I Bought This Gaming Pc Instead Of Building My Own And Its The Best Decision Ive Ever Made

  1. This is in continuation of my postal service final month asking for help in picking out a VR-ready PC.

    Thank y’all to everyone who gave me communication on that thread.You guys made me realize what I prioritize in a computer, and ultimately made me become the dell gaming 7577 laptop instead of ascending and building my own PC. So yeah, thank yous for aborting my ascenscion LOL.

    So, I got The dell gaming 7577 laptop yesterday. YAY! It’south large, It’s thick, It’s heavy, the power brick is appropriately named because lifting information technology gave me a workout. It’s non pretty, and the led light felt like putting lipstick on a pig. Give thanks god I love pork considering I’m all the same satisfied with it. I wanted something I tin bring around the house for VR and that’s what I got.

    Hither’southward the event though. I tried the VR setup and information technology was fast and easy but a few minutes on gave me the worst migraine I’ve ever had. 24 hours after, and my eyeballs are even so trying to run from their sockets. In opposite directions. I think nigh reaching for my headset and feel like barfing on the floor. This thing just gave me postal service-traumatic stress! I hope I didn’t throw abroad coin for a big fatty ugly (but lovable) laptop and a modern torture headset device.

    I need communication from people who have windows MR headsets. What did you lot practice to make it more comfortable. Where practice I go to have my IPD measured. Opthalmologist? Optician? Shall I just get a ruler and mensurate it like an *****? I heard almost people swapping the face-foam for one from occulus rift or vive, did you practise that? Did it piece of work for you?

    What did you exercise to brand the experience more comfy? Please help me earlier I throw more than expert money afterward bad during Steam’s Sale that lasts until July v. If I get this fixed I’ll probably buy a bunch of VR games. Quick idea: The windows store should concur a periodic sale besides.

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  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar

    Is it motion sickness you are feeling?

    06-27-2022 08:37 AM

  3. Is it motion sickness you are feeling?

    Yes. Kind of, just my eyes injure too. I often ride boats so its been a long time since Ive been seasick or had movement sickness though.

    I think It’s a combination of both IPD and the way it sits on my head. If I hold the headset in both hands and fit it over my eyes in that location’south a sweet spot where it’s in focus nevertheless if I let get and trust the headset strap/band to hold it over my eyes I never become to it no thing what I do. I must have a potato head or something. I’ve heard of some people ditching the congenital-in brow and socket foam from their windows MR headset and replacing it with a spare from their vive/occulus rift and it seems to gear up it however I would like confirmation from someone with the same issue before I go ahead and get one since I don’t have ane of those effectually. If anyone else has a different solution, I’d capeesh hearing about information technology likewise.

    Too anyone recommend a good VR player for movies encoded in Cinema 3d SBS format? Movies and Goggle box only works with spherical SBS. If not, so an app or plan to convert cinematic 3d-SBS/LR to Spherical 3d-SBS would also piece of work.

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  4. DRDiver's Avatar

    Once I adjusted the IPD for my Acer HMD everything was fine. If I’thousand driving the SRV in Aristocracy Dangerous on very hilly territory I get motility sickness. But that’s truthful in existent life, so I accept Bonine…problem solved. The Acer rig is comfy plenty, although I recall ALL rigs are just too large and heavy.

    07-01-2022 04:44 PM

  5. so I have Bonine…problem solved.

    I’d amend stock up on the meds then!

    Jokes aside, your suggestion about the IPD is spot on. Thank you. IPD adjustment is the best matter you could do first. Information technology seems ,different other people, setting my IPD a footling out of alignment gives me a terrible headache. After going to a clinic to get my correct IPD and setting upwardly the MR headset with the right one downwards to the second decimal greatly eased the discomfort. It did non entirely get rid of it though, I notwithstanding have to observe a way to get the headset to sit correctly on my face so the focus is correct.

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  6. Chuckles with his VR headset gear.


    He’s grinning from ear to ear but trust me he’s having the mother of all headaches right about now.

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  7. EddieBarsh92's Avatar

    I don’t have a WMR headset nor any PCVR headset but I do own both a PSVR and an Oculus Become. I have never gotten sick nor felt whatever sickness or headaches or eyeaches of whatsoever kind. Yet here’s an idea that may help. Use a fan. Get a prissy cool breeze blowing on you perhaps it will relax you lot and help with the motion sickness. It will also help w the lens fogging up. Idk so much about the centre issues ur having but if ur eyes ever start to hurt shut your eyes and agree them close five-10 seconds. That may help also. Peradventure try lowering the brightness. Idk simply throwing a few ideas ur way.

    07-02-2022 09:22 AM

  8. Thanks. All ideas are greatly appreciated. I will endeavor everything y’all suggested, hope it works.

    07-02-2022 09:54 AM

  9. Update: I had my dad try the holotour app this morning. He loved it! I remember he’south thinking near getting one for himself. Afterwards recommending windowsphone to the whole family simply to take my family reputation go down the drain with each horrible microsoft windowsphone decision or lack thereof, it’southward surprising that anyone in my immediate family unit would all the same take my recommendations seriously. I judge he had to see it to believe it this time.

    Here’s the thing, my dad is going on in years. In a ruder and blunter fourth dimension he’south be what yous would term a senior citizen. He’s had prescription glasses for a long long fourth dimension. He hardly had to arrange a shut enough IPD for him and he’s been off using my lenovo explorer for hours without whatsoever issues. HOURS. No nausea, no motion sickness, no heart strain, just pure fun. He didn’t even apply his spectacles underneath the VR headset proverb he didn’t need them and brushed me off irritably, the grumpy old man. Me? I don’t need glasses, I have good nighttime vision and information technology’due south xx/20 and the moment I put on the headset a migraine comes on. What gives?!? Maybe people who’ve had to adjust to middle issues handle VR headsets better?

    07-02-2022 10:03 PM

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I Bought This Gaming Pc Instead Of Building My Own And Its The Best Decision Ive Ever Made

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