10 Chic Gift Ideas For Stylish Geeks

It’s time to officially embrace your inner dork!  Whether yous’re looking for something fun for yourself or need to gift the ultimate nerd in your life, we accept something for everyone!

We’ve but striking the geek jackpot and are set up to collect our prizes!  Certain the nerd in us loves anything and everything “Star Wars,” but our true inner-geek comes out when you evidence us anything Dorsum to the Future, Star Trek and, well, anything and everything math.  We’ve only scratched the surface.

It may exist tough to find authentic geek gifts, merely we’ve uncovered a actually perfect (and nerdy) mix of things that are just plainly old fun to requite for a express mirth and things that are actually useful. We’ve rounded up the must-accept geek stuff for just about whatever age!  Shop our picks for some of the nerdiest gifts for geeks this 2022 season.

The Star Wars Choice

The Star Wars ‘Death Star’ Popcorn Maker – Buy It Here

Purchase Now

Making popcorn any other way is just pointless and, well, non as geeky as we’d like! This Expiry Star will make hot and fluffy popcorn in but minutes using hot air and, even improve, you tin can use the top half of the Decease Star as a serving bowl.  Learn more than here!

For the Grammar Geek

 The ‘I Am Totally Judging You Based on
You lot’re
Your Grammar Usage’ Coffee Mug – Purchase It Here

Buy Now

Perfect for those of usa who jump on whatever and every grammar mistake the people we love brand!  This funny coffee mug is larger in size, comes in white, and is dishwasher and microwave condom. Now become judge
you lot’re
your loved ones.  Learn more here!

The Mario Brothers Choice

The Super Mario Brothers Monopoly Game – Buy It Here

Buy At present

The all-time way to combine two of our nerdiest (and favorite) things; Super Mario Brothers (the original) and Monopoly!  Y’all tin can choose to exist Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Toadstool and more!  Instead of edifice houses and hotels you’ll be building flag poles and castles.  Scout out for Bowser.  Acquire more here!

The Scrabble Choice

The Scrabble Tiles Refrigerator Magnet Fix – Purchase Information technology Here

Purchase Now

A super fun way to dress up your refrigerator and exit trivial notes all at the same time!  This official set comes with 112 wooden tile magnets including double letter score, triple alphabetic character score, and more.  Learn more hither!

The Nostalgic Choice

The Alex Trebek Funko Pop Figure – Buy It Here

Purchase Now

Because what’s better than a 1980’s Alex Trebek!?  We miss him!  Learn more here!

The Tech Choice

The Smartphone Controlled Newspaper Airplane – Buy It Hither

Buy Now

Regular paper airplanes are a full matter of the past.  Now you lot can add this to your paper plane and actually fly it via bluetooth on your app.  Insanity!  Learn more here!

The Recipe Pick

The Geeky Chef Cookbook – Buy It Hither

Buy Now

Now yous tin cook upwards all the dorkiest meals, treats, snacks, and more from some of the dorkiest (read: best) tv shows, movies, books, and more.  Learn more than here!

The Harry Potter Choice

The Harry Potter Television Remote Control Wand – Buy Information technology Here

Buy Now

Now how nerdy (and awesome) is this!?  At present you can quickly and easily program this Harry Potter wand to control things in your habitation similar your televisions, Blu Ray platers, speakers and more than.  Who wants to change the aqueduct whatever other way than with a magical wand?! Acquire more here!

The Bathroom Choice

The Periodic Table of Elements Shower Drapery – Buy It Here

Buy Now

This is the updated version with all the most recent elements added!  Who doesn’t want a shower curtain that can help teach every fourth dimension you’re in the bathroom?!  There’s gotta be an h20 joke in there somewhere.  This white shower drapery is odorless and PVC costless.  Plus, in that location are a bunch of other dorky shower curtains to choose from likewise like maps, alphabets, infinite and planets, and more.  See more of the nerdy options hither.

The Truthful Choice

The ‘Santa is a Woman’ T- Shirt – Buy It Here

The Santa is a Woman Gift

Buy At present

Because, well, everyone already knows this, right??  It comes in a bunch of other absurd colors also.  And if you’re looking for more funny Christmas shirts, well, wait right this manner!

The PBS Choice

The PBS Bob Ross ‘Happy Piddling Painter’ Collectible Figure – Buy It Here

Purchase Now

He was the best and happiest fiddling painter on PBS for our unabridged childhood and at present Bob Ross has made it into being on of the acknowledged Funko Pop figures this year.  He honey him!  Larn more than here!

The Comfy Choice

The Star Wars Sock Collections (Pack of iv) – Buy It Here

Purchase Now

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Keep their anxiety warm and looking cool AF with these Star Wars socks.  They come iv to a pack, are super comfy, and machine washable (uh, duh?).  They have options for men and women and a bunch of different styles and characters to choose from.  See more character options here!

The Subscription Nerd

The My Geek Box Monthly Subscription Souvenir Box  – Purchase It Here

Hot New Toys 2017 - Christmas Toy List for Kids 2022

Purchase Now

Now this is the ultimate monthly subscription box we actuallywant!  They come with a bunch of different geeky and nerd-approved little gifts delivered to your front door each and every month.  You tin choose from things like kids, geek-lite, and more.  Check out all the options here!

The GOT Option

The Game of Thrones Toilet/Bathroom Wall Decal – Purchase Information technology Hither

Purchase Now

is the throne they were talking virtually!  Super easy to put upwardly since information technology’s just viscid wall decals.  Adds a little something fun for the major GoT nerd in your life. Learn more here!

The Soup Option

The Harry Potter Cauldron Soup Mug & Spoon in Black – Buy Information technology Here

Buy At present

It’southward really the best way to swallow soup!  This super cool (we don’t think it’southward nerdy!) Harry Potter cauldron tin hold 16 ounces of liquid (hullo soup!) and has a ceramic hat and spoon too.  Nosotros may be guilty of drinking our coffee and hot chocolate out of information technology from time to time. Don’t guess us!  Learn more here!

The Breaking Bad Selection

The Funko Pop ‘Breaking Bad’ Crystal Ship Figurine – Purchase Information technology Here

Purchase Now

We could binge lookout man Breaking Bad all the time and, well, we practice!  This is perfect for the BB fan in your life who geeks out over every single episode (nosotros don’t arraign them).  This ane also comes with a Jesse Pinkman figurine as well! Learn more here!

For The Gym Geek

The ‘Gym Selfie’ Backwards T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Perfect for the gym rat who loves working out and loves taking selfies!  This tee says “Gym Selfie” backwards to that when they’re in the mirror and take their moving picture information technology’ll read correctly.  Such dorks!  This one also comes in blue, heather grey, heather blue, and pink.  Plus, there are options for both men and women!  Check out more colors and sizes here.

For the LEGO Nerd

LEGO Heave Creative Toolbox (With Bluetooth!) – Buy It Here
Best New Toy for Big Kids 2017: Lego Boost Creative Toolbox Robot 2022

Buy At present

This super fun coding and building LEGO gear up comes with over 840 pieces, aLEGO Movement Hub, Interactive Motor and a Color & Altitude Sensor.  This is all going to allow you to build a robot that yous tin control, a guitar to play, a true cat, and more! Acquire more here!

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The Coding Choice

The Kano ‘Harry Potter Wand’ Coding Kit – Buy Information technology Here

Where to Buy Kano Harry Potter Wand (Coding) in 2022 - Release Date, Price & Pre Order

Buy Now

Yes this is themagic
Harry Potter wand your kids (and y’all!) have been waiting for.  They’ll really build this themselves and larn to code all at the same time!  From there their magic wand will be able to do things like brand pumpkins grow, brand feathers fly, multiply your magical goblets, make fire flow, create spells and and so much more! Plus, did we mention this will all interact via their tablet or computer?  Learn more here.

The PacMan Choice

The PacMan Ghost Table Lamp – Purchase It Here

Buy Now

Because what’s better than existence chased around by the ghosts on PacMan?!  Ok, this one won’t chase you, but itis
a really cool table lamp that changes color to music. In fact, there are xvi different colors it’ll change.  Larn more hither!

The Funny Pick

The Star Wars “Who’southward Your Daddy” Mug – Purchase It Here

Purchase Now

The Kitchen Helpers Choice

The Star Trek ‘Spock’ Oven Mitt – Purchase It Here

Buy Now

Because if they have to cook in the kitchen, you lot actually can’t get wrong with this Spock oven manus. Learn more here!

The Retro Choice

The GameBoy Inspired Refrigerator/Freezer Magnets – Buy Information technology Here

Purchase Now

At present you tin plough your deadening refrigerator and freezer into an old-timey GameBoy!  It comes with large removable magnets (like the ‘plus’ controller, the ‘a’ and ‘b’ inspired buttons, and ‘select’ and ‘start’ buttons) and the dry erase board that looks like the screen.  Super fun. Acquire more than here!

The Aureate Girls Selection

The Golden Girls Trivia Game – Buy It Here

Purchase Now

Answer trivia questions virtually the show and collect pieces of cheesecake to win!  For thereally
obsessed fans, there’due south also a super fun Golden Girls Clue game as well!

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The Coolest Pick

The Color Changing Lite Up Lightsaber Umbrella – Buy It Here

Buy Now

This lightsaber umbrella actually lights up when y’all use information technology and we couldn’t desire information technology any more than we currently exercise!  This 1 is our favorite and comes in black, merely it also comes in a other color options too like blueish, red, and more.  See all the color options hither.

The Trivia Option

The Star Trek Trivial Pursuit Trivia Game – Buy It Here

Buy At present

This is the game for the ultimate Star Expedition geeks!  There are over ane,200 questions, all at various levels, and in a bunch of different fun (and challenging) categories.  And wait how cool the carte holder is!  Every Star Trek fan will love testing their noesis with this game. Learn more than hither!

The Breakfast Pick

The Star Wars ‘Death Star’ Waffle Maker – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Breakfast just got a whole lot geekier!  Now you can make a circular 7-inch in bore waffle with two split sections.  They come out pretty decent and, well, nosotros dear it, but it’s even better for kids every bit they’ll take way more funfinally
eating their breakfast. Learn more here!

The Nerdy Mom Souvenir

The ‘Moms are Magical’ Tee – Purchase It Here

Buy At present

Because, yes, moms are magical!  And they’re kind of dorky, so this is the perfect gift for them!  This one is in heather gray, but it also comes in calorie-free pink, baby blue, crisp white, black, and more.  Check out more colors and sizes here!

For The Super Nintendo Geek

New SNES Archetype Mini Edition – Buy It Here

Super Nintendo Classic Mini Game Controllers 2017 - 2022 New

Purchase At present

Now you tin play all of your favorite Super Nintendo games all over once again!  This like shooting fish in a barrel to set up upwards plug-and-play mini Super Nintendo comes with two controllers and is fully loaded with 21 of some of the most popular games of the 90s! Larn more than here!

The Must-Read

The Harry Potter ‘Folio to Screen’ Book – Buy It Here

Purchase Now

Find out all the inside secrets and play-by-play on how this awesome book series got turned into the must-see movies of our lifetime.  A keen gift ideas for the Potter fan who already has everything else already. Learn more here!

The Office Choice

The USB Realtime Clock Fan – Purchase It Hither

Buy Now

Claw this clock-fan upwardly to your computer or laptop with the USB cord and enjoy that low-cal cakewalk and see what time it is all at the aforementioned time.  It’s a groovy lilliputian conversation starter for your desk at work too! Acquire more here!

The Ultimate Shark Week Geek

The Adult Shark Slippers –
Buy Information technology Here

Geek Gifts 2017: Shark Slippers

Buy Now

The Home Decor Option

The Silicon Floppy Deejay Drink Coasters (Fix of 6) – Buy It Hither

Buy Now

Finally a super fun (and geeky) way to hold your drinks so they don’t leave those terrible rings on your coffee table or end tables.  These multi-color silicon retro floppy disk coasters come vi to a gear up and also come in different languages and numbers likewise.  Check out more than options here.

The Video Game Choice

The Nintendo Switch  – Buy It Here

Buy Now

This isthe
video gaming console anybody is loving.  We call up it’s the best that Nintendo has come out with in years.  Y’all can play multi-actor on your TV or bring the smaller paw-held console with you when you’re on the get and play from anywhere. Perfect for long motorcar trips or just hanging out.  Plus,information technology has the all-time Super Mario Brothers game nosotros’ve played in a while.  Check out all the dissimilar options hither.

The Frame Choice

The Repurposed Calculator Parts Pic Frame – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Their whole life is basically computers, so why non make their memories the aforementioned?  This super geeky (and we love information technology) movie frame is 100% handmade and fits a standard 4×6-inch photo.  Plus, it only kinda looks really cool! Larn more here!

The Phone Accessory Option

The PopSocket Grip ‘Yummy Donut’ – Buy It Here

Stocking Stuffer for Kids 2022: Yummy Donut PopSocket 2022

Purchase At present

Oh yes they however practise love their PopSockets!  In case you don’t know, these are the grips that pop up or down and attach to the back of their phones or tablets.  It helps them hold them without dropping them, prop upward their devices to watch easily complimentary, and more than!  How beautiful is this pink frosted donut with purple sprinkles?! Learn more here!

The LEGO Selection

The Harry Potter Hogwart’southward  LEGO Kit – Purchase It Here
New Harry Potter Hogwarts Lego Set 2022 - 2022

Purchase Now

a Harry Potter LEGO fix that’s being sold again, except this time information technology’s new!  And this time you’ll be building Hogwarts Great Hall.  We are pretty much obsessed.  This one has 878 pieces and comes with 10 mini LEGO people like Harry, Hermione, Draco, Hagrid, and more. Learn more here!

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The Engineers Choice

The Proud Engineer Coffee Mug in White – Buy Information technology Here

Buy Now

The Chemists Option

The Pharmacist Spice Rack (xiv Piece Set) – Buy It Hither

Buy Now

We loves these chemistry inspired spice and liquid containers.  This fourteen piece set comes with 9 examination tubes, 3 lab flasks, 1 large flask for oil, and the metal rack.  Continue in mind that the spices are not included! Learn more here!

The Board Game Choice

The Harry Potter CLUE Game – Buy Information technology Here

Buy Now

It’southward just like the traditional CLUE game we all grew up with, only with a Harry Potter theme. What’s better than that?! You can play as any of your favorite Harry Potter characters and solve mysteries to effigy out “who did it!”  This one is recommended for kids 9-years former and up.  However, as long as you’re willing to play along and aid the younger ones it tin be fun for the entire family. Learn more here!

The Cool Bedroom Choice

The Super Mario Brothers ‘Board’ Wall Decals – Buy It Here

Buy Now

We can all agree that the original Super Mario Brothers is the best of all the Super Mario Brothers games.  Well now y’all can pretty muchalive
in that globe thanks to these super fun wall decals.  Prepare them  up on your wall(s) whatever fashion you want to make the ultimate level. Larn more than here!

For the Coding Nerd

The ‘Exercise You Even Code Bro?’ White Java Mug – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Super funny (at least to the coders of the world) 11-ounce coffee mug that’s not only dishwasher rubber, simply microwave safe too!

The Coaster Option

The Encephalon Drinking glass Drink Coasters – Buy It Here

Buy Now

We love this set of 10 glass coasters with the brain (and encephalon slices) printed on each.  They look cool, are totally functional, and even accept rubber lesser pieces to prevent marks or slippage. Learn more here!

For The Breaking Bad Nerd

The Breaking Bad RV Incense Burner – Purchase It Hither

Best Gifts for Geeks 2017: Breaking Bad RV Incense 2022

Buy Now

For The Futuristic Geek

Star Trek ‘Flip to Respond’ Wireless Bluetooth Communicator – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Geeks 2017: Star Trek Bluetooth

Buy Now

The Rick & Morty Option

Rick and Morty Mr. Meeseeks Game – Buy It Hither

Best Gifts for Geeks 2017: Rick and Morty Game 2022

Buy Now

The Interactive Choice

Star Wars FurReal Co-Airplane pilot Chewie (Interactive) – Buy It Here

New Star Wars Chewie Co Pilot Interactive Toy 2022 - 2022

Buy At present

Ok we’re totally geeking out of this new interactive Chewie because nosotros’re thebiggest
Star Wars fan.  And if you’re kids are (or you lot!) you lot’re going to love this toy of sorts!  Chewie has over 100 sounds and motions!!  Plus he totally interacts with you lot by raising his arms and giving our a giant roar, reacts to yous when you’re on the go, and even responds when yous talk to him. Learn more here!

For The Moody Phone Geek

The  Casify “Mood”  iPhone Case – Buy Information technology Here

Buy Now

A really absurd mode to run across what their mood is each and every time they pick upwardly their telephone, which is about 3,000 times per day.  Acquire more than here!

The Empowered Selection

The Vintage Inspired ‘Feminist’ Tee – Purchase It Here

Feminist T-Shirt Gift for Wife 2022 - Gifts for Her

Buy Now

Let them show their feminist pride (and yous show your back up forthem) with this cool distressed “FEMINIST” t-shirt.  This one is in heather gray, simply they also come in baby blue, grass greenish, dark heather, and pinkish.  This is style geek chic.

The Back to the Hereafter Choice

The Hover DeLorean Electronic Vehicle – Purchase It Here

Best Gifts for Geeks 2017: Back to the Future Delorean 2022

Buy At present

The Walking Expressionless Choice

The Walking Dead Clue Game – Buy Information technology Hither

Best Gifts for Geeks 2017: Walking Dead Clue Game 2022

Buy At present

The Quiddich Pick

The Quiddich Table Lamp – Purchase It Hither

Best Gifts for Geeks 2017: Harry Potter Quiddich Lamp

Purchase Now

It’s really the best way to add together a little Harry Potter class to you sleeping accommodation or living room.  Learn more hither!

For The Droid Geek

The BB-viii App Enabled Droid –
Buy Information technology Here

Geek Gifts 2017: bb-8 droid

Buy Now

The Activity Figure Choice

The Star Wars ‘The Blackness Series’ First Order Storm Trooper – Buy Information technology Hither

Hot Toy 2017: Star Wars the Black Series Stormtrooper Toys 2022

Buy Now

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10 Chic Gift Ideas For Stylish Geeks

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