10 Devil May Cry 5 Tips To Help You Swiftly Dispatch Demons

Enemies Guide for Devil May Cry 5, featuring the in-game model images and descriptions by Nico, also as where to find the enemies and some tips on how to take them on. If y’all desire to learn more about DMC5, see our Bosses and Weapons guides as well!

All Enemies in DMC 5

There are a full of 19 unique enemy types in the Devil May Cry 5, and each enemy has its own moveset, strengths, and weaknesses. Some enemies tin block and deflect attacks, some enemies take special rage modes, and others can only assault on melee or range. Learning their attack types and weaknesses is key to success, so read on for a full list of all creatures establish in game and the best way to bargain with them.


  • Found in all non-boss missions.
  • They aren’t a real threat my any means, and are grappable at all times.
  • Melee Attacks But

“Seems y’all’ll exist running into a lot of these ugly suckers— and I mean “suckers” literally!

The good folks of Red Grave have had their blood sucked dry by these lil’ worker ants. One time the creatures have a butt full of the cherry stuff, they carry information technology off to the Qliphoth.

Well, on the plus side, they are pretty dumb—they might even ignore yous and keep working until you plow on the rut. Be careful, though. Worker ants don’t seem so weak when yous’re existence swarmed by ’em.”

Green Empusa

  • Found in the Prologue and subsequent missions (frequent in harder difficulties)
  • Does not set on the thespian
  • Should be a priority for defeat, can be grappled at all times.

“If yous thought those other bugs were bad, you’re actually gonna hate these guys.

The green stuff in their barrel own’t any kind of blood—it’due south a healing nectar that’ll set upwards other demons’ wounds in no time at all.

My recommendation: Kill these showtime, before they brand themselves a nuisance.

Oh, and it looks like they spit some kinda poison juice too. So, uh, maybe bring an umbrella.”

Blood-red Empusa

  • Drops large amounts of orbs
  • Establish in near missions, special Red Empusa groups reward players with blueish / purple / gold orbs. See Walkthrough for details.
  • Higher difficulty Scarlet Empusa attack the player
  • Interrupt their escape with a high-impact combo
  • Grappable at all times

“Ooh mama, this is a rare ‘un.

Just goes to show the power o’ blood—this 1’due south sucked upward then much of the cherry-red vino that information technology’due south crystallized its body. You could probably knock some of the crystals off with a few hits, or have this guy downwardly and get the whole lot.

Problem is, from what I’ve seen, these shy lil’ monsters are mighty skittish. First sign o’ danger and they’re outta there. Better work quickly if you lot desire the big payoff.”

Empusa Queen

  • Kickoff constitute in Mission 05 (5). Appears from Prologue in harder difficulties
  • Tin can enrage (become red), dealing more damage and doing chained combos
  • Cannot exist grappled
  • Tin summon Crimson Empusa
  • Attack from the dorsum to minimize the chances you lot take damage, if it grabs yous use Devil Trigger or Arms to interruption free

“I knew it! Where there’s worker ants, in that location’s gotta be a queen too.

This large gal’s got the armor to take a beating and the tools to dish 1 out. And when she’due south angry, she own’t picky virtually her targets—she’ll scythe through her own demon buddies to get to you.

If that ain’t enough, she’ll become fired up if she sucks enough blood. Lookout out if her body turns carmine—that’s your sign that it’s become time.”

Hell Caina

  • Melee Attacks with Scythe only
  • Easily Grappable
  • Their “charge” assault makes them immune to staggers
  • Easy to acceleration

“These shambling meatsticks are residents o’ the underworld, foot soldiers straight from the legions of Hell.

Time was, these things only appeared on the mortal plane by possessing a wooden doll, lump of dirt, or something similar.

At present? Those creeps walkin’ around Red Grave are the 18-carat commodity. Information technology’southward a sign that the barriers between the demon globe and the homo earth are breaking down.”

Hell Antenora

  • Appears first on Mission 02, consistently shows upwardly afterwards
  • These guys can be grappled once, merely after any combo they will enrage (glow purple) and charge at you. Their charge is ungrappable and prevents them from staggering from your impairment.
  • They merely have melee attacks, so charged ranged attacks can piece of work well. Easy to separate them from others
  • Their charge will hit you from off-screen if information technology started on-screen
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“Take a Hell Caina, torture it till it goes mad, throw weapons in its hands, and this is what you go.

Their hatchets are real nasty, and they’re nimbler than they look. Look quick attacks when they go into a frenzy.

Judging by the samples nosotros got, these things are extremely susceptible to pain—then you better believe they won’t accept whatever penalization lying downwardly.

Knock ’em downwards, but proceed your baby-sit up. Next affair you know it’ll exist dorsum swinging like a madman on burn.”

Hell Judecca

  • Appears showtime on Dante’s mission
  • Abrasive escape-prone enemy, utilise trickster / stinger / grapple to go to it.
  • It can inflict ranged and melee damage, only its attacks are boring.
  • It is best to lure other enemies away from this ane to thing out crowds on higher difficulties.
  • Using your devil trigger to deal with them is advised only in close quarters every bit they volition otherwise teleport away.
  • Does not attack from off-screen, but be mindful of getting caught up in an “almost” off-screen attack

“A loftier priest in the choirs o’ Hell. Ain’t that somethin’?

These fellas tend to go out close-quarters fighting to the grunts, which they can summon in to take the heat off themselves. Meanwhile, they assail from long range by extending those snakey tentacle artillery.

They’ll effort to continue their distance and dodge gunfire when they can. You’ll just take to show these slitherin’ scumbags you got the smarts to go past their defenses and ship ’em screaming back to the pit.”


  • Staple enemy, ranged attacks only
  • Can be grappled at any time
  • Can be knocked off the air with Griffon’s swoop ability
  • Best to deal with them start in a fight, or utilize them to trickster / grapple abroad from battle
  • If permit unattended, they will eventually break your combo with 1 attack or other

“Always heard the phrase “like a bat outta Hell”? Well, this is information technology.

These leathery lir pests take got some kinda combustion chamber built into their biology. Meaning? Well, they exhale fire.

On their own, these critters ain’t gonna burn down your donkey up too bad. Just lookout your back when a whole swarm tries to crash the political party.”


  • Regular on several missions
  • Incredibly annoying ranged attacks
  • Deal with this enemies as soon as possible past knocking them off the air and unleashing.
  • Trickster or Jump abroad when they die, equally they trigger a large explosion on defeat
  • Can be grappled at whatever fourth dimension

“Y’know, we see a lotta weird things coming up out of the hot identify, but this one’southward really somethin’ special.

Run into how the combustion chamber is mounted on its spine, then when information technology spits flame it sets itself on fire? That’s the kinda design I can go behind.

Not that I’ll object if y’all smash these little assholes to kingdom come. Attempt aiming for the combustion sleeping accommodation on its back—should have the fire out the critter and brand for piece of cake pickings.”

Decease Pair of scissors

  • First seen in Mission four, regular in several missions and common in high difficulties
  • The scissors provide blocking for this enemy, making it difficult to deal with
  • You can intermission their block with the right combo or powerful charged blasts, but it is risky to wait out the charge fourth dimension
  • Pro Tip: Wait for it to attack then attack at the same time, this will “parry” the assail – at present shoot them in the face for a 1HKO (the one you need for Secret Mission 7)
  • You should practise breaking their defense force in The Void to learn what combo works best for you
  • Cannot be grappled
  • Attacks from off-screen as it teleports to you lot and attacks from underneath or a side

“Now a principal engineer like me’s gotta have a profound respect for the laws o’ physics. So when these creepy specters come up globe-trotting through walls with their shears a-choppin’, it kinda gets on my nerves.

Simply they’ve gotta exist solid sometime—otherwise they couldn’t block your attacks with them shears.

Near equally I tin tell, that noggin controls the whole shebang. Look for some cue from the head, and aim your attacks there. Might become down easier’n y’all retrieve.”


  • Common Enemy
  • Its attacks can exist stopped by heavy blows, particularly susceptible to Dante’s motorcycle attacks
  • Tin can exist grappled
  • Melee attacks only
  • Hands separated from groups
  • Has a long reanimation when knocked which can exist used to deal further damage
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“The pits of Hell spew up all kinds o’ reptilian nasties, and this is one of them.

I studied their prison cell samples and let me tell ya, their muscle tissue is something else. Each limb has ability like a hydraulic cylinder. That’s how they jump so dang far.

And I ain’t exaggeratin’ when I say their retractable claws are razor abrupt. I tried i on some sheet metal—zzzzip! cut right through. Weak to impacts though. Think you tin interruption ’em off?”


  • Appears in later missions
  • Very annoying spin attacks can come at you from off-photographic camera
  • Can exist stunned with heavy artillery, but the charge time has to be properly planned for
  • Can be grappled when non spinning
  • Best to launch them into the air to toy with them without the danger of existence on the basis

“Another big lizard that’s crawled outta some deep dark pigsty in the underworld.

Each ane of those spikes on its dorsum is like a giant saw tooth, and it’due south not agape to get ’em spinning!

They’re sharp only brittle, so try snapping ’em off in between dodging its set on runs.

Oh, and it’s got these nasty little neurotoxin sacs within its chest. Stride aside when it starts hackin’ something up —that stuff is lethal!”


  • Extremely fast and deadly enemy
  • Outset appears in late missions, merely is recurrent on higher difficulties
  • It teleports a lot, so using trickster is a must to stay ahead of it
  • It is very difficult to grapple information technology or land consistant combos
  • Stinger and such are good moves to get some damage in fast

“I got this theory that demons mutate based on their deepest, darkest desires.

Then have this big lizard. Information technology wants to chase, correct? It wants to go faster. Wants to impale faster. Day in, solar day out, all it can call up of is speed.

A few generations of that twisted killer instinct, and you lot get a freak so fast information technology own’t even moving nether its ain power no more. This sucker uses raw demonic power to do little space-time jumps. It’ll warp right next to you and bite your face off before you can blink! Hope you got quick reflexes.”

Scudo Angelo

  • Appears showtime as a mini-boss of a coop mission
  • But deals melee harm, just can charge at you
  • The shield can exist destroyed with sufficient damage
  • Jump behind them to get like shooting fish in a barrel hits
  • Can be grappled if not shielded
  • Tin be launched into the air for combos and take hold of.
  • Deal with them before taking on Proto Angelo

“In his journals, my daddy sometimes mentions the Blackness Angel—some kind of powerful demon that used to inhabit the underworld.

Daddy had a theory that it was created past transubstantiating an unwilling man victim into demonic mankind.

If that theory was right, then these dead-eyed creeps are similar a mass-produced version of the Black Angel.

Their shields? Hella tough. If you wanna get around ’em, you’re gonna have to employ your caput. Good luck with that.”

Proto Angelo

  • Appears showtime equally a mini boss on a coop mission
  • Deals large AOE attacks and has powerful charges
  • Can poise through combos
  • Cannot be grappled unless staggered
  • It is best to attack from behind

“Check out the armor and weapon on this demon. I’m seein’ clear similarities to the Black Angel.

My guess is these are some kinda epitome, or maybe modified version of the Black Affections.

We’ve seen these weirdos speaking to the mass-produced types, giving them orders like they’re in command. Seems they’re smarter than your average hell-beast.

And hey, I know you lot think you’re invincible, only that sword’ll give you more than than a shut shave. But, if y’all tin can parry it, I reckon you’ll have a pretty big opening to practise your stuff.”


  • Appears in later missions
  • Summons ranged ice daggers that follow yous
  • Summons ice spikes under you
  • All-time to get up and close via trickster / grapple as soon as possible and knock them to the basis
  • Can be grappled
  • Deal with them first when multiple enemies are in that location
  • Does not set on from off screen
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“Your average demon don’t take the smarts to actually wield their power as magic.

This fella breaks the mold, though—he may merely have ice tricks upwards his sleeve, but that’s all the same enough to kill y’all if you don’t lookout your ass.

Just look at those freaky, stick-thin limbs. Physically speaking it’south weak, and it knows it, too. Information technology’ll endeavour to keep its distance and throw up a magic shield to block your shots. You lot’ll have to make it its face, or expect for your adventure to shoot past the shield.

Hey, nobody said this business was easy.”


  • Appears in later missions
  • A very powerful ranged mage
  • Puts an aura around you that deals large damage, stay on the movement!
  • Trickster or grapple to information technology and melee it into the basis as presently as possible
  • Deal with them first in a multiple enemy scenario

“Sure was interesting dissectin’ this demon.

This thing bears out my theory on demon evolution. Can’t exercise magic incantations without a

mouth, right? And so after a few generations of demons obsessed with arcane chants, you get something that’s all mouths, with its muscles so atrophied it tin can hardly movement its limbs.

And more mouths means more than power. My guess is this matter could kill yous dead with a unmarried spell if you allow it get the chant out. If y’all see it startin’ something real ominous-looking, you meliorate shot it down existent quick.”


  • The enemy has a caged state where information technology does trivial damage, you tin ignore information technology while in this form
  • When you lot break its bonds, it will hit for a lot of HP if it connects, so stay on the motility
  • Can be grappled in devil trigger
  • Moves very fast, dodge its charges and avoid beingness near its head

“Every at present and once again you lot get a demon so absorbed with gluttony and ability that information technology starts cannibalizin’ its own demon kin.

See how other demons have chained up this thing’s mouth? It’s good to know that even the demons are afraid of becoming chow.

With the restraints in place, this large boy’ll only stumble around lookin’ distressing for hisself. Not also dangerous.

Bust the bondage off, though, and it’ll go grunter wild, eatin’ everything in sight. If information technology chomps a few bad guys, all the better. Just don’t come cryin’ to me when information technology nips your buns.”


  • Appears in subsequently missions
  • Damage sponges, separate them and isolate them to focus burn down
  • Deals melee damage only tin fire eye assurance at you lot that explode for AOE harm
  • They tin be grappled if stunned
  • Information technology is best to go out them for last in a group every bit they accept high HP

“At first glance, these uglies seem half-formed, like they broke outta the egg likewise early. I gotta admit, there’s still a lot I can’t effigy out nearly lem.

One-half-baked or not, theylll tear y’all a new one if you don’t sentry out. They got more strength in those spindly arms than your three average demons combined.

And what else is on the card? Magic powers. When you see ’em kinda dancing effectually, they’re arresting demonic power right outta the atmosphere.

What really bugs me is those masks they habiliment. The masks are important to ‘em somehow…Only wish I could effigy out how.”

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10 Devil May Cry 5 Tips To Help You Swiftly Dispatch Demons

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