Forget Iphone 14 Max This Is The Perfect Iphone Size

Hype is congenital around the iPhone 14 Max, which is rumored to have a larger screen over the standard iPhone 14, giving people the option to expand without using the Pro. Only that’s not the model I’m interested in.

This will be the standard iPhone xiv, or more likely the iPhone 14 Pro, with a six.12-inch screen.

The reason is that I came to the conclusion that effectually 6.1 inches is the best screen size for a smartphone. Allow me to explicate.

Big was better

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My offset smartphone was the iPhone 4s, a cute device that looked like a magical little computer at the fourth dimension. Now looking at its shattered body – thanks to a swollen battery – I observe it hard to retrieve how I’ve accomplished annihilation on a small three.5-inch screen.

Information technology’s all perfectly understandable, as every high-end flagship telephone I’ve tested over the past few years has been a brute with a big screen; Recently, I have been using Google Pixel 6 Pro with its screen, Oppo Find X5 Pro also with 6.vii-inch screen, and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with its 6.8-inch wide screen. This ways nothing near the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and its foldable screen.

And I was all that, because I loved using phones with big screens; The extra space is nifty for getting things washed on the go, besides every bit watching videos and playing games.

But that slowly inverse and I came to the conclusion that at that place is no real need for phones to have screens larger than, say, vi.2 inches.

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This change in the engineering science cadre took upshot in 2020, with the Google Pixel 5.

The perfect pocket phones for epidemics

Google Pixel 5a review

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I’ve already been talking virtually why the Pixel 5 is my favorite Android phone of 2020, but my regular cadency in testing the telephone took me abroad from Google’s latest generation Pixel. Yet she made a lasting impression.

Partly considering the Pixel v is a overnice phone, but also because of the 2020 coronavirus restrictions through 2021.

Cheers to the Covid-xix pandemic, I’ve found myself doing a lot of walking to escape the confines of my small apartment. This meant having a telephone that slips easily into my pocket without feeling similar I was conveying a pane of glass, yet I had enough screen space to hands monitor Slack, Gmail, etc. So the Pixel 5 was such a low-key blessing in my roving life.

When I adjusted to a smaller-than-usual screen, I realized that about 6 inches is a lot (stop laughing at the back), all thanks to the adoption of slimmer bezels by a lot of modern smartphones. This was pushed dwelling when I moved on to the Samsung Galaxy S21, as its 6.2-inch flat screen with contoured edges makes it look much larger than information technology actually was, notwithstanding was still usable with i mitt.

galaxy s21 vs iphone 12

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Now my favorite phone is the iPhone 13 Pro, which I believe allowed the formula. The combination of the vi.1-inch Retina display and apartment edges ways the screen feels accordingly large, yet the phone is nevertheless easy to utilise (for me, at least) with one hand: the lack of rounded edges as well means the phone doesn’t feel like information technology’southward going to fly out of my hand while A wave of taps.

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On the opposite, the iPhone 13 Pro Max that a few of my colleagues utilize looks like an unwieldy slab of metal and drinking glass. Yes, information technology deserves the top spot on our phones, but I can’t help but think that the flat design seems tough for a phone of this size; I don’t retrieve the rumored blueprint of the 14 Max or Pro Max will change that either. In fact, the iPhone fourteen Pro series tends to take a larger camera bump.

Farther supporting my view that the iPhone 13 Pro is my new favorite telephone is the fact that – unlike the gap between the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Ultra – information technology doesn’t make any major compromises, so get with the iPhone 13 Pro over the bigger iPhone xiii Pro Max, more than Slight damage to battery life.

And I remember more phone makers should follow Apple’s atomic number 82 here (yeah I know there are differences between the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max). I want there to be more flagships that come in what nosotros can now call mid-size, without compromising on camera specs or storage.

For case, I’d like to see the Google Pixel 7 offer two screen sizes merely not forcefulness people to go a larger Pro if they want an extra photographic camera or 120Hz screen. And while it may lead to over-selection, perhaps the Galaxy S23 range offers an Ultra model with large and medium screen options.

I’thousand sure there are quite a few people out at that place who desire it. While the iPhone thirteen mini might be a fleck of a sales pitch, I’ve seen a lot more people with 13 Pro Max-es than thirteen Pro Max-es.

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With that in mind, I can see myself choosing the iPhone 14 Pro over any of the Max models. Simply from a broader perspective, I recollect it’s time for telephone makers to encompass the idea that yous don’t need a huge screen to be a flagship phone, just killer specs and features. And a 6.1 inch screen might be the perfect size.

Forget Iphone 14 Max This Is The Perfect Iphone Size