Surface Duo 3 Could Ditch Dual Screen Design For A Single Foldable Display

Surface Duo 3 could ditch dual-screen pattern for a unmarried foldable brandish

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Microsoft could be working on a Surface Duo 3 that consists of a single foldable screen, if a new patent turns out to exist realized down the line.

As you’re doubtless aware, the current Surface Duo 2 (pictured above) uses a pair of screens (5.6-inch AMOLED displays) which fold, but the patent is for technology that would allow for a unmarried screen that folds in the middle (effectually a 360-caste hinge).

The patent
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, spotted past well-known Microsoft leaker WalkingCat, describes a glass screen which folds, and a backplate which does the same courtesy of a “plurality of backplate slots that each extend from an upper surface of the backplate through a lower surface of the backplate to facilitate bending.”

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Microsoft observes that some solutions for a folding screen – like an “ultra-sparse glass layer with a plastic motion-picture show” – are prone to manifesting physical flaws like creases or wrinkles along the fold of the display (and that they are more susceptible to cracking, also).

The thought is that the aforementioned backplate slots avoid such problems around mechanical creasing of the fold area, and could ensure a seamless foldable device that should stop upward a good deal thinner than the current Surface Duo 2.

Assay: Surface Duo 3 – or indeed ’Surface Mono’ – won’t be here anytime before long

As ever with patents, don’t get too excited past their advent – just because a technology is being explored, and is filed as a patent, doesn’t mean it’ll ever be used. Fifty-fifty if Microsoft does utilize this kind of implementation for a foldable screen, it may not be incorporated with the Surface Duo three, either – that just seems the almost likely candidate at this point in time.

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If we run with the theory that the Duo 3 could employ this kind of tech – which would technically brand it the Surface Mono, kind of, as one commenter on Twitter pointed out – that would help make the device potentially thinner, and in that location’d be no slight gap betwixt the two displays either. On pinnacle of that, this take on the Android phone should be more robust than other single-screen foldables, and equally observed less prone to a disaster like a fissure snaking beyond the display at the point of the fold.

Equally Windows Central
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, which spotted the to a higher place tweet, points out, LG has recently revealed a new OLED screen capable of folding through 360-degrees which could fit the nib for what Microsoft would crave for its purported device here.

Whatever the future holds, the grapevine contends that there isn’t a Surface Duo 3 planned for this twelvemonth, as Microsoft is busy working on refining the software side of things, and any next-gen device won’t be around until 2023 (at the earliest).

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Surface Duo 3 Could Ditch Dual Screen Design For A Single Foldable Display