10 Best Tips And Tricks For Buying On Ebay

eBay.com, 1 of the best way to save money is by utilizing eBay’due south Best Offers feature that allows a buyer to make their ‘best offering’ on a listed item, and give the seller the selection to accept. This characteristic can save you time and money as a buyer, only information technology’s not quite equally unproblematic equally information technology seems.


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Unsurprisingly, sellers aren’t so easily willing to let go of their items for prices lower than what they listed them for. In that location are exceptions, of course. We’re here to show you what those are, and how you lot can take advantage of them as a heir-apparent to save some money while shopping.

What is covered in this article

  • How “Best Offers” piece of work on eBay to save you money
  • 11 eBay All-time Offers tips for buyers
  • Rules for buyers for making Best Offer
  • How to brand a Best Offer on eBay to snipe items
  • How to cancel a Best Offering on eBay (and when you tin)
  • Why practise sellers take All-time Offers?
  • Other helpful tips and tricks for saving coin on eBay

Let’due south get started with the most basic aspect: how eBay All-time Offers piece of work and can assist you relieve money on your online purchases. If you’re completely new to the thought of Best Offers on eBay, learn
how to use All-time Offers (and how not to) directly from eBay!

How “All-time Offers” work on eBay to salve you coin

eBay Best Offers is a feature on eBay that allows buyers to make their “all-time offer” to a seller to buy an item upward for auction or listed on the site. It’s a great tactic for buyers to ensure they “win” the item while too saving some money, and it helps the seller unload items that they aren’t selling.

If you’re familiar with
how to utilize eBay, yous’ll realize that Best Offers salve you money because they give the seller an selection to sell the item for an amount that is less than what they are looking to sell information technology for.

In most cases, sellers will but let it go if the offer is shut to what they were looking for, however, it gives y’all an border as a buyer considering you can trounce others who are waiting for an auction to run out, or who are willing to pay the full price for the particular.

11 eBay Best Offers tips for buyers

These tips will ensure you go the particular when making an offer to a seller on eBay. Follow them all and you lot’re sure to win!

one. Exist serious with your offers.

This is the most important tip, as it often makes a huge difference in whether the seller is interested in even entertaining your proposition. You need to be reasonable with the offers you place, and simply brand serious suggestions that represent the value of the item.

Y’all tin’t bid $1 to test auto-declines and wait the seller to have your next offer seriously. It’southward likely that if yous make unreasonably low offers, the seller won’t pay attention to further notifications that come from you lot.

two. Try looking for misspelled items.

This may sound like a weird tip, but hear us out. Listings on eBay with spelling mistakes in their key words (such equally their make names) won’t show up in searches where these words are spelled correctly. That ways they likely won’t get much attention and, therefore, many offers.

A misspelled listing on eBay

However, if y’all deliberately look for these typos, you can observe these “hidden” items. And, depending on how long the seller has listed them (come across our next tip), you can probably go them to agree to a pretty good offer only to get rid of them! For more, check out our total guide on finding eBay typos for fun and turn a profit (or at least savings!).

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3. Find the original listing date.

If possible, bank check when the seller originally listed the particular. If information technology’southward old (6 months or more), you can generally lower your suggested price. The longer the item has been listed, the greater the chance the seller is willing to let it become every bit soon every bit they receive a legitimate offer.

To do this, you may need to be a scrap sneaky – but the best fashion is to click on

the seller’south proper noun
 on the listing you lot’re interested in, click

Items for Sale
, so in the “Sort” bill of fare, select

Time: Newly Listed
. Then, search for the proper noun of your list. Yous volition come across the date information technology was listed in the middle-right of the item data box.

How to find the original listing date of an item on eBay

4. Keep track of your offer limits.

Call back that you can merely make up to five offers on an item, so don’t waste matter them. Your expired, rejected, and retracted offers all count towards this limit of 5, and so apply them wisely. If you’re afraid you’ll go over, endeavour messaging the seller directly to ask what their lowest price would exist – that way, yous won’t have to waste an offer.

five. Sympathize why sellers can block you.

It might surprise you to learn that sellers can block you from bidding on their items, and any future items they sell, and in some extreme cases, they can cake you lot from using eBay birthday.

A swell way to go yourself blocked is by making a Best Offer of $10 on an item that’s easily worth $500 or more. Not merely volition you non become it, merely the seller tin can block you, and go out negative feedback on your account. You tin also be blocked past sending rude messages, or going back on the amount you lot said you would pay. Only brand serious bids you’re willing to pay, and you’ll stay in the seller’s good graces.

6. Send the seller a bulletin.

This is one of the all-time ways buyers have establish success with Best Offers, as information technology helps make a personal connection with the seller. Communication is your greatest nugget to sealing the bargain, then make sure to add a bulletin when given the opportunity.

Add a message to a Best Offer

In the message, include things such equally the fact that you’ll pay immediately – these volition assist encourage the seller to accept your offering. If they’re selling, they desire the item gone, so deed similar a real person and give them an additional incentive to choose you.

vii. E’er negotiate.

This is i of the best tools in the buyer’s arsenal. The seller has probable done more inquiry than you on the value of their item, and so they have little incentive to just accept the first offering presented to them. You demand to compromise so everyone is happy.

If they reject you lot, send them a bulletin request if they would accept something slightly higher for their item. Become back and forth politely to endeavor to find the happy medium between what you want to pay and what they are willing to let their particular become for. Then, identify an offer that fits within that range.

8. Use your 3 counteroffers.

You’re given a limit of three eBay counteroffers to brand on the particular if the seller chooses to engage with you. If they bother to counter your Best Offering, it means they are definitely interested, so this is your opportunity to get them to sell. Apply all 3 counteroffers if necessary to find the perfect selling cost and so you get the detail.

9. Don’t add together additional terms.

This is very of import when making an offer:

. Some common examples include:

  • You’ll pay within an unreasonable time frame
  • You lot volition pay X amount, merely yous want gratuitous shipping
  • You desire other items they sell bundled in with the price you pay
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Don't add conditions like this to your eBay Best Offer

This is confronting
eBay’due south Ownership Practices policy, and can become you lot banned from using the website. The seller is completely unlikely to accept your proposal with added terms, and instead, are likely to report yous or block you from buying whatever of their items.

10. “Best Offering” and “Buy Information technology Now” are different.

Think the departure between

Best Offering

Purchase It Now
. Your Best Offer manifestly needs to be less than the “
Buy It Now
” option – the flim-flam is determining by how much. A seller isn’t probable to let their particular go for much less than the

Buy Information technology Now
 price, so call back critically nearly a suggestion that is less than what they are asking for with

Buy Information technology At present

11. Choose the right item.

This goes for all online purchases, but information technology’due south worth it to practise enquiry to determine the market value of what you are trying to buy. This volition aid y’all make realistic offers that sellers will accept, while also ensuring you will get a great deal.

Look for an detail someone would be willing to permit go – not something mass-produced or besides run-of-the-manufacturing plant. The best items to make All-time Offers on are unique, rare, or are difficult to sell. Cheque out similar items on other websites before making your first offer to the seller.

Rules for buyers for making Best Offers

Making Best Offers on eBay does come with a few stipulations. To read the full list of rules, check out eBay’s aid page on the
rules to Best Offers hither. Hither are the basics:

  1. Best Offers are good for 48 hours

    – It will elapse after that, whether the seller responds or not.

  2. Best Offers elapse when listings end

    – Even if your 48-hour period isn’t done nonetheless.

  3. You are required to complete the transaction

    – If a seller accepts your offer, you must pay the amount you stated. If you don’t, not but will you non go the item, merely yous will also chance being banned from eBay.

  4. You tin can make up to 5 Best Offers for near items

    – Expired, declined, and retracted offers all count towards the limit of 5 per item.

  5. There are minimum Best Offering amounts

    – These are determined past eBay and varies past country.

  6. Continue your info to yourself

    – Yous can’t include contact data such as an email accost, telephone number, or URL in a Best Offer.

  7. The price you offer


    includes the item, and non shipping

     – For listings in which the seller has specified shipping costs for the item, the All-time Offer price includes only the listed item. For listings in which the aircraft costs aren’t specified, the buyer tin choose to include shipping costs or not.

  8. Not every particular has the option for a Best Offer

    – If the

    Brand Offer

    button doesn’t appear in the listing, the seller may not be interested in receiving offers. If y’all do contact a seller to negotiate cost or terms, you shouldn’t try to buy the item exterior of eBay.


Think, All-time Offers on eBay are only valid for 48 hours. If the seller hasn’t accepted your offer by then, it has expired.

How to make a Best Offer on eBay to snipe items

To make an offering on eBay, it’southward equally simple as finding the particular y’all desire to bid on, and clicking

Make Offering
. Information technology will be nether the

Purchase It Now

Add to Cart
 buttons always listed with items. This button will just be visible if the seller allowed Best Offers on the particular when they listed information technology.

Making a Best Offer on eBay

Though the procedure for making an offering is quite easy, if you lot desire a detailed step-by-step breakdown, this guide to making Best Offers can help y’all.

How to cancel a Best Offer on eBay (and when you can)

In that location are only a few instances when canceling a Best Offer is immune on eBay. They include:

  • You accidentally entered a clearly wrong amount (a typo)
  • The description of the detail has inverse significantly since you made your offer, possibly because the seller made a mistake
  • Yous cannot contact the seller to retract the offer with their approval
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To retract your Best Offer, yous need to fill out the
Best Offer retraction form on eBay, and have specific information set up for the item.

Recall that retracting a all-time offer isn’t the aforementioned thing as
cancelling a bid in an eBay auction, though the two are similar. Make certain you know whether you made an offer or bid on an detail before trying to figure out how and if you tin can take information technology back.

Why practise sellers accept All-time Offers?

Sellers accept Best Offers because information technology helps them make sales that they otherwise might not have. Frequently, if a seller has had an item listed for a long time and information technology simply won’t sell, or they accept another reason to get rid of something quickly, they will take a Best Offer.

Gaining some insight into why a seller would accept a All-time Offer can aid yous suggest an amount that gets y’all the particular. Here are the main reasons sellers take and let All-time Offers on their items:

  1. They have had it for a long fourth dimension

    – The item they are trying to get rid of is old, or taking up infinite, and they want to get rid of it quickly.

  2. They take had trouble selling it

    – If the seller has an particular they just can’t seem to unload later having it listed for months or years, they may exist willing to accept an offer.

  3. They accept as well much of what they want to sell

    – The seller has too much of something that generally sells for depression prices, or they have the last of a bunch of inventory they’ve already sold; selling the remaining items for lower prices to make room for new inventory makes sense.

  4. They have a rare item

    – Determining the value of a rare item is difficult because it’s quite subjective, and then Best Offers work well for these kinds of items.

  5. They have an item where the value is dissimilar to different people

    – Some items have subjective value. For example, a woman’south odd shoe size can sometimes exist more valuable than a standard size 7 considering they are harder to find in retail stores.

  6. They accept had problem selling it

    – Any other reason that has caused the seller difficulty will incentivize them to sell the detail for whatever they can get for it.

Other helpful tips and tricks for saving money on eBay

We promise that helped make full you in on how to win your items on eBay with Best Offers. If you lot want the inside rail on other great ways to win your auctions and salve money with eBay, cheque out these articles below.

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10 Best Tips And Tricks For Buying On Ebay

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