonite does what it’s made for well — namely, backing upward computers.

Things similar hybrid, paradigm-based and mobile backup are missing, but external drives, servers and NAS devices are included on some of the plans. The similarity between Carbonite and Backblaze ends with security.

Where Backblaze’s private encryption is flawed, Carbonite has no such problem. Besides this, encryption is stiff, using AES 256-bit and SSL/TLS to protect your files from cybercriminals at residual and in transit. There’due south limited versioning and a courier service, with the latter being very affordable ($nine.99 per restore) for Carbonite Rubber Prime users.

Set up a Virtual Difficult Drive With Carbonite

If you don’t like using the client itself, Carbonite also sets up a virtual difficult drive on your computer. Here, you tin can find all the files yous’ve uploaded and access nigh of the software’s functionality, including adding and deleting files. This is a relatively uncommon feature for fill-in services, though cloud storage solutions similar Icedrive and Egnyte Connect also have it.

best uk backup carbonite cta

Carbonite is an excellent Backblaze alternative for those who want a more secure approach to cypher-knowledge encryption.

Carbonite’southward pricing scheme is convoluted, to say the least. You can check out our Carbonite review for all the details, but the well-nigh basic programme — called Carbonite Safe — will run you $vi per month and includes unlimited storage space. Unfortunately, some random features such as automatic video uploads and server fill-in are restricted to more expensive plans.

Carbonite Logo

Carbonite Prophylactic Basic

  • : Unlimited GB

Carbonite Safe Plus

  • : Unlimited GB

Carbonite Prophylactic Prime

  • : Unlimited GB

Carbonite Safe Fill-in Core

  • : 250 GB

Carbonite Rubber Server Backup Power

  • : 500 GB

Carbonite Safety Server Backup Ultimate

  • : 500 GB

If you’re the kind of user who doesn’t want to spend too much time thinking about how to backup to the cloud, but Backblaze’s implementation of individual encryption concerns you, then Carbonite is definitely the way to go. Unfortunately, poor speed and limited versioning brings the service down. For a full rundown on how it compares to our top option, check out our IDrive vs Carbonite comparison.

7. CloudBerry Backup (MSP360)


If you’re a power-user who wants as much control as possible over your backups, CloudBerry is probably the best selection.

More details most CloudBerry Backup:

  • Pricing:
    $49.99 1-time fee for Windows version
  • Provider website:


  • Flexible
  • Lots of features


  • Requires a 3rd-political party storage provider
  • Circuitous

If y’all’re a power-user who already pays for some kind of business storage, expect no farther than CloudBerry Backup. More than than any other service on this list, CloudBerry lets the user tweak and tune every single detail of their backup. From unlimited versioning to advanced scheduling, multithreading, block-level uploads and back up for a vast range of device types, CloudBerry has pretty much everything.

The story is like when it comes to security. Depending on your storage provider (more on that in a second), CloudBerry supports client-side encryption and ii-factor authentication.

Automate Your Business Storage With CloudBerry

Rather than managing its own information centers directly, CloudBerry needs to exist paired with a tertiary-party storage provider that you’ll have to sign upwardly to — and potentially pay for — separately. Different the more beginner-friendly Duplicati, CloudBerry is compatible merely with business-focused storage such as Amazon S3, Backblaze B2 and Microsoft Azure.

Although this certainly makes the service less appealing for beginners, CloudBerry is an first-class tool for automating and managing the backup process for users who already utilise a service similar Google Cloud or Wasabi.

best uk backup cloudberry cta

CloudBerry is a groovy option for people who already pay for IaaS storage and want a lot of command over their backup.

Since CloudBerry doesn’t provide you with any of its ain storage, there’south no recurring subscription. Instead, you purchase the software for a i-time fee which varies depending on the operating arrangement. The Windows version costs $49.99, while the Mac and Linux versions are cheaper at merely $29.99.

All in all, CloudBerry is an first-class backup service for more than avant-garde users, especially if yous’re already familiar with IaaS providers. However, more casual users just looking for a bones fill-in solution will probably want something that’south a lot simpler.

viii. BigMIND Dwelling house


BigMIND is expensive, only nonetheless a decent online fill-in solution.

More details about BigMIND Home:

  • Pricing:
    100GB of storage for $two.99 per calendar month
  • Provider website:


  • Good for photos
  • Video streaming
  • Mobile backup


  • Expensive
  • No private encryption
  • No disk imaging
  • Limited devices & storage space

BigMIND Home is some other deject fill-in service owned past Genie9, the company behind Zoolz. Because of this, the general user interface of BigMIND is virtually identical to Zoolz’s, which isn’t a bad affair, as they are both well designed and like shooting fish in a barrel to utilize (read our Zoolz review for more info). BigMIND is also one of the fastest online backup services, especially for downloads.

In terms of features, BigMIND supports scheduled, incremental and continuous backups. You lot tin can use the service to fill-in an external drive, equally well as your Android and iOS devices. Support for hybrid backups, multithreading, throttling and block-level file copying is likewise included, and you tin stream video direct from the server, which is great.

Backup Your Photos With BigMIND Home

BigMIND Home as well comes with an excellent app for iOS and Android that is especially well suited to bankroll upwardly photos and videos. The app comes with an AI characteristic that will scan your photos for objects and faces, and create categories for anything that shows up multiple times. Unfortunately, information technology seems quite poor at recognizing individual people, but it does well with objects.

That said, the mobile app is also quite inflexible, as yous can’t select private files for upload. Instead, you accept to select entire categories (such as photos or contacts) and upload everything inside them.

best backup bigmind cta

BigMIND is a decent, if expensive, backup option.

The biggest drawback to BigMIND Dwelling house is its price. The plans run from $2.99 per calendar month for 100GB of storage for ane computer and 3 mobile devices to $12.99 per month for 1TB of infinite for five computers and fifteen mobile devices. This adds up to a pretty expensive service when compared to others on this list, especially because none of the plans include unlimited storage or devices.

BigMIND Home (by Zoolz) Logo


  • : Users: one Computers: 3 Mobile Devices: 3 External Drives: 1
  • : 1 GB


  • : Users: one Computers: 3 Mobile Devices: 3 External Drives: unlimited
  • : 100 GB


  • : Users: 3 Computers: 9 Mobile Devices: vi External Drives: unlimited
  • : 500 GB

Family Plus

  • : Users: 5 Computers: 15 Mobile Devices: Unlimited External Drives: unlimited
  • : k GB

BigMIND Business organization Starter

  • : ten users/i server
  • : 100 GB

BigMIND Business organisation Standard

  • : 100 users/10 servers
  • : 250 GB

BigMIND Business organization Premium

  • : 500 users/50 servers
  • : 250 GB

BigMIND Business Smart Annal

  • : 500 users/50 servers Common cold storage
  • : g GB

All in all, BigMIND Home is a decent cloud backup service if y’all’re looking for something to protect your photos and videos, and you don’t need that much space nor care about private encryption. Otherwise, though, it’s far too expensive to make it any higher on this list. If you want more details, exist sure to bank check out our full BigMIND Home review.

nine. Jottacloud


Jottacloud has servers in privacy-friendly Norway, which ways that you tin residuum easy knowing that the regime probably aren’t snooping on your files.

More details nearly Jottacloud:

  • Pricing:
    Unlimited storage for one device for $7.92 per month
  • Provider website:


  • File syncing & sharing
  • Bang-up for photos
  • Reasonable prices


  • No cake-level uploads
  • Can’t select individual files
  • No private encryption

Jottacloud is a reasonably priced online backup service with lots of features. All device types are supported, and there’southward multithreading and speed throttling. Jottacloud also comes with extensive file syncing and sharing functionality. This makes information technology some other service that becomes much more attractive if yous’re looking for something that’southward more of a hybrid betwixt traditional deject storage and defended backup.

Although the interface pattern feels like it’s been ripped direct out of the mid-2000s in terms of look and feel, information technology’s still easy to understand and use. When it comes to security and privacy, the biggest problem with Jottacloud is that it doesn’t support private encryption. Withal, the servers are located in Norway, which has some of the strictest digital privacy laws in the earth.

Manage Your Photo Library With Jottacloud

Jottacloud also offers mobile apps for Android and iOS that are especially great for photo backup and management. Besides letting y’all upload information from your phone or tablet, it sports a photo management interface that is very like to Google Photos, which is easily one of the best cloud storage services for photos.


If your primary fill-in need is for photos, so Jottacloud might be the number one choice for y’all.

Jottacoud’southward prices are too reasonable. You tin choose between unlimited storage for a single computer for $vii.92 per month, or storage ranging from 1TB to 20TB of infinite for five devices for $seven.74 to $118 per month. Note that Jottacloud merely provides pricing in euros, so these numbers are estimate.

Jottacloud Logo


  • : 1 User
  • : Unlimited GB

Home 1TB

  • : 5 users
  • : k GB

Dwelling house 5TB

  • : 5 users
  • : 5000 GB

Habitation 10TB

  • : 5 Users
  • : 10000 GB

Home 20TB

  • : five Users
  • : 20000 GB

Business Complimentary

  • : 2 Users
  • : 5 GB

Business Small

  • : 2 Users
  • : k GB

Business Medium

  • : 10 Users
  • : thou GB

Business organisation Large

  • : Unlimited Users
  • : 1000 GB

In determination, Jottacloud is a great choice if you want excellent security and privacy — every bit long as you trust the privacy laws of Norway — at reasonable prices both for unlimited storage or multiple devices. As we notation in our Jottacloud review, If bankroll upwards and managing your photos is something that’s of import to you, then that’south another great reason to go for Jottacloud.

10. Duplicati

best uk backup duplicati

If you like CloudBerry but you don’t desire to spend any money, Duplicati is worth your consideration.

More than details about Duplicati:

  • Pricing:
  • Provider website: world wide


  • Free
  • Open-source
  • Browser-based


  • Complicated
  • Requires tertiary-party storage
  • No mobile apps

Duplicati is another online backup service that, similar CloudBerry, doesn’t offer its own server space, relying instead on third-party providers. Unlike CloudBerry, though, it supports consumer-facing storage, such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

Although this makes Duplicati significantly more accessible to casual users than CloudBerry, it’southward still quite a bit more involved than almost of the other online backup services on this listing. It also doesn’t offering any kind of mobile access, which is a trouble for anyone who wants to be able to manage their backups remotely.

Browser-Based Fill-in With Duplicati

Unlike every other cloud backup service on this list, Duplicati is 100 percent web-based. This means that instead of a dedicated desktop client, Duplicati operates entirely within your web browser. Although some people might adopt using a desktop client to perform their backups, the upside to this approach is that Duplicati is compatible with all major operating systems.

linux cloud backup duplicati cta

Y’all’ll never have to pay a dime to use Duplicati, and information technology’s open up-source, to boot.

Customer support is practically nonexistent, with the only selection for assist existence a user-driven support forum. You tin can’t really concur this against Duplicati, though, given the fact that the service is entirely free and open-source.

If you lot like the idea of CloudBerry only are turned off by the complexity of having to utilise an IaaS service, so Duplicati is the perfect solution to this problem. However, it’south still quite a scrap more complex than services like Backblaze and Carbonite, and so those looking for the simplest way possible to protect their files should probably expect elsewhere. Read our total Duplicati review for more.

Terminal Thoughts

That concludes our listing of the 10 best cloud backup services. All in all, we think IDrive deserves the win, despite its lack of a monthly plan. However, some users will probably find services similar Backblaze and Carbonite to be much more in line with their needs. If you recall IDrive is correct for you merely the poor speed turns you off, then Acronis Cyber Protect Home Function is a peachy alternative.

What do you think of our list of the best cloud backup solutions? Do you lot concur with our choice of IDrive equally the overall winner, or do you think that its speed problems disqualify it from the peak spot? Let us know in the comments below. Thank you for reading.